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Dottie had decided to wait the next day before she tried to do something that would get Dusty and Skipper together.
She had entered her shop and almost cooed at the sight before her, Skipper was cuddling or nuzzling Dusty, both were asleep and she did not want to wake them up, so she decided to wait a little longer, who knows, maybe this would help them in admitting their feelings for each other. She took one last look at them before shutting the door quietly behind her, not seeing Skipper shift from the noise then nuzzle back into Dusty, who returned the gesture unconsciously.

Skipper soon felt the sun’s rays burn on his eyelids (even though it was already morning but he didn't know that yet) he blinked a few times to get rid of the sleep from his eyes. He almost jumped when he felt something warm next to him and it took him a second to realize who it was.
He moved his eyes to the right and came face to face with a sleeping Dusty.
Well that explained why I didn't have a nightmare he thought.
Dusty made the occasional twitch and flinch, especially from his propeller but aside from that he didn't make a noise, a small smile appeared on the Corsair's face as he watched the young plane sleep, it was official (in his mind anyway) Dusty was adorably cute when he slept, now he wished he had a camera.
But sadly all good things must come to an end as Dusty began to stir and feel another body pressed against him, he flinched and tried to move away since he couldn't remember what happened last night.
"Dusty, calm down it's me Skipper" the Corsair said calmly and quietly.
Dusty stopped trying to move "Skipper?" he whimpered "is it really you?"
"It's me Dusty, don't worry nobody is going to hurt you"
The Crop Duster allowed Skipper's calm but slightly rough voice sooth him and wrap around him like a blanket on a cold night, he shivered as he tried to open his eyes, but remebered that he couldn't see very clearly, it was all blurry and he had a hard time just trying to make out Skipper, he missed looking at the blue plane, he missed looking into his mentor's eyes as he told him what he needed to do, he missed looking at the planes determination when something bad happened to him or the town, he just wanted to see again.
Dusty once again found himself crying, again, as he laid against (what he hoped) Skipper like they had been just minutes ago. Skipper didn't mind, after all he probably would have done the same thing if he was in Dusty's position.
"You must think I am really pathetic right now" Dusty thought, never realizing that he had said it out loud as he tried to calmed down.
Skipper, for the first time was shocked that the plane would think that "how can you say that? After what you had gone through I think everyone would have been more concerned if you weren't crying"
"I guess" Dusty sighed "although I guess I should be thankful that I even survived that crash, I don't think anyone would have been as lucky as me"
Skipper could not argue with that statement, after all, he knew from experience before he gave up flying.
"Exactly" was all Skipper said.
.Dusty moved his head a little to ask Skipper something, unfortunately he didn't realise that he was really close to Skipper's face, and ended up kissing him.
Skipper jumped back slightly but his lips were still on Dusty's, it was slightly awkward but he was loving it until Dusty moved back after he realised what he had just done, which resulted in him shedding more tears to the the point where he thought he might rust from his waterfall.
"I'm sorry, it was an accident please don't leave me" Dusty whimpered pathetically as he kept his eyes closed while trying to move away, thinking that Skipper would most likely be disgusted from even being near him now.
"Dusty" Skipper said softly but realised Dusty wasn't even listening, so tried a soft but full of authority tone "Dusty listen to me"
Dusty immediatly stopped what he was doing and was looking at Skipper in surprise, tears stopped but looked like they might drop again.
"I know you have had a crush on me" he started and quickly continued to talk when he saw Dusty flinched "in my defense I didn't know you and Dottie were talking, I just heard her saying to you that if didn't talk to him soon it would destroy you, I put the pieces together and then Chug confirmed it"
Dusty couldn't help himself but groan at his friends silliness, he was going to have to stop saying stuff about his personal life to him.
Skipper managed to stop himself from chuckling at the young racers face, he then continued "I must admit at first I thought that it was just a phase you were going through, but after your crash I realised that your feelings for me must be genuine if it stopped you from having your daily oil"
Dusty had the decency to look down in shame as he remembered how he made everyone scared because of his stunt.
Skipper quickly continued "I guess what I am trying to say is" he paused for moment and thought it would be best for him to show it in case Dusty didn't believe him, before Dusty knew what was happening he was given a full and proper kiss, and he submitted willingly.
They stayed like that for what like hours until the need for air became too much, both rolled back a bit as they tried to catch their breaths.
"What happens now?" Dusty as when he could speak.
"It's your choice Dusty, after all you have wanted this longer than I have, plus you know that this won't go well with the news"
Dusty nodded as he remembered that one racer who had admitted on tv that he was gay, everyone hated him which made him quit the race so he could live with his partner, he never regretted the decision.
"I am not going to hide that we are in a relationship Skipper, but if you want we can take this slow first, after all I have never been in a relationship before"
"Ever? What about when you went out with Ishani?"
"I only asked her if she would like to go out with me, as in two racers spending some time together, I did it with Bulldog once and a few times with El Chubacabra, that was when I realised that I like Ishani as a friend, I have never been out with a guy before" Dusty admitted sheepishly.
"Well, if it helps I have never been in a relationship either, when I was old enough I went immediately went to try and join the Jolly Wrenches, obviously I succeeded" he chuckled weakly.
"I agree, lets wait a while and see how this goes, if word gets out and it will sooner rather later" he saw Skipper nod in agreement "then we will take it from there, sound good for you?"
"I can deal with that" he looked closer at Dusty "are you still tired?"
"A little bit" Dusty admitted weakly "but I'm afraid that when I wake up again all of this will have been a dream"
Skipper planted another gentle kiss on Dusty's lips "we can stay up for as long as you want, but you do need to sleep, I will still be here when you wake up though, I promise"
They stayed together a little longer until Dusty fell asleep again.

Dottie was thankful no one had come into her work place for a check up, she had completely forgotten to check up on Dusty and Skipper, and that was 4 hours ago.
She calmly opened her door just in case Dusty had gone back sleep, she wasn't disappointed when she saw him fast asleep next to a fully woken up Skipper who was looking at the kid with a guarded expression.
"You knew didn't you?" Skipper asked softly without taking his eyes off of Dusty "about who he liked?"
Dottie wasn't sure what to feel "I promised not to tell anyone" she replied softly back, both not wanting to wake up Dusty.
Skipper nodded "thank you for taking care of him" his eyes flashed to hers for a second before going back to Dusty "you will be happy to know that he won't be suffering anymore"
Dottie was confused on what he meant, then it clicked "you mean you got together?" Skipper nodded "thank goodness I was hoping for you guys to do something soon, perhaps this will help him, he is going to need all the help he can get"
"I can help with that, I have an old friend who born blind, he can give Dusty some tips about his...predicament" the air was tense "but I will not force Dusty if he doesn't want it"
"As long as you're trying Skipper I see no reason for Dusty to not try"
They didn't realise that their voices were slowly getting louder, making Dusty twitch a little before he opened his eyes, immediately he was met with blurry Dottie who had not noticed he was awake and was continuing to talk.
"Could you guys keep it down I'm trying to sleep" Dusty whispered as he tried to wake up properly.
Both vehicles stopped talking and turned to look at the younger plane.
"Sorry Dusty, I didn't realise my voice had gotten louder" Dottie admitted.
Dusty shook his front "don't worry about it, what were you guys talking about anyway?"
Both went deadly silent until Skipper spoke "I was considering bringing in an old friend of mine who was born blind, I was thinking that you could learn from him as well as understand that you aren't the only one who has had eye problems, I was going to tell you when you woke up actually" he admitted sheepishly "but it is your decision Dusty, I will not force you into seeing him if you don't want to"
The fact that he was waiting for Dusty to decide made said plane smile lightly "I'll think about" he turned to Dottie "do I still need to be here?"
"Well at first I thought it would be wise to stay here but I realise that this is the only workplace I have, plus I don't think it will help with your recovery"
"What if he stayed with me?" Skipper thought out loud, he looked sheepish when both pairs of eyes glued onto him "I mean, I have larger rooms attached to my main building, and they are big enough for Dusty to move round and not get a panic attack if he has a bad dream"
"Hey" Dusty exclaimed in a joking way, Dottie and Skipper chuckled "I have to admit though Dottie, that isn't a bad a idea, because let's face it, Chug isn't exactly good when it comes to looking after someone, he tends to over react more than you do"
"As much as I hate to admit it, your right Dusty, alright then, let me get you checked up, if I see that you are fit and healthy as you can get you can leave and stay with Skipper"
Dusty felt like his smile just split him into two pieces "alright then, lets get to work"
Skipper didn't need to look at Dottie to know he had to leave, he left willingly after a quick glance of Dusty.

Once Dottie had done everything she needed to as well as a few fixes and tweaks, she allowed Skipper to come in and get Dusty.
"He's all yours" she announced happily "just make sure he doesn't over do things as he still needs rest" she leaned closer to Skipper so only he could hear "also if Dusty does agree to meet your friend make sure that he has another day of rest just to be on the safe side, let me know as well so I can give him another check up"
"Will do" Skipper replied in the same tone.
It took a while for them to get Dusty moving especially when he still couldn't see well, his new wheels felt slightly foreign, his gears felt tingly and he felt everything groan in pain at the fact he was moving, he soon realised that he tired easily as well and that got on his nerves. Dottie told him that it was completely normal since he had been stuck in one place for a long time so Dusty felt less unsure.
When they managed to get him outside he didn't know whether to be thankful that he was outside, or shun away at the blinding light. He guessed that he should be grateful that no one was around to see him in his state.
When they managed to get to Skipper's place they were greeted with Sparky and Chug, who both had a can of fuel ready for Dusty.
"Skipper told me you would be staying here for a while when Dottie was checking you, we got everything ready for you"
Skipper felt a blush appear on his face as he tried to look anywhere but the group.
Dusty felt sad for the Corsair "thanks, I could do with a rest" to proove his point he yawned, he had never felt so tired in his life.
Dottie and Sparky helped move him into the spare room Skipper had, the poor crop duster fell asleep before they even got him in the room. They left the can of oil in front of Dusty for when he woke up again, giving the sleeping plane one last look they left the room.
"Make sure he drinks that oil Skipper, he still doesn't have enough in his system" Dottie instructed.
Skipper nodded giving her his full attention "I'll be sure to check on him regularly as well" he knew that if he didn't Dottie would not be pleased.
Dottie gave Skipper a few more instructions before leaving with Chug and Sparky.
Skipper sighed before going back into his home, he caught a glimpse of Dusty's sleeping form and had to smile, he noted that the oil can Sparky had brought was next to Dusty, well at least he didn't need to worry about that for a while, he had a feeling that Dusty would reject to drinking it.
He looked around his room before looking back at Dusty, he didn't know why he was feeling it now, but with Dusty here, he felt more at home, which was saying something since he felt like this place was a prison of his past. But now that Dusty was now and fast asleep, he had never felt more at home before.

He spent a few hours reading some book he randomly picked off of the shelf before noting that it was getting late, he placed the book back before quickly checking on Dusty, he was still asleep, letting out a small breath he moved away and rolled to where he usually slept, near a corner at the end of the building and fell into an uncomfortable sleep, silently wishing that Dusty was right beside him.
The Crash Dusty x Skipper Part 4
A great way to start the new year I think, hope you all enjoy this. Again I apoligise if any words are wrong since I don't have word correcter
I don't own Disney Planes or any of the chracters
Just so everyone knows, Doc's mind link is Italic and Hudson's is bold.

Hudson waited patiently outside Lightning's door, he could also feel his car doing the same thing, looks like Tex was offering the same thing to McQueen, that was going to be tricky if they both agreed on different choices, but it wasn't his place to intervene, it was their life and he wasn't the kind of person to force something on others. Otherwise he'd be no better than the other stuck up snobs.
What are you so worried about? Asked Doc through their mind link.
Hudson almost shivered physically, like Lightning he also had the ability to talk to his car, they were really close back in their racing days but after the crash they became slightly bitter towards each other, he didn't really think they needed it since Radiator Springs didn't have any tourists after the interstate, which was why the mental bond felt very foreign to him now.
I don't think it is anything you need to be concerned about Hudson snapped.
Whoa there driver, is this to do with the incident a few days ago? No reply or is it something else?
Hudson sighed both out loud and in his mind did you hear about the offer Tex is giving to McQueen?
There was a pause no; I left since I could tell he wasn't the type of car to hurt someone.
Well to put it simply Mr. Humpy wants Lightning to be the new mascot of Dinoco.
Why am I not surprised? Remember that one race we watched?
You mean the one where Lightning, Chick and Strip had the three way tie?
Yes, now try and remember their looks when they mentioned the final race and that the winner would be the new Dinoco mascot.
Hudson tried to think back, it was a day before both racers crashed into their town when it was aired, now he remembered, Lightning was the one who showed it more on his face than McQueen. His face looked like he was stuck on cloud nine, like it was the first time he got to race, just like he and Doc had been in their day. He must have really wanted to be the new mascot, unless, no it couldn't be.
Are you saying Lightning had been forced to race and be the new mascot for Dinoco by his dad? Hudson finally asked after his little flashback.
I am not saying it out loud, it is merely a guess Doc replied calmly.
Hudson thumped his head against the wall he was leaning on, great he had a headache coming on AND he was getting dizzy from the info he was getting.
"You have got to be kidding me" he said under his breath.
He removed his head from the wall when he hear the door from Lightning's room open, revealing Humpy, he felt his heart calm down.
"I shall get the manager of Rust-eze and have them come here as soon as possible" he said before turning to leave, until he saw Hudson "oh, sorry for nearly bumping into you, thank you for trusting me to be alone with Mr Lightning" he gave a short bow with his head "I am sorry for the long wait, he's all yours now"
Hudson just gave a nod back with a small grunt and watched as the man left the corridor and out of the hospital, then made his way into the room, silently thanking the man for leaving the door open when he left the room, clearly the the man wanted him to know that he had not done anything and was willing to leave the door open to prove it.
He watched as Lightning leaned back on the bed letting out a small sigh as he closed his eyes, looking content and slightly happy for the first time since he had come here.
"You look happy, mind sharing what's on your mind?" Hudson asked as he sat in a chair next to Lightning's bed.
Lightning opened one eye lazily to look at his doctor/crew chief before closing it again "if I told you now it might ruin the surprise, plus I am not entirely sure if it will work, I am hoping it will though since it will help both Dinoco and the Rust-eze"
Hudson raised an eyebrow in disbelief "Now I am looking forward to this"
"How are the others?" 
"I told them to get something to eat, they haven't been eating since you came here"
Lightning opened both eyes in disbelief and shock "are they crazy? They should't have to suffer because of me"
"They were worried about you, and they felt bad after what had happened back in Radiator Springs"
Lightning's gut turned as he remembered "I really don't blame them for being like that" he murmured as he closed his eyes again as if to get rid of the memory.
"They called you names and you don't blame them?" Hudson asked in disbelief
"Why would you say that?"
"Because in a way it is my fault, I am the son of the man who ruined their town"
"You may be the son of him and my racing enemy but I would never hold somebody responsible for something they had no part in, you weren't even born when it happened so don't go blaming yourself for something you had no control of or something you didn't do"
Lightning shivered even though it wasn't cold, he wrapped his arms around himself like a shield and sat there as he waited for Mr Humpy to come back with Harvey, then he realized something.
"You don't have to answer this but, back in your racing days did you ever meet someone called Harvey?" He asked softly.
Hudson chocked on his saliva "Harvey? As in the guy that sounds like Jeremy Clarkson off of Top Gear?"
Lightning was surprised that he even knew that, and was only able to nod his head, although he nearly coward in fright when he saw the man's eyes go dark and distant as if he was remembering something that he loathed.
"I know that guy, although you will not believe me when I say that he was my manager, or at least his dad was, his dad was the one that came to me saying I was 'history'" he looked and saw Lightning pale and was concerned "what's wrong?"
"It's just that, Harvey is my manager?" He replied weakly that Hudson was surprised that he could hear him.
"Then you are more than likely to get thrown away like a kids toy unusable" Hudson replied softly, but Lightning could tell that it was emotionless and thought that he was to blame for it.
None of them were prepared though when the door barged open and Lightning jumped 3 feet in the air (thankfully he didn't make a sound), Hudson looked shot up from his chair ready to hit someone when he realised who it was he was looking at "Harvey"
Said man was looking at the ex-racer with disgust while sneering "hello walking skeleton, how is that piece of rust doing?"
Hudson couldn't stop the growl from escaping his lips, he never noticed Lightning shiver and move further up the bed (if that was possible)
"I am actually surprised that you decided to even show yourself since your little incident" he smirked "now if you don't mind me and Mr Lightning need to have a grown up talk, why don't you go back to whatever hole you came out of and look after those brain dead people"
Lightning saw red and before he knew it he moved off the bed with strength he didn't know he had (not realising that the wires had been removed), then punched the man straight in the nose and gave him a look that would have made every person on the planet cower in fear.
"Insult my friends again and I will kick you so hard you would never be able to have children again" he said darkly.
Harvey pulled out a tissue and placed it near his nose, not surprised that it was bleeding.
"Oh and by the way, you're fired" he then pushed Harv through the door.
"What a coincidence, I was about to come in and say you are history and move on to the next Rookie" Harv replied with a sickening sweet smile on his face.
Lightning's gut churned as he remembered everything he had learned about Hudson and Doc's crash. Hudson though was reliving that memory at the moment. Harv was just like his dad
"What is going on?" Humpy asked when he saw Lightning push his manager out the door.
"I have fired this man and he replied with and I quote 'I was about to come in and say you're history and move on to the next Rookie'" Lightning said calmly although Humpy could hear the slight dark tone in the kids voice.
Humpy moved to the side "then let me assist you by escorting him out"
Harv shoved Lightning back a bit, allowing himself to be freed "no need, I was about to anyway, I have better thigs to do than stay around people that are considered a piece of history"
Again Hudson jerked back as if he'd been slapped and looked away to look out the window, he made sure to keep his mental connection closed as well, he didn't want Doc finding out.
As soon as Harv left the door, the owner of Rust-eze company came in while looking at Harv leave with a confused expression.
"Do I need to know what happened?" He looked at Lightning in question.
"No you don't" was all Lightning said before turning around to check on Hudson, he became immediately concerned when Hudson was looking away from them all "could you just give us a few moments?" he whispered softly to the others.
Both nodded in understanding "take all the time you need" before quickly leaving and waiting outside.
Lightning turned to look at Hudson who was still refusing to look anywhere but the window.
"Hudson?" Lightning asked softly, as if afraid to break the silence.
He saw Hudson twitch at the word, but still looked out the window, he walked carefully and calmly toward him, not wanting the old man to think he was repulsed or disgusted. It wasn't until he got closer that he realised the man was shaking, and that could only mean one thing, Hudson was crying.
"Hudson, don't listen to that jerk he wouldn't know what fame is if it came and bit them in the backside"
That gave him some reaction as he could of sworn that Hudson was trying to laugh, but with little success. But it was enough for the ex-racer to look at Lightning, and the young racer knew he was right, there were tear tracks running down Hudson's face, proving not only that Harv's words had hurt him, but showing that all racers were just as human as anyone else.
And they just stood there, looking at each other with understanding and sadness, although Hudson was showing it more than Lightning. Hudson was surprised that he was even okay with showing his weak side to someone but quickly reminded himself that Lightning had shown his weak side when he was in Radiator Springs.
Before Lightning knew what he was doing he began removing all signs of Hudson crying with his thumb in an almost caring move.
"You really shouldn't cry Hudson it doesn't suit you" he said softly before pulling Hudson into a hug "don'y listen to him, you are a hero not just to me but to everyone in that stadium, do you remember their voices? Their faces when they heard you came back? They were happy to see you"
For once Hudson was caught off guard and stood there like a frozen statue, as if unsure on what to do, letting out a soft sigh he carefully placed his arms around Lightning, still unsure if this was the right thing to do.
Lightning held back a chuckle, of course the old man wouldn't know how to hug if he had been stuck in a building for over 30 years. He smiled when he heard Hudson sigh in content.
Once he was sure that Hudson was okay he let go and lightly patted him on the arm, silently asking if he was okay, he received a nod so Lightning went to the door and opened it.
"You can come in now" he sad to them formerly, moving out of the way so thy could come through, however he was surprised to see his friends there as well "what are you guys doing here?"
Hudson immediately became his old self "I thought I told you guys to get something to eat"
"We did Hudson" Micheal replied calmly "but we got a bit restless just sitting there so we thought we could come and visit"
Hudson once again had to hold back a groan "alright then but make sure you aren't all over excited" he waved them in.
Lightning sat on the bed as he felt his legs get tired "so have you guys come to an agreement?"
"What agreement?" Hudson asked suspiciously.
"Shall we tell them?" Humpy waited for permission.
"Sure" Lightning replied.
"Well as you all know Lightning here was asked to be the new mascot for Dinoco, however as you may know Mr Hudson, Lightning had declined it as he wanted to continue supporting the Rust-eze even though he still wanted to be Dinoco's mascot, but he had an idea which is why he asked if you could leave"
"This is fine and all but what exactly is going to happen" like Strip and 'The King' Hudson was not someone to beat around the bush.
Lightning chuckled lightly "I asked him if he would like to work together with the company of Rust-eze, not buying them out, just working together in the hope people will look at rusty old cars in a different manner, if people were to see me work with Dinoco and Rust-eze, people may begin to think of them in a different perspective"
Larry was the only person who was showing more surprise on his face than he had ever done in his life "ya really mean that?"
"Would I have offered it to them if I didn't? AH!" Lighting was taken completely off guard when Larry tackled him onto the bed and was now squeezing the life out of him.
Hudson and Micheal immediately went to get him off, Hudson spoke to him first "Larry, I know you want to thank him but don't forget he isn't well" and he could have sworn he heard a rib crack.
Larry immediately felt guilty as he backed away from the now panting Lightning as he tried to get air back into his lungs "sorry bud"
"No worries Larry, I understand" Lightning offered a weak smile as after he had managed to get back up "so again, have you come to an agreement"
"We think it is an excellent idea" said the manager of the Rust-eze "and we also thought it would be good for you to sponsor both of our company's on the same day or the day after, that way they are out of the way and you can get back to relaxing"
"Sounds good to me"
"Which reminds me, where are you staying? Your dad has been saying to reporters that he was going to kick you out of the house because of some kind of incident"
Lightning's hand clenched as he remembered that little incident but calmly took a deep breath "I have the perfect place in mind" he looked at the group with a slight hopeful expression "how would you guys mind if I built my racing quarters at your place? As an apology"
Everyone including Hudson had a shocked look on their faces and Lightning was having a hard time not to laugh.
Flo spoke "are you serious?"
"Dead series, if you guys hadn't been here I would never have made the race, I know I am the son of the man who ruined your town but I promised myself that I would help you guys get back on the map no matter what, this offer I'm giving you may do just that"
Tears began to appear in the town folks eyes (aside from Hudson) and all of the nodded their heads, to emotional to say anything.
"Then it is settled, we will get everything sorted out when you leave the hospital"
"Which reminds me, I need to make that statement to the police, the sooner it is sorted out the better" Lightning informed to Hudson who nodded.
"I will get them now, keep an eye on him and don't make him move off of that bed" he ordered before leaving the room.
"We will take or leave then, see you soon Lightning" Humpy and the owner of Rust-eze nodded their heads in Lightning's direction before leaving the room.

Everyone began talking and enjoying themselves, they were even talking about what they could do to improve the town, but the moment Hudson came in with two policeman everyone felt cold and stopped talking.
"Is it okay if we could speak to Mr Lightning alone?" asked the first policeman polity.
Everyone looked unsure until Lightning spoke up "I'll be fine guys, really, you can all wait outside the door"
"That is fine with us" replied the second policeman "we won't be long anyway, only a few minutes"
Reluctantly everyone left, Hudson though went straight to McQueen to check on him.

"Is my driver is okay?" McQueen asked  the moment Hudson came through the doors.
"Slightly shaken up after the incident but he will make a full recovery, he is being questioned by two policeman at the moment though"
McQueen groaned "yeah I had two police cars in here, they were annoying, no offense Sheriff"
"None taken, I agree though they were a nuisance, they weren't even asking the right questions" Sheriff groaned "they are an embarrassment to actual police folk"
"Does Lightning know about his new appearance?"
That made everyone one look away, Hudson spoke up "not really, since he had been awake for a while and with everyone wanting to see if he was okay I didn't get the chance"
"You better show him soon, other wise he will freak out and I don't mean a little bit"
"Speaking of Lightning, has he told you on what he plans on doing?"
"Oh, you mean working for Dinoco and Rust-eze? Yeah, he told me that before the owners cars came in here, telling me what the you humans were offering Lighting"
"Well they have already had their meeting, then the policeman came to question him, I better get to him now to be on the safe side" he took his leave.
"Is it just me or did Hudson look a little off?" McQueen asked.
"He's Hudson, he always looked off when he had first come to our town" Sheriff informed the race car.

As Hudson came to the door where Lightning was placed in he was surprised to see only Flo standing there.
"The police had gone a while ago, I stayed outside because I knew that if you didn't see anyone you'd most likely panic" Flo smiled kindly.
"Am I really that obvious now?" Hudson joked.
"It is amazing how that kid changed you, but I guess you still have that aura of mystery around you"
They looked into the room when they heard Lighting laugh even louder than before, Hudson had to smile at that, at least now the kid had a chance of growing up properly now and not in his dad's shadow, both he and Flo looked at each other before going inside the room, stopping suddenly when they realised Lightning's hair had changed even more.
This time Lightning had, had enough "okay, I understand you guys wanting to look at the scar on my eye but this is beginning to get ridiculous, what on earth are you guys looking at?"
"If we told you, you wouldn't believe us" Larry replied looking slightly sheepish.
Flo looked through her bag and took out a hand held mirror "you've changed a lot" was all she said.
Lightning grabbed the mirror, looked into it and froze in shock, his once dark-ish blonde hair was now as red as McQueen's paint, and instead of red highlights like he thought he would get, he had gold Lightning bolt shapes on each side of his head.
"What the f..."

The End
Soul Cars Part 20
FINALLY I finished the last part of the story, if you guys are interested in a sequel let me know and I will start typing.
I must also apoligise for the lack of cars in this last part as I did not know how to put them in, at least they were in for a while right?
Lightning was silent and looked frozen as Hudson explained to him what had happened after the crash ad what Mitch was about to do, he wasn't going to lie anymore to Lightning, not matter what had happened when the kid found out who he really was.
"So that explains why there isn't a doctor coming in to check up on me" Lightning said trying to lighten the mood.
Hudson's smile twitched upwards, count on Lightning to try and lighten any mood up "yes, and I wouldn't take no for an answer"
"Sounds like you when you were in your prime" Lightning rolled his eyes then they became sober when he realized something "what happened to Mitch, he dreaded the answer.
Hudson resisted the urge to sigh "Mitch is being held at the California Prison until they could question you, they can't arrest him without solid proof"
"And they want me to make a statement?"
"Obviously they are referring to what you can remember, but they are going to need to know if he tried anything before, that way he has a higher chance of going to jail"
Lightning sighed as he let his head move back onto the pillow, Hudson just watched him feeling slightly worried about him, he only knew about what McQueen had told him before but did he really dare to ask Lightning what had happened before?
Lightning was still staring at the ceiling as he thought about what he was going to do about the statement, on one hand he could just talk about what had happened, but on the other hand he desperately wanted the man locked away somewhere so he wouldn't have to panic and always look behind his shoulder as if Mitch was there.
"I'll do it" Lightning said softly "as soon as you think it's wise for me to see them"
Hudson wasn't surprised at that, from what he had see when he had been around the kid was that he was a fighter, just like he had bee before they turned him away "I'll let them know, do you want anything?" he asked before he left.
"A light snack please" Lightning said lightly.
Hudson heard it "be back soon" he opened the door and saw Larry there "Larry what are you doing here?"
Larry looked at him as if he was silly "I hoped to see Lightning since you asked everyone to leave the room"
Hudson honestly forgot about that "alright but no more than two people can enter, I don't want him overcrowded" he leaned closer so he could whisper the next bit "just to be on the safe side"
Larry knew what he was talking about and immediately agreed, he and Strip were the first ones who wanted to go in, Strip more than ever and he almost forgot that his old manager would like to talk to Lightning later, he would need to tell Lightning that as well.
"Hey bud" Larry said as if nothing was wrong, although his tone was less enthusiastic than it usually was.
Lightning lifted his hand from the bed as if to say 'hi' before putting it down again, he still felt tired and it was driving him crazy sitting around doing nothing.
"Hey there Mr Lightning" said Strip.
Lightning was slightly shocked to see Strip here, what was the former racer doing here "just Lightning is fine sir"
"As long as you call me Strip then" Strip replied with a smile.
Lightning's mouth twitched into a half smile before nodding back "what are you doing here anyway?"
Strip sobered up pretty quickly "I wanted to check on you after what you had done, and to thank you for saving me from a that crash"
Lightning looked away not sure what to feel.
"I also wanted to know what was going through your mind to make you do a stunt like that" Strip almost exclaimed loudly "I understand that you wanted to help me but why put yourself through that wreck for a racer that was planning on retirement"
Lightning looked at him with a serious expression "because you don't deserve to retire as a car that ended up like the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, try and remember my speech and compare it to what I did for you, you don't deserve it and the Hudson Hornet didn't deserve that either, if I could go back in time I would have done the same thing for him, both of you are like role models to me, Hudson Hornet more so but you get the idea, no body deserves to leave and be treated like a pile of scrap all because a jealous racer couldn't get what he wanted" he was still angry and upset with what had happened that he had no idea what he was saying.
Neither of them knew that Hudson had heard everything from the other side of the door, then shared it to his car.
Strip though didn't know what to say, he was in too much of a shock to do anything but sit there with a bewilderment expression, he clearly misjudged Lightning and McQueen when he had first met them, when he had seen them for the first time he thought he was one of those stuck up, snobby racers who thought they were better than everyone, but after the speech he had made when he had disappeared made him re think everything, and now that Lightning had actually defended him from being a disgrace to racing world...just wow.
"I don't know what to say" he said softly as he looked at the floor.
Larry just looked at the two like they had just had a mental conversation and just decided to speak out loud "I'll just leave you two to talk" he quickly left. Although neither of them heard him.
"Oh that reminds me" Strip almost jumped from his seat as he said that "you remember Humpy and Tex from Dinoco?" Lightning nodded "well they would like to have a word with you soon and that they will meet you and your car in two days"
This peeked Lightning's interest, what would the manager of Dinico want with him, or was it to thank him for saving Strip and 'The King' from the accident. Then he felt cold, what if he was thrown out of his job because he saved someone? He knew his manager would get rid of him since he would assume that everyone would hate Lightning after the little stunt, but the Rust-eze, they would not get rid of him, he was helping them get others to appreciate rusty cars, if he left everyone would pass by as if they were Mator was a rusty tow car/truck, even if they did get rid of him Mator would know what to do, he could be really helpful when he wanted to be.

Soon everyone came to meet with Lightning and talking to him as if he had not just been in an accident, although they would occasionally look at Lightning's head, Lightning pretended not to notice as he thought that they were looking at the scar on his right eye. Hudson had told Lightning that, had he only have had the first crash (when he first came to Radiator Springs) the line on his eye would have healed up, but now he would be stuck with it for the rest of his life, Lightning didn't care though, the only thing that mattered was that he was alive and that he could still see before the accident, even though they may never heal up properly, his left eye would be stuck as a grey-ish blue while his right eye was still the sky blue colour he had been born with, he and McQueen agreed that it was better than no sight at all. Hudson and Doc silently agreed with them.

Two days later Humpy, true to his word had come to meet Lightning, who was having one final check up from Hudson, if he had a full clean bill of health then he would be able to leave tomorrow, just to be on the safe side.
Tex, aside from Hudson was the only one in the room since Hudson had forced the others to get something to eat.
Lightning slightly flinched when Hudson touched a sensitive part on his head "hello sir, how have you been?"
"I've been doing okay, although I am slightly shaken from that crash of yours" he flinched as the words escaped his mouth.
Lightning felt like cocking his head to the side but the fingers on his head kept him in place "don't think you insulted me Mr Wheeler, I would have done it for any racer, no one deserves that kind of treatment" his eyes flickered to Hudson, the man in question never noticed and even if he did, his actions didn't show it.
Humpy had noticed the eye flicker and knew what he was talking about, even he wished he could go back in time and stop the incident that had happened to the Hudson Hornet and racer, but what was done was done and you can't change that.
"As I was about to say, since Strip Weathers and his car are retiring we are in need of another mascot, we were wondering if you would like to be the new mascot of Dinico" he asked politely.
Lightning flinched forward causing Hudson to remove his hands, both looked at the man in shock, although Hudson didn't show it but if you looked closely his eyes were slightly wider.
"But I didn't win" Lightning replied after a while "and didn't Chick Hicks get second place?"
"Oh he did but since he almost killed you everyone agreed that he deserved to last place or kicked out of racing, they voted for third place, second son there is more to racing than just winning, you proved that when you took The Kings place"
Lightning silently agreed, but he wasn't sure what to say, and he wanted to speak to the man privetly but he didn't think Hudson would agree to it after the recent incident.
Hudson looked between the two, he may not know much about this Wheeler guy, but it was clear that he had some respect and if he was Strip's old manager, then he was willing to leave them.
He leaned in slightly to Lightning's ear but not enough to invade his personal space, he spoke lowly that only the kid could hear "I'll be outside, if you want me, yell" it had also been clear that Lightning wanted to speak alone with the man and he was willing to respect Lightning's wishes, but that didn't mean he was going to be out of hearing range should anything go wrong.
Lightning silently thanked Hudson for leaving, he watched as the old racer leave the room before returning his attention to Humpy, the man with brown high lights waited patiently for Lightning to start.
"While I am happy with the offer sir, I think I might stay with the Rust-eze" Lightning started off "but there is something I would like to ask"
Tex nodded for him to continue, something told him he would be here for a while.
Soul Cars Part 19
And here I thought I would have finished the story, fingers crossed the next part is the finale, also Humpy Wheeler is the actor who voiced Tex in the Cars movie, I do not own any of the characters except for Luna Nightshade, enjoy.
While Skipper was more respected after the WATG race he still liked to have his oil away from everyone else, but just this once he was willing to be around others so he could get a grip on his nerves, maybe Dusty's friend Chug could help.
Whoa there soldier, should you really need to ask Chug about this? Warned Skipper's concise think about it, if you asked him he would no doubt talk about this to Dusty, they are practically brothers. That and because he was never good at keeping secrets.
"Well hello there Skip" speak of the machine.
Skipper's eyes glanced at the green truck who was looking at him with surprise and the same cheerful attitude he had everyday.
"Have you been to see Dusty? Is he okay?"
"Don't worry Chug he's fine, Dottie is just checking out his engine" was all Skipper said before he began drinking his oil.
Chug just let out a breath of relief before something popped into his head "has Dusty talked to you about anything yet?"
Skipper had to stop his suspicious look from appearing on his face and place a curious look on instead "talked about what?"
"About the fact that he likes you" it took him a second to realise what he had just said "oh spitting engine" he drove of before Skipper could ask him anything.
But Skipper was too much of a shock to realise that he was gone, so it was true, Dusty liked him and because the kid thought that he wouldn't return them he kept them to himself which resulted to the crash. Question was, what was he going to do? And were the feelings he had for Dusty permanent?

"Did you see the look on Skipper's face?" Dottie giggled as she looked through Dusty's engine "I didn't even know a war plane like him could blush like that"
Dusty wanted to roll his eyes but since he was having a problem seeing and he still had the wet rag over his eyes he decided to look glum, he was still unsure on what to do with Skipper.
"Dusty? Dusty?" Dottie called out.
"Huh? What?"
"I just said I have good and bad news, the good news is you will be able to fly again since most of the stuff can be easily replaced and not too severely damaged, the bad news is, is that your gearbox was damaged, if we can't find a new one soon you may never be able to race again" she explained softly "I've installed a red light in your operator, if you go beyond your speed it will light up and you will have to slow down" she continued.
Dusty almost dreaded the next answer "and what about my eye sight?"
"Even if we managed to get you a new gearbox, the damaged to your eyes after your crash has made to the point where you might only be able to see through one eye, it would be a miracle if you are able to see through your other one, I've checked everything in you and I cannot seem to figure out why you cannot see, maybe the wires were messed up" she began to ramble on about what might be the problem.
"Dottie, relax, I've been through worse before I can handle this" his smile said otherwise "and your right Dottie, I'll tell Skipper how I feel soon"
They both jumped when they heard a thud on the door, it was no surprise that when Dottie opened the door, Skipper was right there looking slightly agitated and his eyes were dashing left and right, like he was intruding on something.
If it was in different circumstances Dottie would have found it amusing, but it was way below that "you can stay for as long as you need to" she said softly before driving off.
Skipper watched as she left the shop before looking back at Dusty, even though the young plane still had his eyes covered he could still tell that Dusty was scared and worried about something.
"Hi again" he said trying to remove the tense atmosphere.
Dusty had to smile, if only slightly "hi coach, how did your oil go?"
"Oh you know, the usual" he was about to ask what Dottie had said to him but didn't want to upset the kid.
"Dottie gave me some good and bad news" Dusty blurted out before he could stop himself.
"Oh?" Skipper replied, he rolled next to the plane to show he was right near him if he decided to carry on.
"Well in a way nothing was completely damaged" Dusty took a shaky breath "but on the down side I have chipped something in my gear box, if she can't find another gear box soon, I may never be able to fly again" his breathing began to become heavy and he was having a hard time trying to back under control.
Skipper was unable to say anything, he didn't know what to say, so he just laid one of his wings on Dusty newly replaced wings.
"There's more" Dusty whispered finally getting his breathing slightly under control "even if she managed to get another gearbox for me, the damage that I took from that crash" another shaky breath "I will be lucky to even see again,  let alone in one eye, so even if I was properly fixed I will never be able to fly again, I'll just be a ground plane unable to fly all because I damaged my eye sight, BECAUSE I WAS CARELESS!" he shouted the last part before he finally let his tears run down his frame, he couldn't stop even if he wanted to, he felt ashamed that Skipper was here seeing him weak like this.
Skipper didn't say anything, all he did was comfort Dusty with his wing while looking at the former racer with a sad expression, he nuzzled a little to Dusty in hopes to cheer him up a little, it didn't. It was then that he realised the truth, he genuinely liked Dusty more than a friend or teacher, but he wasn't going to tell Dusty now, he was in too much of a state, he might even think that it was out of pity.
"Can you remove this cloth please?" whimpered Dusty.
"Will Dottie get angry?" he didn't want to get Dottie angry.
"No, she wanted it to come off so they could get some air" like they needed any at all, they were useless now "plus she wanted you to be here when I tried to open them, don't know why though" he mumbled the last bit.
It was awkward at first but Skipper managed to get it off "take all the time you need"
Dusty took a deep breath before slowly opening them.
Skipper watched the whole thing, he kept his wing over Dusty's to give him the comfort and strength he needed. He felt heartbroken though when Dusty finally opened them though, they were not the bright sky blue he used to have, they were now a dull grey colour. All he could do was sit and watch as Dusty tried looking around with little success, and then he cried again and Skipper was once more holding onto Dusty as if he was going to disappear.
He heard the rolling of Dottie's wheels, he spared a glance in her direction and noticed her sad but hopeful look, he shook his front at her then went back to watching Dusty as he had now fallen asleep.
He never noticed Dottie's face fall for a moment before looking slightly happy again, if there was one person who could help Dusty through all this, it was Skipper, especially with the way he looked at the younger plane while he slept, she knew that Dusty was in good hands and would be from now on.
The Crash Dusty x Skipper part 3
Again I apoligise for any wrong words as I don't have a word correcter, so what will happen to Dusty and Skipper? Will they get together in the next chapter, you better wait and see.
It had now been a month since Dusty had the incident with Skipper but for some reason he seemed to be getting pale (if that was even possible), and the worse thing was, was the fact that Skipper never noticed.
"That's good Dusty, now one more round and we can call it a day" said Skipper on the radio.
Dusty was barely able to get a word out before everything started going blurry, the last thing he remembered was him saying 'Skip...I'm sorry' and a cry from Skipper before he was falling fast to the ground.

Chug and Sparky had just finished delivering fuel when they heard a cry so loud they were sure that the other side of town had heard it. They rushed towards the area they were sure it came from and all they saw was Skipper staring out into the open still in shock, both fearing the worst they quickly went to him to try and snap him out of it but nothing seemed to work.
"Skipper, I'm really sorry about this" said Chug before he poked his pipe handle (I think that's what it's called) into Skipper's eye, this seemed to do its job as the Corsair grunted and moved away from the offending object.
"Skipper, what is wrong? Where is Dusty?" Sparky said calmly.
This got the plane back into action "Chug, get Dottie and tell her we are going to need a plane carrier, it's an emergency" Skipper ordered before starting his engine and flying off toward the black smoked location.
When everyone came to the area the sight they saw would forever haunt them.

Dusty felt horrible as he came round, his wings felt numb and his engine felt like it wanted to spit out all the oil he had and split in two, he tried to open his eyes when he felt something light and wet on them, he hadn't realised that his eyes were burning and covered until now.
Since he couldn't see he had to use his other senses, he had no idea how but he could tell that it was a medium sized building, aside from light snoring there was no other noise to indicate where he was.
Dusty tried shifting a little but instantly regretted it when his engine and wings began to complain and groan in agony, unfortunately it was loud enough to wake the Corsair up, who was the plane that had been snoring.
"Huh, huh, what?" stuttered the plane when he woke up from the sound, he let out a loud yawn and tried to blink out the sleep from his eyes, and came face to face with a woken up Dusty, who was also grunting from the pain.
Skipper wanted nothing more than to complain and shout at Dusty for putting everyone on edge but when he saw Dusty mouth cringe in pain and trying not to show it he immediately kept it at bay and decided to ask "how you feeling Dusty?" even though it was a very stupid thing to say.
"Like Ripslinger just sliced my wing off and took off my back tail" Dusty replied honestly, both chuckled until Dusty coughed a few times then winced when it vibrated everywhere. He didn't see Skipper wincing with him.
"Hold on, I need to get Dottie, she said I could keep an eye on you as long as I told her when you woke up"
Dusty nodded and heard Skipper leave, so he thought I'm in Dottie's repair place, at least it's comforting and a place I've less chance of having a panic attack in.
The doors opened and Dusty could slightly make out the sound of wheels on the ground, he instantly knew that they were Dottie's. He didn't do or say anything as he listened to Dottie mutter under her breath as she checked everything on him.
"What's the damage?" Dusty asked although he was afraid of the answer.
"Wing damage, broken tail-fins, a damaged gearbox and one severe, damaged and messed up engine" she said softly "Dusty you will be lucky if you can fly again, do you have any idea how bad you were when we found you?" she really wanted to wait till later to say this but she couldn't stop herself as she let out all the feelings she had been bottling up after the incident "you were in a right state when we found you, we nearly lost you 3 times, Chug and Skipper were the only ones who were taking it hard every time we thought we had lost you, oh and lets not forget the fact that you may not be able to see again" she nearly shrieked at the end.
Dusty was surprised "Skipper was that worried about me?" he asked softly.
"Yes, I was" came a voice.
Both Dottie and Dusty jumped when they heard his voice, they had completely forgotten he was there when he brought Dottie.
The air around everyone was so tense you could have cut through it with a knife, Dottie thought it was best if she left, hopefully these two would be able to admit their feelings for one another, if not she wasn't sure what to do, she told Skipper what the damage was since she hadn't told them before, and left the two to talk on their own.

Skipper just looked at Dusty for a while but the Crop Duster knew that he was in trouble, he could tell just by the the holes Skipper was eye burning into his wings.
"When were you going to tell me about this?" his face looked calm but Dusty could tell by the tone in his voice that he was hurt and upset even though he couldn't see.
Dusty knew that sooner or later, Skipper would eventually find out the truth so tried to delay the inevitable as much as possible "because the stubborn side of me thought that it would go away overtime, I checked with Dottie she said everything was fine" he wanted to continue but he was scared of rejection and afraid that Skipper would no longer be his wing-man.
Skipper could tell there was something else that Dusty wasn't saying "what is the other problem? I can tell there is something else so don't lie to me, Volo pro veritas"
Dusty looked down in his cloth "I can't, you'll hate me, leave and never talk to me again" he said softly and as if he knew what was going to happen and was having a hard time trying to not have a panic attack.
"Nothing you'll say will make me leave or abandon you" Skipper felt heartbroken, what could make the boy feel this bad that he thought he would abandon him?
"That's what you say now" Dusty said under his breath "maybe later, I'm feeling tired again" this was the truth.
Skipper could tell this as well "okay then, but don't think this is over" he stayed silent and listened as Dusty soon let sleep take over and fall into a peaceful slumber before letting out a sad sigh.
How could he have not seen the signs before? He worked as a scout in the Jolly Wrenches for goodness sake he should have noticed something like this before anything had happened. So much for being a reliable plane after his last incident.
He watched as Dusty slept, the kid really did look worst for wear, his coat was scratched, burnt and dirty and his body looked broken beyond repair even though Dottie had fixed as much as she could when he was unconscious. He really hoped that Dusty would get better and maybe a therapist other wise he may not be able to fly again or properly heal.
He had to admit though that he really did admire the boy for everything he had done for him, he hadn't lied before when he said that he learned a lot more from Dusty than the kid had learned from him.
The kid really does look lovely when he sleeps Skipper thought as he looked closer at Dusty, he had to admit that the kid looked cute wait did I just think he was cute? Skipper thought and realised that his cheeks started to get warmer, yes he silently admitted that the kid did look good when he had trained him but kept it to himself. After all the kid could never really like him that way, but wait a moment, what if that was why Dusty hadn't been feeling so well this month, he had a crush on someone and because he was afraid to tell her his feelings he began to become more distant and not drinking his oil daily.
He's lucky that he has managed to go this far I'll give him that much Skipper thought, but say that was the reason that this is happened in the first place, how was he going to try and convince Dusty to go to the girl and tell her his feelings? He wasn't exactly an expert when it came to these things, he never had a relationship because of him working for the war and Jolly Wrenches, it was too dangerous, but now it seemed that he was more useful as a scouts plane than a going into action plane, he didn't care if Dusty didn't like him the way he felt for the kid, as long he was still talking and keeping him as a wing-man he had no trouble with this what so ever.

Dusty groaned when he came round, he opened his eyes but quickly shut them when he realised that Dottie must have taken off the cloth when he was sleeping since he was almost blinded.
"Oh my gosh I'm sorry Dusty, I thought that you would be still asleep" cried out a voice that Dusty instantly knew as Dottie.
"It's fine" Dusty croaked out, he must have been really thirsty if his voice was like that, he was about to ask for a can of oil when he heard Dottie wheel one in front if him "thanks"
Dusty slightly opened his eyes and saw the can in front of him, carefully opening them so he could see the small grey blob that was meant to be the can he began to sip his oil, he would take one small sip so his engine could accept it and not make him choke it back up. He looked around and saw no one else except him and Dottie "where's Skipper?" he tried to hide the uneasiness in his voice but Dottie could make it out but didn't say anything about it.
"He's gone back home since he hasn't been getting much sleep, after your talk with him you slept for another two days, when I am positive that you are not going to fall apart you can go visit him" although it may take another few days to be sure that wouldn't happen but she wasn't going to tell him just yet "have you two managed to talk it out yet?"
Dusty nearly chocked on his drink as he tried to get it down "no, I was tired before I had the chance, that and I was also trying to delay it"
Dottie couldn't help but sigh "I understand why you did it Dusty but the more you hold this off, the more you hurt yourself and it gets harder to tell the person your feelings"

Skipper had woken up from his dream, or should he say his nightmare, the one where he had failed his scouts-man and made him never want to fly again, when he had to spend the night at the infirmary his nightmares began to start, the doctors saw that he was suffering PTSD (1), Sparkie was the only one who knew about them and had helped him a few times but eventually Skipper tried to hide them and kept telling him that he was fine, but if anything they seemed to be getting worse. However when Dusty had been in the coma, and when he was sure that Dottie was away and Dusty was still unconscious he began telling him his dreams and they seemed to have helped as the dreams seemed to have happened less often, but he knew that they would never go away, but he would never admit that talking to someone about this helped, he had dropped a few tears when he told the story but he was still unwilling to admit that weakness with anyone, even if they were unconscious or in a coma.
He was on his way to see if Dusty was okay when he heard talking, part of him wanted to leave since it was a private conversation between Dusty and Dottie, but his army training had kicked in and would not let him leave.
"The more you hold this off, the more you hurt yourself and it gets harder to tell the person your feelings" Skipper recognized the voice as Dottie.
"But how can I say it to his face without freaking out and thinking he will reject me?" replied Dusty.
Skipper was shocked to hear that the plane Dusty liked was male, not many planes were interested in the same gender but that didn't mean everyone would be happy about them either. Whoever he liked was one lucky guy.
"You never know until you try Dusty, but if you want my advice maybe you should hang out with him more, get to know him better and if there is going to be storm coming, then go to him a few minutes before it hits us then you will get the chance to stay with him" there was a cheeky tone in her voice that made both Skipper and Dusty slightly blush.
Skipper knew it was best to leave before anyone catch him near the building, but he also wanted to talk to Dusty, so he decided to knock on the door and wait.

Dottie was about to continue with her advice when she heard the knock on her garage door, she had closed it since she was taking care of her patient  and didn't want his engine parts on show. She activated the door so it could go up, but was shocked to see Skipper there.
"Skipper? I thought I told you to go and sleep, you've been up for more than 24 hours when you had looked after Dusty two days ago"
Skipper looked anywhere but Dottie and Dusty when she had said that "I know that Dottie, and I have slept as much as my engine and body would let me, I just wanted to see if Dusty was doing okay"
Dottie resisted the urge to roll her eyes, Skipper was starting to act like a love sick puppy "he will be fine but I am in the process of checking his engine and fixing the last few none threatening stuff, can you wait till then?"
Skipper felt his cheeks heating up again, he had a feeling that Dottie knew what he was thinking. He gave her a nod "I need to refuel anyway, I'll be back then" he rolled away trying to hide his blushing cheeks.
The Crash Dusty x Skipper part 2
Here is the second one.
(1) in case you don't know PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I am not really good at explaining it so you may want to tye it up and learn yourself.
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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