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Everything went black for what felt like seconds before you finally came round your head felt numb and you found out why.
"She's waking up guys" you moved your head slightly and managed to make out a yellow blur, you must be against Chica, so it was she who called.
Within a split second all the animatronics (except the puppet and Mangle) crowded around your fetal body asking if you were all right and that they were sorry for mentioning your leg.
"Guys back off you will only make things worse, give her some space" barked Chica, she looked down at you while gently stroking your head "you okay?" she asked softly.
You let out a contended sigh, loving the stroking sensation in your hair, you nearly purred until you realised you were still in a room full of moving animatronics, you carefully got up and almost whined at the loss "I'm fine now thank you" you tried to hide your blush by looking away.
Chica looked hurt for a moment before it changed "no problem"
"So what now?" you asked trying to stop the tension rising.
"Feel free to ask us any questions, we will tell you only what we want you to know" the puppet replied "beware though we can only chat till 6 am"
"What? Why?"
"Originally we weren't able to move except for two positions, however when Marionette came along he some how made us able to roam around at night, however when the clock chimes 6 am our bodies freeze and and go take us back to the stage"
"And once again don't mention it" the puppet replied "I needed you to do some tasks for me, you kept your part of the deal I kept mine"
"What deal?" the puppet froze and seemed like a statue you quickly rushed out "tell if you want to, it wasn't my place to ask anyway, everyone is meant to have secrets and it is for them to decide whether to tell others or not"
The Marionette looked at you for a moment before looking away "I'm going back to Prize Corner, have fun" he then left.
"Is it something I said?" you asked,you mean to upset him.
"Don't worry he is always like" Toy Freddy replied "one moment he is an innocent child the next he is fully mature and acting like a true leader"
Sensing that he wasn't going to say anything else you quickly changed the subject "I' surprised that you aren't upset for trying to fix you Bonnie"
The blue bunny waved it off "if you messed me up I would have smacked you" you couldn't tell if he was lying or not "but since you fixed me up and in time I was and am willing to let it slide"
"But I was late wasn't I?"
"If I wasn't fixed by the time the place closed for the night then you wouldn't be here and still standing, but you got me fixed a few minutes into opening time, so technically you were on time"
You decided to agree with to save argument.
"We may not like the grown ups but we don't exactly hate them" Freddy continued "although I think the Marionette has always hate them and led us to hating them as well, although you have become an exception"
"We're not sure ourselves, but it may be because you spent a lot of time with him after cleaning us up, we've hear you speaking but it was muffled due to distance, he has always seem to stay out of our social circle unless he needs us to..." he was cut off when Bonnie subtly elbowed him in the stomach.
You tilted your head in a curious way, the puppet needed them to what?
"AH! enough of this dark mood stuff" interrupted Chica "are you hungry (y/n)?"
As if on cue your stomach growled like thunder making you blush in embarrassment, looks like the snack wore off.
"Great, lets eat" she was about to grab your hand when you asked.
"Won't I get in trouble, isn't there camera's in the kitchen?"
"No silly, the camera's are in the more important areas of the building, besides you are going to be running this place one day aren't you? It's not like your dad can fire his own daughter"
You blush when you realise that she was right, you followed her into the kitchen an see her take out some ready made dough.
"I've only heard and read how people make it, although you will have to make it because I can't grab things properly" Chica said.
"As long as you tell me what to do because I have never cooked before" you replied.
"Hold on a moment" she walked away for a moment then came back with a book "I'll read out the instructions and tell you where the stuff are, if I am going to fast then let me know"
And so you and Chica spent at least half an hour to make the pizza before placing it into the oven to cook.
"Nice work (y/n), now we just need to clean up" she made a 'hmm' noise before replying "why don't I mop the floor and the counters, you can clean the dishes"
"Won't you get hurt?" you had clearly forgotten about Stacy's conversation.
"Silly, you you wash me and my friends remember? We can handle a bit of water,it's only if we a bucket thrown over us or if we put our hands and feet into one"
"So dumping water is bad, and cloth of slightly dripping water is easier and good?"
"Yes since we get drops of water on our endoskeletons all the time but not enough for us to malfunction, especially with pizza grease" she muttered the last part darkly.
"I'll go get bucket then"
You left the kitchen and back into the main room, in time to see Freddy and Bonnie picking up Bonnie.
"Where are you taking Mangle? And how come they haven't said anything yet?" you refused to call Mangle an 'it'.
"We were going to put her back into Kid's Cove" Freddy explained "she tires very easily you see, and it took all of her energy to say 'thank you', if she had stayed silent she would have been able to function longer"
"Mangle's a female?" was all you could say.
"We forget you haven't been here before" Bonnie sighed "but yes Mangle is female but because of the constant 'taking apart' thing wit the children, she is slowly starting to loose her sanity"
Whir, click Mangle's head moved slightly to see your face properly "M-Mangle's-s f-friend" her voice glitched.
Am I her friend? Was that what she was asking? "yes?"
"F-Frien-n-n-d h-h-hap-p-pp-p-py?" yikes, her voice box was even worse than you first thought.
"Yes Mangle, I'm happy" you replied softly before scratching her head.
There was a faint purring like noise coming from Mangle as you scratched behind the ear, Freddy and Bonnie watched from their position.
"G-Good n-n-n-night-t-t (y/n)" Mangle mumbled before powering herself down.
"I've never seen Mangle power herself up twice in one night" Bonnie mumbled before shifting a little to hold Mangle more securely "you better go and see Chica before she gets lonely and comes looking for you"
"If your worried about Mangle don't worry, me, Bonnie and the puppet takes turns keeping her company"
You looked at them for a moment before nodding and picking up the bucket before heading into the kitchen.
"What took you so long?" Chica joked "you came just in time though, the pizza's almost done"
"Sorry" you said as you placed the bucket near the empty sink.
"I filled the other sink halfway so that if it's too hot or cold you can change it to a suitable temperature"
"okay" you put your left hand inside the water, it was cold so you ran the hot water while placing some utensils into the sink.
DING! "oh good the pizza's ready" Chica chirped happily as she walked to the oven and opened it, you felt a small draft of hot air blow on your arm.
Once you were sure the water was hot enough you turned the tap off and dried your arms before going to Chica "want me to take it out?"
"Yes please, for some reason our circuits go hay wire when near heat, I was lucky this time but we don't know why it happens"
You put some oven gloves on before reaching into the oven and grabbing the tray, you could feel the heat circle and swarm around your naked arm but barely felt it.
"Okay then, leave them on the counter and let them cool down, they should be ready when we finished cleaning"
You placed the tray where Chica pointed then got to work on cleaning the dishes while Chica filled the bucket before setting to work on the floor with the mop, the silence, aside from the sound of water was comforting and slightly welcoming.
...and making pizza: Part 7 (second part)
Here is the sceond part to chapter 7 hope it keeps you happyy until the next part, may take a while as I am having some family problems at the moment. And yes I know Mangle is actualy a male but every time I look at him I keep seeing a female, if you don't like it you know where the back button is.

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John P.O.V
I was exhausted as I finished my work, my legs were sore and all I wanted was a good night's sleep, it didn't help that I had helped my friend Sherlock two days ago with a stupid case that he didn't need my help for, (sigh) but he knows that I will always help him no matter what, even if it means that I have to leave my job early (which doesn't help to pay the bills but still).
"Sherlock I'm back, and I brought milk" I added as a second thought, since I did have a bag in my hand.
"Mmmm" came a voice.
I looked and sure enough Sherlock was on the sofa in his usual black mood or sulking because he was bored, so I decided to ignore him like usual, place the milk into the fridge, quickly said to Sherlock that I was going to sleep early then went up stairs before he could say anything although I doubt he would.
I quickly stripped my clothing before getting into bed, I had trouble sleeping after that.
Since I had been in the army I was trained to wake up at the slightest sound, it could be an enemy for all I knew, reaching for the gun under my pillow I stopped when I heard the familiar grumbling voice of my room mate.
Then I was shocked to see him walk to my bed then plop himself in as if it was his bed and not my own.
"Can't sleep?" I asked before I could stop myself.
"No" was all that came from him.
"Sherlock, I'm tired" I groaned as I tried to go back sleep.
"I know"
"Ok" I started with a puzzled expression "so, what are you doing here?"
"I want to do an experiment"
Was he serious? "An experiment at 3 am and in my bed? What do you want to experiment exactly?" and in my bed for that matter.
"I want to have sex with you" he said bluntly, one of the things I liked and hated about him the most.
Wait what? "Did I hear you right?"
"You did" he would not even look at me.
"Why me then? You could do this experiment with anyone else"
"No it has to be you, it is only interesting with you"
"And if I say no?"
"You won't"
Then he looked at me and we both smiled as if remembering something from one of our old cases.
"I have never done it with a male before" I admitted as I looked at the ceiling.
"But you have done it with a woman"
"I would like to know how it works"
"How what works"
"Making love"
This surprised me and I turned to look at him "Holmes, please don't tell me that you have never made love before" the silence was deafening as Sherlock looked away sheepishly "really? I cannot believe it"
This got a reaction from him as he pulled on a defensive look and looked at the ceiling, partly ignoring me.
"And you really only want to do this with me?"
"Yes John" he looked embarrassed but still determined.
I couldn't stop the smile on my face even if I wanted to "well, in that case I'm ready, lets go"
But neither of us moved, we were both nervous and Sherlock as he already stated had no knowledge of what was to come, so obviously it was me who had to make the first move.
"I'm going to touch you now ok?"
I froze when I saw him go deeper under the covers with his body shaking slightly but from what I couldn't tell.
"I'm ready" his voice was muffled from under the covers.
I couldn't help but joke "where is the genius detective?"
"Please don't joke about this John" he replied.
"Maybe a bit"
"Don't worry about it, we'll take it step by step" I said softly.
"Thank you, John"
I hid my surprise, Sherlock never said thank you so I made sure to keep it in my mind for as long as possible. As soon as I placed my hand on his covered shoulder he tensed before slowly calming down, I rubbed his shoulder for a moment before continuing down to his arm, his body soon started to calm down, as I looked closer I noticed that he looked like a cat that had their neck scratched.
"You okay Sherlock?"
"Yes John" he sighed in content.
"Okay then, I am going to do the same thing but under the blanket, is that okay?"
"Yes John, I am ready" there was a slight shake in his voice but it could be from anticipation.
I gently moved the blanket down so that the shoulder was in view, this time I was more cautious, Sherlock may have said that he was ready but he still may back down because of the physical contact. Sure enough the moment I touch the back of his left shoulder he flinches and moves forward slightly, but then he moves back and sighs in content.
"John" he sighs in content.
I moved the hand gently down and onto his stomach with my front pressed against his back, again he tensed but immediately calmed down and sighed in content.
"Your hand is so warm" I could tell he had closed his eyes, he always felt cold and this could be the first time he had felt warmth in a long time.
"That's what the women always say" I teased.
"Really?" I was surprised when he looked at me in shock.
"No silly, I was joking" I smiled slightly, silently pleased when he smiled back.
I sighed slightly "I am really glad to do this experiment with you Sherlock"
I noticed he slightly tensed for a moment "to be honest with you John, I have to confess that this experiment is not really for's more to do with the fact that I have wanted to do this with you for some time now, I'm dying for this moment with you"
"Sherlock...stop talking like that, it will make it harder for me to stay a gentleman"
I pressed my whole body against him and heard him groan slightly.
"Ah, John...your body, so warm"
"Shh Sherlock, I beg you to stop talking...I won't resist"
"Did you make love to Sarah?"
"Well I wanted to, but you always ruined my dates"
Sherlock turned his neck slightly so that it would nestle next to me for a moment.
"I'm sorry about that John" he then moved the covers away from our bodies a bit before turning himself round so that we were both front to front with him half on top of me "pleeeeease can I kiss you?" he begged as he looked at me.
"I don't think you deserve it" I teased.
"I know I don't deserve you John, but I beg you to let me kiss you"
"Well what are you waiting for? Give me the kiss first or I will do it for you"
As soon as our lips met Sherlock went almost limp in my arms.

3rd P.O.V
Sherlock hummed at the sensation, then began to pant as their lips broke then reatached to each other, he was startled when he found himself underneath John with said man on top of him.
"What are you...John what are you doing?" he asked innocently.
"I want to teach you something less chaste"
Sherlock made a breath laugh "what do you have in mind?"
"Open your mouth, I want to caress your tongue with mine"
The moment Sherlock opened his mouth to ask what he meant, John took the opportunity to press his mouth against him and doing exactly what he had wanted to do for some time.
Sherlock hummed when it was finished "hm John...I didn't know that could be so good"
"This is just the beginning dear, you may be surprised..." John panted before he began kissing down Sherlock's neck while Sherlock wrapped one arm in his hair and the other around John's neck "hm Sherlock, have I ever told you that I adore your hair?" he mumbled between kisses.
"" Sherlock panted with his eyes closed since he could no longer keep them open "oh John"
"Are you sure you want to do this?" John asked as seriously as he could "because if we go any further I will not be able to stop myself"
"Ha, yes I beg you John, make love to me"
"All right then"
John moved slightly lower so that their clothed erections moved against each other, both men groaned at the sensation.
"Huh" John panted "I never could excite me, uh, this much"
Sherlock could not respond but reacted by tilting his head back that his shoulders were not touching the bed, he never felt such a sensation in his life.
"John, I feel...really my pants" he huffed.
"Don't worry, I feel the same" John huffed back before he used one leg to brush against Sherlock.
"Ah" Sherlock groaned, he was so occupied that he never saw John move his right hand lower down, until "John? What are you doin...AH!"
"Let me relieve you"
Sherlock gritted his teeth, telling John to stop and that it felt wrong.
"It's not as if you haven't done this before" John said.
He was surprised though when Sherlock admitted that he had never done it before and how it wasn't his area, he grabbed Sherlock's hand to try and pleasure himself.
"My brother caught when I was 14" Sherlock said "one day he walked in on me, uh...doing it, he told me" he drew in a sharp breath "told me I was 'bloody disgusting'. AH! I have not been able to do it again"
"Since when did you listen to Mycroft?"
"Back then things were different" Sherlock panted "oh John I feel so weird...ah...that feels really good"
"Of course it is, but now I want to try make it better"
"How...could it get...any better?" Sherlock had his eyes closed but they immediately opened when he felt John move down "John? Oh no, John don't do that" it came out too late for John had been kissing his stomach before removing his underwear before proceeding to place his mouth on Sherlock's member.
Sherlock's eyes rolled to the back of his head and closed his eyes from the amount of sensation going through him "aaaah Joooohn"
His breathing got heavier and unable to say anything other than 'ah', when he felt himself coming he quickly tried to push John off of him "John you must stop"
"I'm sorry Sherlock" John replied when Sherlock finally removed him "it's the first time I've done that, I'm not as good as women are I think"
Sherlock let out a shaky laugh "I disagree, it was freaking good, but I need a break or my body will explode, so please John let me pleasure you like you have done for me, let me take your underwear off and caress you until you beg me to stop" John looked at him in shock "do you agree John"
The blonde man finally responded with a lust filled gaze "oh yes, I would adore that"
Unfortunately Sherlock was a little too enthusiastic as he ended up pushing them both off the bed, they looked at each other before laughing.
"What were you doing Sherlock experimenting gravity?"
When they finally calmed down Sherlock looked at John for a moment, then he cupped his cheek before giving him a gentle kiss, after John allowed him to take his underwear off he moved back a bit and allowed john to help him a bit so that he could remove them. As Sherlock began to pleasure him he told John that while he had never done this in real life, his mind palace he had done it many times with him. He admitted that doing this with John made him feel special before he licked John's member.
"What happens in your dreams?" John asked when Sherlock removed himself.
"You take me violently because you can't restrain yourself any longer"
"GOOD, that's too much for me, now get on the bed right now"
Sherlock laughed a bit as got back on the bed, John right behind him and proceeded to hump against Sherlock's back, both sweating from their activities.
"I have some condoms in the bedside table, I beg you Sherlock get them and hurry up" John panted.
While Sherlock went to grabbed one John grabbed a bottle of lube and poured a decent amount on his fingers, when Sherlock placed the packet near his leg and laid back down John then proceeded to to stretch him.
"It may hurt for a moment but it will get better" he said "please tell if it's too much and I'll stop"
"It's fine John, keep going and don't stop"
Once John was sure Sherlock was stretched enough he quickly put the condom on and placed it on his length, poured a bit of lube on top before entering Sherlock, the room was now hot from their activities but neither was too bothered to notice, it didn't take long to climax.
"Life with you Sherlock is absolutely crazy" John let out a breathy laugh, Sherlock followed.
They laid entwined until John's alarm went off, realising that he had to go work he quickly unwrapped himself from Sherlock before getting dressed while informing Sherlock that he needed to help his brother with a case, at first Sherlock refused but now John had something that could change his mind.
"Please Sherlock, do this for me" he breathed into Sherlock's ear before placing a kiss on cheek.
Sherlock, who had a grumpy face began to melt under the tender moment "alright then John"
Before John left they gave each other one more mind blowing kiss.
(Johnlock) First Night by Madam-Lulu
As the title suggests it was originally made by Madam-Lulu but in comic form, she gave me permission to make a fic version of it so here it is, although I have no idea why since I have never seen the BBC version and prefer the canon version with Jeremy Britt in. I would have finished it sooner but I had other fics to sort out, I apoligse for the rush at the end as I don't like making long pages, enjoy you crazy BBC Sherlock fans.
"Why did you stop?"

(Your P.O.V)
I screamed and jumped round in shock, I looked round to find the source of noise but no one was there, it wasn't till I turned round again that I came face to face, with the puppet?
I froze with my mouth open slightly in shock, I didn't know what to think, I tried to say something buy my mouth wouldn't work.
"Can you sing some more? Please?" while his voice sounded child like I could detect there was a hint of a threat in it as well.
Holding back the question as to why he could speak I was about to sing something until I realised he may have a request "what kind of song?"
"Any you can think of, I'm not picky"
Holding back a chuckle I began to think of one suitible enough for the child like puppet, I think the lullaby my mum used to sing for me would be suitable for this.

What lies beneath a seed?
Within a shroud a butterfly,
What sings beneath a reed?
Within a shroud a lullaby,
Stranger have you the grace to see the ancient things, I hold in my hands
Stranger have you the grace to hold the ancient things, softly in your hands
And in the darkness and in the fullness, the moon knows you are weeping
And in the darkness and in the fullness, hold the child that is weeping
La La La La La La La La La La La La La (x3)

As I begin to sing the song again but with a different ending I noticed the puppet looking at me as if in a trance, hard to tell since his face was stuck with a big smile.

And in the darkness and in the fullness, the moon knows you are sleeping
And in the darkness and in its stillness, whisper name of your dreaming
La La La La La La La La La La La La La (x3)

(3rd P.O.V)
A hint of a smile appeared your face as you remembered your mum singing that song to you, gosh even after many years the memories are still painful to remember. You were suddenly brought out of your sad and dark thoughts to the sound of, clapping?
You didn't even realise you had your eyes closed until someone touched your shoulder, once again you jumped back in shock and your eyes opened to be greeted with the sight of Toy Freddy, Chica and Bonnie who were all off stage.
"AAH!" was the first thing that came out of your mouth.
The animatronics stopped clapping and froze, unsure of what to do next since Marionette was the real leader and they were unsure of how to calm down a grown up.
Personally I don't trust her The Puppet said to them all mentally but I trust her enough to know that she would never intentionally harm us.
"How's that even possible?" was all you could say in your shock state.
"That is a story for another time" The puppet waved his hand dismissing the subject "but for now I think a proper introduction is in order, I'm the Marionette but you can call me puppet if you wish"
You didn't realise until now that his was literally floating a few inches from the ground (although considering that he had pointy legs it seemed logical) as he moved his hand out for you to shake.
You eyed it worryingly but held your hand out in fear of offending him, you were surprised however when he held it in a gentleman way and kissed (or at least tried to) the top of your hand, you blushed slightly as he floated away for the animatronics to introduce themselves.
"I'm Freddy, but I don't mind if you call me Toy Freddy, the kids gave me that nickname and I guess it kind of stuck" the robot bear tip his hat to you and kissed your other hand before moving beside The Marionette.
"I'm Bonnie, like Freddy I don't mind being called Toy Bonnie and thank you so much for fixing me" he moved to hug you but thought better when he realised he was still dirty so he moved away instead.
"I'm Chica or Toy Chica" exclaimed the bouncing chicken "and thank you to you and your friend for cleaning us all every night"
"It's nice to meet you all" you said politely but frowned when you noticed someone was missing "Where's Mangle?"
As if on cue a static noise filled the main room, although you could feel that it was some how directly above you, you felt your body become stiff at the noise before daring to look up cautiously, however regretting it as you let out a strangled cry by what you saw.
Mangle was literally hanging on the ceiling, its eyes or eye was staring at you, his/her head was upside down so that its mouth was hanging loosely.
"H-Hi Mangle" you said nervously as you waved at the head in a nervous greeting, you felt like a bug with this animatronic.
Static filled you head again and for a moment you thought you were in a Slenderman game, the head of Mangle closed their jaw before it lowered them self slightly before rotating their head so that you were looking at them properly.
"(Y-y/n-n)?" they said, the voice box was more damaged than you originally thought.
"Yes, that's me" you replied cautiously.
"T-Thank y-you" CLANK! Mangle had fallen to the floor.
Without thinking you rushed over to Mangle, hoping nothing had been damaged from the fall.
Since Toy Freddy and the Puppet were the only ones that were clean they rushed to help you and placed Mangle on the table next to you.
"Don't worry (y/n) this isn't the first time its happened" Toy Freddy said as he placed the loose arm down "why don't you finish cleaning Bonnie and Chica?"
"Oh please (y/n)" Chica begged "you were so good to us before, you and that Stacy girl always did such a great job"
"For a grown up anyway" Bonnie added but you couldn't tell whether it was a compliment or an insult.
"Hey I'm 18 years so I am technically a teenager, not an adult" you defended feeling slightly insulted.
You grab the bucket from the stage and placed it where the animatronics were (since they didn't look like they were going to move) and began to scrub Toy Bonnie's legs "besides what's wrong with being a grown up?"
"Nothing"Toy Bonnie made a surrender gesture "it's just that the adult staff here don't care about us or the children, they just care about their paychecks and getting away from this 'creepy place', it's one of the reasons why we don't trust adults"
Dipping the water back into the bucket you begin to clean his arms "what about the children?"
Toy Freddie made a noise as if snorting "those children are spoiled and rotten who complain about anything instead of having fun, but if it makes them happy then who are we to argue, we are happy if they are" he made a shrugging gesture.
"That's rubbish" you had just finished cleaning Toy Bonnie's arms before throwing the cloth in the bucket to look at Freddy "true everything has a purpose but if something or someone is able to think for themselves then they have a choice, what they have done to you is wrong and unacceptable, if you want them to throw stuff because it makes them and you happy then I will not stop you but there is a line to pure happiness and rudeness because they think they can get away with it" you turn back to Bonnie to clean his back.
The room was quiet for a moment before it went to a tense silence after you said "you lot have it easy in a way, the puppet and Mangle deserve as much respect as your band Freddy"
Once you had finished with Bonnie you went to do Chica.
"Did you say you have never been here before?" the puppet asked trying to ease the atmosphere and with pure interest.
"Before I worked here I never even knew this place existed, I hadn't even seen the outside of the building" you replied before you turned to face Freddy and Bonnie "is it true you have data scanners?" they nodded "then I guess you know who I am" from what you recalled they always scanned people who entered the main room then checked their criminal records and hospital reports in case they had a mental problem.
"(Y/n) Fazbear, daughter of (d/n) Fazbear and next in line to take over the Fazbear company" Bonnie replied in monotone, you look in surprise "if we are using the scanner we have to say it out loud if they are considered a threat, then we hold them so the police can take them away, it is the only time we are able to get off stage"
"Oh, but yes that is me"
"It also says you had been in an accident and lost your leg" Freddy added.
SPLASH! you had thrown your arm and cloth into the bucket, frozen in horror that they knew that tiny but important information, you didn't even feel the scalding water wrap around your arm and no doubt giving you a minor burn.
"(Y/N)" Chica cried and yanked your body away from the bucket, knocking it over in the process.
You didn't hear anyone, the noise fell into the background as you felt and heard your breathing and heart speed up, you were having a panic attack.
FNAF x Reader Part 7: First Night...(first part)
I am so sorry for not loading up recently I have been kind of lazy recently, you'd think with collage closed for the holidays I would have more time to type up more stories, anyway this part is split into two parts, some of the second part is halfway done so it may be tomorrow before it is up, although I have an appointment at midday I will hope to get it up ASAP.
For now ENJOY!
40 deviations
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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