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Diesel smirked as he made his way to the diesel works, so James had a little secret crush? Who could the lucky engine be? Better yet, who was the lucky male engine? Because lets face it there are more male engines on the Island than female's.
While Diesel may not know what love is, he knew the basics of what it was, but he didn't know engines and Diesels were capable of actually having feelings for someone else, until now anyway.
Then he remembered something, a few days ago that annoying blue tank engine had to be sent in for repairs, and he had to do the job of sorting out the coaches for Gordon and Henry's trains, he remembered two men walking on the platform holding hands, both with a small smile on their faces when they looked at each other, then they gave each other a quick kiss before one of them went onto the express coach. It was the most hideous thing he had ever seen in his existence, it disgusted him that those kind of people were even allowed to show affection or even have a relationship like that, it was so...wrong.
He wanted to ruin James after an incident back in the summer season, this looked like the perfect chance to do that, not only would he get to embarrass James about the fact that he might be gay, but he would also get to see James' crush turn him down, saying that he did not like him that way and destroy all friendship/ties they had together, oh yes he was looking forward to his revenge, but first he needed to see who the engine was that James fancied.
He cackled with glee.

As James made his way to the sheds after a hard days work, his mind began to replay the talk he had, had with The Fat Controller as well as sorting out this 'crush' thing, his owner had not been lying when he said crushes don't go away like when he needed repairing, it could either get bigger and developing into love, or it could leave over time, it was that simple, but James had a feeling that this was more than just a crush, but he couldn't tell what it was just yet.
So was he going to forget about it? Or was he going to engine up (man up?) for once and confess to Edward that he liked him? He felt his boiler cringed in pain at the thought of forgetting Edward as well as leaving the Island.
That's never happened before James thought to himself, maybe this crush thing was worse than he thought.
"James?" called a voice.
James cried out as he slammed on his breaks out of reflex and causing him to screech to a halt, oh great, it was him.

Edward, who had just shunted some trucks when he noticed James was right behind him but on another track, he looked worried, confused and seemed to be in thought.
Now Edward was more worried than he had ever before as he had never seen so many expressions on the red engines face at once.
He waited till the engine was way in front of him but still in hearing distance before he called out "James?"
He was shocked when James cried out in surprise and slammed on his brakes, hard, now Edward was even more concerned.
He chuffed up cautiously to James as if he was a scared animal until he was level with James, silently thankful that he was on one track and James was on another.
"Are you okay James?" Edward asked, hoping for James to respond or even look at him.
James just kept on looking forward or at the scenery around him, anywhere but Edward, that stupid feeling in his boiler had come back again 5 times stronger than it had ever been before, it was like he had no control over his emotions what so ever.
The blue tender engine watched James bite his lip and darting his eyes everywhere but himself, and for once in Edward's life, it scared him. Did he do something wrong? Did someone threaten James? No that can't be right, James wasn't the kind of engine to back down without a fight (as the saying goes anyway).
"Edward" James whispered at last "please leave me alone" he felt his eyes tear up and without looking back he puffed away as fast as he could, trying to keep the tears at bay.
Edward could only watch on as his friend leave, if his concern was bad before it was even worse now, James never said 'please' unless he had an accident and feeling sorry for himself. For him to have done that now clearly told him half of what he wanted to know.
James was scared of something emotionally, and he was going to do what ever it took to get the James back to the engine everyone knew, loved and cared about.

James hoped that no one had returned from their work as he made his way to the sheds, he didn't want anyone to see him in this state, he froze in fright though when he heard a familiar whirring sound that could only be one thing, a diesel.
Unfortunately it was 'the' Diesel, and he had just got onto the turntable and was now turning to face James' rail, blocking him from getting in his shed.
How did I now see him before? James thought in shock as he stopped at the edge of the table but far from Diesel as he could.
"Get out of the way Diesel" James growled, but silently cursed his voice for breaking slightly.
"Hm" Diesel pretended to think "no, I wont"
James growled "I am not in the mood for tricks and lies, especially from a diesel now move aside"
"Oh sure, if you want me to tell the others about your little problem that is" Diesel smirk went wider.
"What are you talking about?"
"I think you know exactly what I'm talking about, you have a crush on someone, an engine to be exact" he was pleased to see James jerk back slightly, the shock shown  clearly on his face "is this engine by any chance, a tender engine?"
"I said its none of your business so shove OFF" James was practically shaking on his wheels, his breathing becoming fast that he was close to hyperventilating.
That is until he heard a familiar deep whistle.
"Diesel" Gordon called out in his usual deep and bossy tone "this shed is for steam engines, not greasy oil diesel's so go away"
Never before had James been so thankful for Gordon to appear, he saw Diesel look at Gordon with a sneer before snorting "Pah" then turning to himself "this isn't over James" he threatened before turning to another rail and leaving the sheds.
Both engines watched the Diesel whir away, Gordon was about to ask James what that was all about when he saw something that made him concerned and something he had never seen in his life. James was shaking as if he had some bad coal and tears were escaping like a waterfall and flood together, he had never seen the glamour engine so out of character before, no engine should be in this much pain even for him, and just like Edward this scared him though he would never out right show it.
Getting behind James, Gordon carefully buffed behind him and pushed him onto the turntable, he got off and waited for James to turn round before pushing him into the shed before going into his own, none of the engines knew this, not even James but Gordon saw them all as brothers, sure he boasted a lot about him being the fastest but that was what siblings did, they argued, complained and soon apoligize for being an idiot. He remembered the first time he was actually concerned, James had got into an accident and crashed into the same cow field he had done before when he had first came to the Island, anyway when Gordon had seen the state of James he felt terrible and worried that James may never work again since his front wheels had fallen off, from that moment on he had decided to watch over James as well as Henry, even if they never knew about how he fet for them.
James never noticed Gordon moving him or settling in, in the shed beside him, he didn't care that he was showing his weak side, he was tired of this, he just wanted these feelings to go away, he wanted to be normal.

Thomas and Percy had just returned from a hard days work of shunting and running the branch line when they felt a funny sensation in their boilers the moment they got near the sheds. Something was clearly wrong, they may act immature at times but they were not that stupid when it came to serious things like this, but when they looked around the place nothing looked different, nothing was out of place or damaged so what else could it be?
They looked at the sheds and realised that Gordon and James were already settled in for the night, the funny feeling in their boilers doubled the feeling the moment they looked at the tender engines, the problem was coming from them.
Gordon heard the noise and opened his eyes, he saw that it was cheeky Thomas and Percy.
"Shh" he hissed quietly, when he saw that he had their attention he darted his eyes to James' sleeping figure.
As Thomas and Percy took turns getting into their place in the sheds they noticed James has looked even more tired than before, and as they looked closely they also noticed tear stains running down his cheeks.
They both wanted to ask what had happened but one look at Gordon made them keep their mouths shut. The other engines soon came and did the same thing, nobody was able to sleep that night, especially Edward, Gordon and Henry.
TTTE (Edward x James) Part 3
And here is the next part for Edward x James, also the engines do have a driver and fireman, I just haven't put them in yet, James' driver and fireman had gone on a break when the Fat Controller had a private conversation with James and realised that he had a crush
Part 2
I never really knew how I lost my right leg, my dad said that I had lost it in a car crash, while that seemed logical part of me kept thinking there was something else my dad was not telling me.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping, it was 8:00, I groaned as I pressed whatever button was nearest, I got up and did my daily routine, or what I always wanted it be with some slight changes. Dad had given me the uniform for the waitress job and preferred me to change here as he didn't want anyone walking in on me when I got changed and see my mechanical leg, from what I've seen and heard no one has ever had a 'prosthetic leg' before. He also wanted people to think that I was just another person in need of a job, he didn't want to risk someone kidnapping me and holding me for ransom, my heart melted at my dad's caringness (1).
But there were times where I wished I was just a normal person who wanted a normal job, I guess this is my chance at that, it was better than nothing and I was very grateful, after all I could have ended up like those snobby 'I'm more richer than you' kind of people.
I must admit though, I have been happy studying mechanic in my free time but I had not had the chance to try it out, if my dad ever found out I don't think he would be too happy with me.

(Third P.O.V)
As you made your way to the dining room to eat your mind began to wander at what was to come when you entered the diner, since you had never been into the diner before you thought about what you did know about the pizzeria, it had 5 animatronics,one of them was rumoured (from what you heard when you went outside) to have been a torn apart and put back together attraction, you had no idea what they looked like except that they were just like the old ones but more kid friendly since your dad thought that the old ones would scare them, you could have sworn you remember your dad saying something about data scanners put into the new ones to protect the children but you weren't completely certain about that.
Oh yeah and you had some photos of the outside building, you had to admit it looked very spacious, but something seemed off about it, or was it just you?
"Nice to see you up early (y/)" you almost leaped off the floor at the sudden voice, your dad was sitting at the table digging into his English breakfast.
"You know me dad, I really cannot wait to see the diner since I have never been there before" you managed to hide some of the hurt from your voice as you sat down and put some food on your plate, your throat was getting better as you had been practicing your speaking in the mirror last night.
"I know, I realised that I shouldn't be keeping in here for the rest of your life if you want to take over the company, I know it's a very bad apology and to make up for sending you off to private school, besides you need to know what you are getting yourself into and I thought this would be good for you"
You nodded but kept silent, this was another problem about your dad, one moment he was all calm and happy, the next minute he he looked paranoid and looked like he had a dark look circling around him, there were times you thought he might have a bipolar disorder, you had a hard time trying to understand him if at all.
"Is there a mechanic for the animatronics?" you asked with pure interest.
You watched your dad think for a moment before he replied "I did have one, but he got fired for tampering with animatronics, that was about a week ago now that I think about it" he added as an after thought "I'm looking for a new one right now as well as a night guard" he looks you "why?"
You gulped "Well, isn't it wise to always check your staff to see if they are doing their job right? And if you don't have one then you should at least have a back up one, if not then everything will mostly go down hill" you suggested, hoping your dad would agree.
Surprisingly he began to consider it, he was surprised by your answer, you were even more shocked when he smiled at you "you hold many interesting points (y/n), ones that even I would have never thought myself, I think you will be a great manager when it's time" his words held truth in them.
You blink in surprise and to stop the tears that were threatening to escape "thank you" you said softly but loud enough for your dad to hear.
Unfortunately the clock broke you both out of your happy trance, you looked at your watch and saw that it was 8:30 and it was a 30 minute drive to the diner, you quickly said goodbye to your dad while stuffing a crumpet in your mouth and running out of the room and outside.
Blinking at the sudden brightness you quickly put on your sunglasses and resisted the urge to sigh in relief at the change. As you walked down the steps you froze at the sight before you.
Instead of the limo that your dad always made you go into, you were now looking at a brand new red Ferrari.
"I hope you like it" you turned round to find your dad there with a small smile on his face.
"But.." you couldn't get the words to leave your mouth.
"I figured that if you want to be as normal as possible you should have a car for yourself, good thing I made you have that driving test right?" he lightly chuckled before he frowned "but if you don't want this car then I could always get a new..."
He was cut off by you giving him the biggest hug in your whole life, you had never been able to hug him before after what happened to your mum, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to let him know you still cared about him despite his early decisions on your life.
"Thank you" your voice sounded desperate, as if to make him think he desperately needed to know how sincere those words were.
He froze before returning the favour, you both felt the broken family bonds being re-fixed again, it may take some time to properly fix the bridge, but you would both get to each other in the end, all you needed to do was be patient.
You both broke out of the hug before you got down the last flight of stairs and into the Ferrari, you turned the engine on and almost screamed happily at the sound, giving your dad one last wave through the window before driving out of the path and out into the open world, you had been given the instructions on how to find the place so you had no problem getting there.
As you looked at your back mirror you saw the mansion getting smaller and smaller before it dissapeared from view.
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 x Reader Part 2
As promised here is the next part, I will be sure to redo the title on the first one since this story is supposed to be mainly about the Toy animatronics, enjoy.

(1) I am not entirely sure if this is a real word, please let me know if it is thanks
Part 1
Hi I'm (y/n), I'm 18 years and am the daughter of a famous company called Freddy Fazbear's diner, yeah you heard me right, although I am not entirely happy with what had happened to the old animatronics but how would I know, I have never been inside that restaurant since he has had me go to a private school then when I turned 18 I came back home where he began to teach me the business of his diner so that one day I would take over.
As for me though it was good and bad, everybody saw me as the 'perfect kid' they always wanted, nobody knew of the dark secret that I carried and that my dad had kept quiet from the public. He doesn't seem the same anymore, at one point I never thought I would have the chance of freedom (since I was always stuck inside the house unless I needed to learn something outside but even then it was rare), I didn't know my chance would come sooner than expected.

(Your P.O.V)
"I must say (y/n) you have done better than I have when I was your age" he said to me one day after looking at my results "now I know that I haven't let you out for a long time but I have now decide to change that"
It took all of my will power not to get ecstatic and not jump like a child on sugar rush, my appearance was anything but pleasant, my once (s/c) skin had now turned a sickly pale, my (e/c) eyes were now used to the dull lightning in the mansion, if I were to go outside I would more than likely need some sunglasses because they were that sensitive, even if my curtains were always open (I don't even have a balcony for crying out loud).
"Starting tomorrow" he continued "I would like you to take position of a waitress since I don't have any people working in that position"
I nod "thank you dad" my voice sounded raspy since I only talked when I needed to.
"Now please get some sleep, you have a big day tomorrow and you look like you need the extra sleep"
He wasn't kidding, there were black bags under my eyes that you could carry books in, my (h/c) hair was ruffled and slightly greasy and I felt like I had not had a bath in weeks, all because I was up late trying to finish off my work and reading a book that my dad did not know about.
"I will expect you to be up around 8:30 tomorrow so you can get to the diner before 9:30" he got up from his comfy, spinning chair and gently pressed a kiss to my forehead like any dad would "good night sweetie"
I gave him a reply before getting up to leave, closing the door with a soft click of the handle. I never paid attention to where I was going, after all I had been here for so long I could have done this blind folded, I never even bothered to see the butler look at me with sadness and worry.
The moment I was in my room I quickly ran to the bathroom to get what I needed most, a proper bath and not just for my face and hair.
As I began to remove my clothes I immediately froze when I came to my trousers, I always froze here since it was hiding my deepest, darkest secret. For instead of a leg made of flesh and bone it was made of metal with wires and circuits.
My name is (y/n) Fazbear, part human and part unknown and this is my story.
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 x Reader Part 1
This is just a preview for what is to come in my new story, it is meant to be the new animatronics and not the old ones although the old ones will make an appearance, I kind of got the idea for a robot leg from the Full Metal Alchemist. Hope you all enjoy. 
Ryou immediately moved under the covers and shivered slightly as he had never seen someone like that guy before.
Marik had a light tanned skin, his hair was wild and stuck up that he looked like a a dandy-lion flower, he looked even more intimidating than his old master, Bakura and Akefia put together. And that was saying something.
Akefia and Bakura moved in front of Ryou's shaking body that was under the covers as a shield, while they respected their king they were not going to risk anything should the man try to hurt Ryou.
"If we had known you were coming this early we would have had the place cleaned up" Bakura retorted "and could you please wait till we have got ourselves cleaned up and sorted our lover out? Your scaring him"
Marik raised an eyebrow but decided to listen to their request, he had more pressing matters to tell them about. He left the bedroom and went to wait in the living room.
Once they were sure he wasn't going to interrupt them again they quickly went under the covers to see Ryou about to nearly have a panic attack.
After a few minutes (felt like hours) of trying to calm him down and to proove that Marik was in no way evil or a murderer Ryou finally managed to get out of the covers and into the shower to get clean, Akefia and Bakura took another shower since it was clear that Ryou wanted to be on his own for the moment.
When they had finished they saw that Ryou had finished as well and was sitting on their bed still slightly shaking and looking unsure on what to do now.
Bakura sat next to him while Akefia went downstairs "Ryou, please don't be scared of him, he is our king and one of the last surviving members of our race, he has a mate so you don't have to worry about him going after you" he said in a surprisingly soft voice.
"What do you mean last surviving member?" Ryou asked, looking at Bakura in the face for the first time.
"Over the years hunters began to realise what we were so they thought it was wise to destroy us all, they nearly succeeded, me, Akefia and Marik are the only ones left" Bakura's face became distant as he remembered that night as if it were yesturday "although originally I was a human, Akefia offered to turn me when we both realised that we were soul mates, Akefia and Marik are only pure blooded vampires left"
Ryou nodded slowly and watched Bakura's face for a minute, then he slowly sat in Bakura's lap so he was straddling him before wrapping his arms around Bakura's neck before moving his face to where Bakura's neck met his shoulders.
Bakura allowed the scent of his third soul mate fill his nostrils, his vampire side was purring in delight, while it also demanded that he mate with the younger one Bakura managed to convince it that Ryou needed time after what had happened to him before, of course the vampire in him wanted to rip the hunter in half for even laying a finger on its mate, but was also willing to wait for the little one to be ready, after all, when the young one was ready the fun could really begin.
Bakura groaned when he realized what his vampire was planning to do when Ryou was ready, he was just glad that Ryou wasn't anywhere near the problem.
Ryou who didn't notice Bakura's discomfort just continued to nuzzle Bakura's neck and purring to the point where Bakura had to move him.
"Ryou, if you continue I don't think I will be able to stop" he managed to say without making it sound husky.
Ryou pouted but immediately backed down, he was already pushing it with what he just did, while he was okay with what they had been doing in bed (insert blush) he was still weary with anything further than that.
"We should hurry up and go downstairs before they think of we are doing something inappropriate" he winked at Ryou, hiding his smirk when Ryou blushed and looked away from him.
Ryou playfully whacked him on the arm before getting off the bed and waiting by the door for Bakura to take the lead.
Bakura quickly sorted himself out before grabbing Ryou's arm gently then leading him down the stairs, he paused for a moment just to see if there was any talking, there wasn't any, so either they were waiting for him or they heard them coming down stairs.
He quickly turned to Ryou "I know I trust my king but I want you to stay near me or Akefia as much as you can, he can be unpredictable at times"
Ryou nodded and placed his other arm on Bakura's and gently patted it, giving it a squeeze before letting go.
It turned out that Akefia and Marik were in the kitchen, when Ryou followed Bakura in there he realised that they were talking hushed tones and only Bakura knew what they were saying.
They stopped though when they smelt Ryou enter and both looked in the direction Bakura and Ryou came from, Bakura noticed Akefia's mouth twitch upward but why he didn't know.
Bakura made sure that Ryou was sitting at the Island table and placed one of his hands on top of Ryou's but out of Marik's eye sight, then he turned his attention to his king "now what was so important that you decided to come in unannounced in our home" he demanded.
Marik's face turned serious "as I said we have a serious problem, you are all aware of that Tea girl from Domino high?"
Akefia snorted "how could we not she has always been trying to go after me and Bakura, saying that we shouldn't be anywhere near someone who is as pure as Ryou, that she wants what is best for him"
As if she cared about my well being, Yami was the only one who actually tried to help me Ryou thought sadly.
"Well to put it simply she has been going around spreading rumors saying you two are dangerous criminals" Akefia and Bakura snickered "while also spreading stuff about you kidnapping other people and there has also been reports saying that people have been killed with a stake in the heart"
Both of them sobered up when they realised what he was saying, Ryou tensed at the atmosphere.
"Are you saying that Ryou's 'dad' has been the one killing the innocents" Akefia asked in a voice that promised death.
"Most likely" Marik replied as calmly as he could so that he wouldn't scare Ryou who was already pale from the news "since it is the end of school I would like your little blood donor to go into hiding"
"He isn't a blood donor" Bakura growled "he is our mate"
This made Marik curious but didn't say anything "fine then, if you want he can stay here but make sure it is fully barricaded, I do not want any of you getting killed, or do you want to stay in one of my safe houses?"
Akefia and Bakura looked at each other, mentally talking to each other, they both knew it would be best to stay in one of Marik's safe houses since it was fully equipped for emergencies as well as defenses, but the closest one was deeper in the city and looked like a gangsters hideout. They also didn't want to pressure Ryou.
"Let us think about it my King" Akefia said out loud "we will call you when we have an answer"
Marik left, leaving Bakura and Akefia alone with Ryou who looked like he was going to pass out. Bakura wasted no time in pressing a certain pressure point at the back of Ryou's neck (1), knocking the boy the out before he knew what was happening.
Akefia, who had picked the boy up carried him carefully up the stairs and into their bedroom, he left the boy in his clothes since he didn't want to risk freaking the boy out when he realised he had been changed into pajamas.
"Keep an eye on him, I'll go get some food and keep an eye out" Akefia instructed.
Bakura nodded, not removing his eyes from the frail body, he quickly went downstairs and made something small and simple for Ryou when he woke up, he carried the plate up the stairs and placed it on the table next to the bed, then he carefully sat on the edge of the bed deep in thought.
He could think of two things that would help their third mate, the first one was to do what Marik instructed and go deeper into Domino City, or they could make Ryou into one of them, but which one would Ryou go for? And was it safer than the other option?
Bakushipping Three-way Soulmate Part 14
I FINALLY get to update one of my old stories, I hope this will keep you all happy as it is now getting hard to continue writing them, but I do promise to try and get them finished so please be patient.

(1) this is possible, it is just the matter of finding the spot and well as force as you could damage someone rather than knocking them out.
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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