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Over the next two days the routine that Skipper and Dusty had went well, Skipper would make sure that Dusty had his oil and slightly pushed him to finish it, Dusty wold follow Skipper into the main hanger where they would talk about racing techniques and stunts, Skipper was reluctant at first because he wasn't sure if Dusty was mentally stable for it.
"Sooner or later I will have to face the facts that I may never race again, I just want to prepare for when it happens" Dusty told Skipper.
It didn't take long for Skipper to agree, though mentally he hoped that they would find a gearbox for Dusty and something to help with his eyesight. While they talked they would unconsciously lean into the other or nuzzle them slightly, but they never kissed for fearing they were taking it too far, even though they had already done so.

However the next day turned their routine into something different, a storm was on its way to Propwash Junction and everyone was getting things ready before the storm hit, Skipper joined in after Dusty had convinced him that he could handle a few hours alone and promised not to go anywhere outside. He still had his half empty can of oil and his sight was improving, he was able to see some objects but not a lot and Sparkie agreed to stay with him, aside from Dottie and Chug, Skipper didn't trust anyone else with Dusty but his friends were also helping with the preparations.
Dusty was enjoying his time with Sparkie, he never did get to properly chat with the military pitty before but was now glad that he was given a proper chance to get to know the little guy. He even told some embarrassing things about Skipper, like that one time he had to wear a hula skirt with some coconuts, Dusty never laughed so hard in his life.
And that was exactly what Skipper walked into when he had finished, Dusty and Sparky still laughing and looking slightly out of breath.
"Enjoying your alone time?" Skipper asked when they had finally managed to stop laughing and were both now panting from lack of oxygen.
Dusty took one look at him, looked back at Sparkie before both burst out laughing again, only this time a tear escaped Dusty's eye.
"What's so funny?" Skipper asked again, while his voice said he was curious, his eyes showed happiness that Dusty was able to laugh after his incident.
"Just something...Sparkie mentioned...when you the Jolly Wrenches" Dusty wheezed in between breathes "I didn't could put...coconuts THERE!" the last word was shouted because he was now laughing even harder than Sparkie who had manged to calm down.
Skipper's eye twitched when he looked at his old friend, his eyes promised pain the next time Sparkie embarrassed him with one of his adventures.
Sparkie seemed to get the message for he was now leaving them alone before Skipper changed his mind. Dusty was now wheezing as he tried to breath again.
"Sorry" he said when he finally managed to calm down "I have never laughed that hard before"
"I'm glad my suffering made you happy" Skipper joked.
"No, I mean, I have never laughed like that in my entire life, when I am with Dottie and Chug it is usually a chuckle or a proper/fake laugh, which is strange because I thought they could get me out of my shell, no pun intended"
The conversation was cut short for a moment when they heard a distant rumble outside, Dusty noticed Skipper slightly tensing up.
"You okay Skip?"
"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine" Skipper brushed the concern aside "might as well get comfy, weather reports say the storm will continue through the night and may cut off the power, they are unable to determine how strong it's going to be"
"Wouldn't be the first bad storm we've had, but your right" he remembered the last time he had gone out when there was a bad storm, he regretted that ever since.
Skipper rolled up to Dusty and stayed there for a while, Dusty could tell that Skipper needed to think but for what he didn't know, but he wasn't going to push it if Skipper didn't want to talk about it yet.
However when Skipper finally came round and opened his mouth to say something, the lights went out and the outside window was filled with a quick whiteness of lightning before the storm rumbled really loudly, so loud that Skipper ended up jumping with a cry and bumping into the wall behind him.
This would normally make Dusty chuckle when he was able to give Skipper the jump, however when he noticed his coaches expression he immediately sobered up and looked at him with concern.
"Skip are you all right?" he asked calmly.
"I'm fine Dusty" he immediately regretted it when another flash with a slightly louder rumble appeared making him cry out as if in pain and moved straight for Dusty, then he whimpered.
Dusty had never seen his coach so out of character before, nor had he heard him whimper like a kid who was afraid of the dark. But he knew for certain that Skipper wasn't afraid of the dark, if he was he would not have helped the town when there had been a black out a few weeks ago, he had an idea of what it was though.
"Your afraid of the storm aren't you?" it sounded both as a question and statement.
"Don't be absurd Dusty I am not afraid of the storm" again there was another rumble making Skipper move even closer to Dusty, if that was even possible.
"Your lying Skipper, you either have a phobia of lightning or you have PTSD (1)"
If he could see he would have seen Skipper look at him in surprise "how would you know about those?"
"Dottie" was all Dusty said "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but it won't stop me from being with you"
Skipper sighed and flinched and another rumble of thunder echoed outside, blast this storm and it wasn't even close to the town yet, maybe he should talk to Dusty to help distract himself, Dusty was strong and even though they had a problem when he first tried out for WATG he would never give up on his friends nor abandon them, but he wasn't his friend, he was, what? Boyfriend? No way, partner? That sounded better, but they were still unsure of where it was going.
"If it helps I still get nightmares from the first race" Dusty started "I keep seeing myself hitting the wave and then, nothing, I kept feeling helpless and tried to call you and the others out for help, but none of you came" Dusty's breathing became slightly heavy "I felt like you had all abandoned me"
"Never" was the first thing that Skipper was able to say "we will never abandon you Dusty, if it weren't for you Propwash would never have gotten back on the map thus making Dottie and Chug happy and I..." Skipper paused at how he could say this "I never would have gotten the chance to meet someone who had more courage than I ever had in the Jolly Wrenches"
"You've always had the courage Skipper, you just needed that push to get it out of you"
"If I hadn't heard Ripslinger saying that he was going to end you I don't think I would have had the guts to try and fly again" Skipper closed his eyes tighter when another flash appeared "I suppose I should thank him in a way, he threatened to kill you, I wouldn't...couldn't live with myself if he had succeeded ending you, you have so much ahead of you and I wouldn't have able to deal with it if you had left us" he knew he was babbling but it was only to distract himself from the storm and Dusty didn't interrupt him.
"I guess that was when I knew I cared about you, I don't think it was what it is now but I knew there was something there and I went along with it" Skipper let out a shaky breath and leaned into Dusty more.
The cropduster didn't say anything other than to give Skipper a kiss on his cheek (?) "I know PTSD won't dissapear forever, but I will always be there for you should you have another attack"
Nothing was said after that as they waited out the storm, Skipper though, while flinched at the noises didn't freak out like he used to or move around like he was being attacked, instead he just let Dusty's warmth sooth him for the difficult night ahead of them.
"If it helps" Dusty said as he felt his eyes getting tired "try focusing on what needs to be done tomorrow, I have a feeling everyone will need to pitch in to help fixing the place up"
Surprisingly it helped, Skipper had no trouble falling asleep afterward, the thunder and lightning becoming nothing more than noise in the background.
The Crash Dusty x Skipper Part 5
FINALLY I remember to put this part up, I had finished it last year but I kept forgetting it was in my file, anyway hope you enjoy this part.
I don't own any of the characters only the plot, all rights belong to Disney and Pixar
45 deviations
I'll put you back together by dragonblade122
I'll put you back together
Okay, soooo I made this last year in collage a few days after FNAF 4 came out, originally my theory was that the kid that had been bitten was stuffed inside Golden Freddy but his spirit was inside the Marionette, please don't complain about that theory like I said it was last year and we already know the truth.
Oh and the person behind the masks is me, I really am not comfortable with showing you who I am but if you want me to I will show you what I look like, also please tell me what you think about this and please be honest.
The snowplow that James had on during his accident only needed a few repairs and adjustments, so it would it would be mended before he had to take the final train, they gave him the choice of coming back later for it or he could wait in the works until it was fixed, since James had to leave straight for the station he decided to stay and wait for it to be mended, it also gave his temporary driver Pete and Fireman Chuck a chance to understand how he worked since they had never driven a tender engine before. James was more polite than he normally was when ever they made a mistake, although he would never admit it to the others.
"You know I've always admired you James" Pete said out of the blue from where he was laying on James' buffer beam, James had a hard time trying to see him so he just looked ahead instead.
"What makes you say that?" James asked as he looked at the sky that was crossed between a sunset and the night sky.
"Well aside from your cocky attitude" James could tell there was a smirk in that sentence "you seem more hard working and caring for the kids that want to have a look in your cab.
"That's what I was made for" James replied proudly "to pull stuff you people cant do yourself as well as making children happy, as long as they're happy, I'm happy" his voice trailed off as he remembered the truth about himself.
Pete also detected it "your tone says differently, there's something on your mind isn't there?"
"It's nothing you need to be concerned about" James snapped, his frame shook slightly from the force making Pete nearly fall off.
"Hey watch it" Pete warned as he tried to balance himself again "look James, I may not have gotten to know you properly but I want to help, I can keep a secret James and I always know how to help others, who knows maybe it will work for you engines as well"
"It's more of a 'personal' matter that I'm trying to come to terms with" it couldn't hurt to tell Pete that, from he had been told from the other engines Pete was a very sensible person that you could tell your secrets to and wouldn't tell anyone unless you gave him permission to.
He was brought of his thoughts when Pete patted his left buffer for comfort "well if you need someone to talk to I'm here for you okay?"
James smiled even though he couldn't see Pete "thanks"
"Hey" called a workman "can you get James over here? We think we have it fixed up"
Jumping into action Chuck and Pete scrambled into the cab and got to work. It was tricky at first but once again James was being patient until they got a proper handle on him. Eventually they managed to get the hang of him and drove him to where the workman wanted him to be, his plow was fitted perfectly and secured tightly before James left the workplace.

Edward was at the main station when James arrived and already had his coaches coupled up to him.
He smiled when he saw James puffing backwards on the rails next to him "good to see you back on the rails again"
James could practically see the light radiating from Edwards face, even if he couldn't see him, considered making a rude retort until he remembered his owners advice, he knew that he couldn't be nice on the spot as Edward would know something was up, he had a knack for that.
"It's good to be back on the rails, now everyone will be brightened up by my splendid red paint" James replied in his usual tone.
Edward chuckled lightly "it's good to have the old you back"
"Were you expecting anything else?" James replied in a cheeky tone as Percy shunted his coaches behind him.
"How bad was the pipe damage?" Edward asked cautiously, hoping James wouldn't get too sensitive about it.
"How should I know, I've never had a pipe damaged in the cold before" James snapped before mentaly hitting himself, he took a deep breath before trying again "from what I heard from the workers it wasn't too bad hence why I was only in there for a few days" James took another chance "does it take longer depending on how severe and how many pipes were damaged?"
The question caught Edward by surprise but politely answered the question, especially since James had never had his pipes damaged before "that is correct James, I remember when I first came to the Island and my first winter here" James noticed a happy, distant look appear on Edwards face "I was still getting used to the rails and didn't notice the frozen points, halfway I got stuck in a snow pile as a result and had to stay there for a whole day"
"A whole day?" James nearly cried out.
"Bare in mind James that in those days they didn't have telephones on the side of tracks, they had to walk on foot to the next station or signal box, I had crashed between both of them and the distance was the same to each of them, so no matter which way they went it would have taken the same amount of time and I would have still had to wait a whole day because there was also less station than there is now" Edward explained.
James now realised how lucky he was, Edward clearly had it tough in those days, but as he looked closer he realised Edward's face didn't show sadness, he showed happiness.
"And you weren't upset at having to stay there for a whole day?" James asked before he could stop himself.
"Of course not, sure I was stuck in the works for five days, but it wasn't the signalman's fault even though he felt guilty about it"
5 days? He was stuck in the works for 5 DAYS!? I'm surprised he didn't go crazy, I know I would have James thought.
The guard blew his whistle and Jame knew that the conversation as over, until the next time anyway. When the final trains were finished James and Edward had no problems sleeping that night, they slept peacefully till sunrise.

"Alright engine" announced The Fat Controller that morning "I have an announcement to make" he waited every engine was quiet "because of the winter tourists I have hired two new engines called Stacie (1) and Marklin (2) to help out with the extra work, especially when I need two engines to help me with a special project"
This got all the engines interested bar James as he already knew what it was.
"I will be needing two engines to help me with making a new station that I am building, I will also be rewarding the engine who can give me a name for the station"
All the engines except for Edward began shouting and begging The Fat Controller to choose them, James only did it so it wouldn't seem suspicious.
"I have already chosen the two engines who will help me" The Fat Controller interrupted "as they are the only ones who don't have much work, James and Edward"
The engines could understand why James was asked, but not Edward, why him of all engines? He wasn't as strong as they were.
"Now all of you get your snowplows fitted on and get to work, except for James and Edward"
Not needing to be told twice the engines did as they were told.
"The station is located in a mini forest near a hill and cliff you two will rest there when you have been given instructions from me or the workers" he informed them "the first task is to get the supplies needed for a water tower and coal depot, otherwise you will have to go somewhere and  the work would never get done"
For once James didn't mind collecting trucks and flatbeds "yes sir, are we picking them up from the docks?"
"Oh no, if you picked them up from the docks it would have taken longer to get to the new station, anyways I asked Salty to drop it off at the shunting yards" he then handed Pete a map that he then shared with Keith who was Edward's Driver, they examined it for a while.
"I trust you guys know the safest route?" he challenged them.
"Sure do sir" Keith said "I have a photographic memory so I know where to go as well as remembering everyone's timetable, I will need Edward to be the front engine though"
James was about to say something but was stopped when Keith and Pete began arguing about who would be in front, he sighed angrily before finally snapping "ENOUGH! Edward is the front engine since his driver knows where he is going, Pete you are only my back up driver and you are still not used to driving me, end of"
Pete was the only one shaking in fear, he didn't know James had this bad a temper, the way everyone described it he thought it was a child's temper.
"Are we going or not?" James continued, he may have had a decent nights sleep last night but the other restless nights were starting to catch up to him.
Pete and Keith both scurried into their engines cabs and began to fire up their boilers.
"After you Edward" James said tiredly.
Edward looked at him for a moment, he softly replied "thank you" before getting onto the turntable and making his way to the shunting yards.
James slowly chuffed after him when it was his turn, he wanted time to collect his thoughts and control his emotions before he catch up with Edward. He didn't want the angel (I mean Edward) to know something was up, but he knew that he couldn't be too slow, that would be a dead give a way.

Boy did James wish he could disappear the moment he was at the shunting yards, Diesel was there and arguing with some trucks.
"Can it you ugly pieces of scrap" Diesel growled.
Both Edward and James rolled their eyes, both mentally agreeing to leave Diesel since they both knew that he wouldn't listen to the advice of a 'Steamie'.
"Hello Edward, hello James" both engines knew that voice "how are you both today?"
"Hello Hiro" they both said in unison.
"We're doing fine Hiro" Edward responded.
"Are you two the ones that are going to be helping with the new station?"
"Yes we are" James replied cheerfully.
Hiro laughed at James' enthusiasm "is it true that Sir Topham Hatt is going to reward the engine who comes up with a suitable station name?"
"You heard correctly" Edward answered "though knowing all the engines they will say something that is about themselves, not to mention that my choices would be old fashioned and not worthy of a station name" he sighed sadly.
"They thought the same thing when they thought the Driver and Fireman would choose them because they were bigger and stronger" James interrupted "look what happened afterward" he had been told of what happened a few days after he had been bought.
Edward looked at him in shock
"What?" James asked feeling slightly uneasy.
"This is the first time I've seen you defend some engine" Hiro replied first, there was a hint of awe in his eyes.
"I can be nice" James defended "I just don't want to most of the time"
"By that you mean at all?"Edward teased, all trace of shock gone.
James sniffed and looked away "maybe"
They all began to laugh before they were interrupted.
"Alright ladies, lets talking more working" Pete called from the cab.
James had no complaints and left to get turned round, Edward following behind while Hiro left to do his other tasks.
Once Edward was coupled at the front and James from the back, they both set off to the new station.

The ride was something James never thought he would enjoy, the country air mixed with the sight of snow and children playing the snow making snowmen and snowball fights. He could tell Edward was enjoying this as well, even if he was more concerned about the rails than the view.
"How much further is it?" James called out, hoping he was heard.
"Not long now" Edward called out since James wold not have been able to hear the driver "should take us another half hour as long as there's no trouble from here on"
Both engines were content for the remainder of the journey.
TTTE (Edward x James) Part 11: Plans in the making
I wanted to make a New Year one shot, but after what happened yesterday (or last year) I have been left in a depressed mood (not good for the start for the year), but that didn't stop me from treating you all to the next part of the story, what will happen now, will James admit his feelings or will Diesel blow everything up, find out in the next part.

Oh and I am dedicating this part to and Staciethehedgehog for helping me push this story forward and inspiring me to continue this on DA, THANKS GUYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
(1) Staciethehedgehog as I wasn't sure if she had an oc character
(2) Marklin is fire-cooking's oc character, she allowed me to borrow him for a while, more info about him in later chapters

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You had no idea how long you had been out for, all you knew was that when you woke up you weren't in the Academy anymore, the room was too dark and the walls from what you could make out were too dark if you compared them to the Academy’s walls.
You tried to move your hands and feet but were shocked when you found them bound on what you now realised was a cold, hard table.
Thankfully some of your energy was back and if you were careful with how you used it, you might be able to remove the binds. However before you could even think of escaping, you heard muffled voices coming from the other side of the door (wherever that was, the room was too dark to make anything out clearly). There was a loud bang followed by...was that a moan? Oh no you could feel the lust from the people on the other side of the door, even with the lack of sight you could imagine a bright pink/red 'thread floating between the two people
Another moan was heard followed by a muffled voice "oh..." you were pretty certain that they just said their lover’s name.
"Now, now Kid, we don't want to scare our guest yet do we?"
Your eyes widened and you couldn't stop your mouth widening in shock, Kid was dating Stein? When did that happen? Although now that you thought about it, those two were so good at hiding their emotions that even your ability had a hard time trying to determine what they were thinking about.
"I see you are awake" you tried to move your head only to discover that it wouldn't move, your body was even more restrained than before.
You blinked and shut your eyes tight as a bright light was enveloped in front of your face, it was too bright for your sensitive eyes.
There was a deep chuckle "you can open your eyes now (y/n), the light has been dimmed" you open your eyes and were greeted by none other than Stein "you okay? You passed out in class after using that strong attack and have been out for two days" he continued to explain.
"Why am I tied up?" Was the first thing that came out of your mouth.
"For safety reasons" you almost snorted.
"Let me go"
"I don't know, what makes me think you won’t escape when I do? Or should I dissect you right now? I would love to see what makes people think you are so special" his fingers trailed down your cheek which made you shiver at the contact, sheesh even his hands were cold.
You mentally sighed, as much as you wanted to leave, you knew that it would take only a matter of seconds for him to catch up to you, besides this may be the only chance you had as to what they saw in each other, you would never tell anyone or course, you cared for them too much to see them get into trouble.
"I promise Stein that I will not leave this room unless you let me, although if you still don't trust me you are welcome to bind my hands in metal so I won’t burn them off" perhaps that would help.
You could practically feel the smirk appear on the doctor's face "I think I will save the bondage for another time, when you have more 'juice'" he chuckled creepily when you blushed like a tomato.
You watched silently as Stein removed the bindings on the legs first before moving to the hands, you tried to move but still couldn't move your limbs, you sighed when you realised that Stein had used that soul-stitch thing.
"What about the soul binds you've placed on me?"
"I think you look better with them on, all tied up with you at my mercy, Kid would love this as well" you did not expect him to lean down and trail kisses down your cheek and forehead, or the emotions he was feeling at the moment.
"Why are you with him? Or are you using him?" maybe accusing him would keep him distracted.
"I don't use him, he came to me willingly, he needed someone to comfort him after his...attack" he said after he removed his lips from you.
"What attack are you talking about?"
"You mean he never told you?" his voice clearly said he knew that Kid never told you, or even the others for that matter.
"Kid had been, mentally and physically abused on one of his missions, I found him after he had returned, he was hiding in one of the abandoned classrooms crying his eyes out, he had never looked so helpless before" there was a glint of madness on his face before he reigned it in quickly "I helped him, I put him back together, we soon started dating afterward"
"Why are you telling me this, I mean why did you tell me what happened to Kid when he clearly didn't want me and the others to know?"
"They do know (y/n)" came a voice.
Stein removed the soul binds and you didn't hesitate to lift yourself up so you have a proper look at Kid, who was surprisingly out of his usual suit and in some casual wear.
"Can you give us a moment Stein?" Kid never took his eyes off you as he asked.
Stein didn't say anything; he just walked over to Kid, placed a hand on his shoulder and placed a kiss on his head before leaving the room, closing the door slightly as he did so.
The air was slightly tense from Kid's statement "why?" your voice sounded like one who had been betrayed, Kid flinched as well.
"They weren't meant to know, but somehow they did, I begged them not to tell you because I was afraid of how you would react and see how disgusting I was afterward" Kid looked down in shame "I didn't want you to see me as some asymmetrical garbage"
You resisted the urge to smack him on the cheek, after all you had a bad history of being abused, was it any different from Kid's? No, you patted the space next to you, making Kid look at you with caution and surprise before doing as you suggested, he was surprised when you wrapped an arm around his back like a half hug.
"Before I moved here, to Death City" you started "I had a family, but at the same time I didn't, my mum and dad were meister and weapon, when they found out I had magic as well as their abilities they became cold and hated me, everything I did was wrong in their eyes, they acted as if I was about to kill them or someone when I left the house, I was forced to clean the house with my hands, I was called witch, brat, failure and a bunch of other names that were far worse than those, my dad would beat me and mum would starve me, as if those would take the magic out of me" you didn't realise you had your head down while fiddling with your hands "I tried to make friends secretly but eventually my mum and dad found out and because they were popular with the town" you took a shuddering breath, not knowing that Kid was now the one comforting you "they convinced everyone that I was a witch and to be killed on sight" you couldn't stop the tears escaping as you relived that horrible memory, the sight of your parents looking at you with disgust as well as the town, the twisted delight and sickening grins on their faces when they were able to get you out of that forsaken town and ending up on the outskirts of Death City without even knowing how you got there in the first place, a weak and broken soul.
"Do you feel better now?" You looked up in shock to see Stein on the opposite side to Kid but he didn't have an arm around you "would you like me to fix you too (y/n), would you like me to put you back together again?"
His eyes pierced yours as if he was looking at your soul this very moment, you could not sense any kind of deception but still "why me?"
"Kid fancies you" Stein stated "but he still loves me so he let you go because he thought you only saw him as a friend, as for me I wasn't lying when I thought you were special" he leaned just a breath away "what I wouldn't give to dissect you and see how you tick"
"Okay knock it off Stein" Kid pushed him back slightly, then to your surprise (again) he sat in Stein's lap with no hesitation, then he looked at you "I love you not just for your symmetry, but because your soul seems to sync with ours, you are what kept me and Stein sane when we had been influenced by the madness" oh yeah, you had been found two months before the final showdown with the Kishin, Stein and Kid had been seriously injured and got a full blast of the madness, your magic somehow managed to not only heal them but remove some of the madness, which was technically impossible, even according to Lord Death.
"Fix me" you looked at them both with desperation in your eyes, your hands took each of their hands and gripped them "put me back together, make me forget my old life and give me a new one, heal me, use me, whatever makes you happy"
Kid didn't hesitate to pull you close and kiss you lightly on the lips, this was your first kiss and already you could feel yourself melting into the feeling, the emotions coming from them both were joy, love and a whole lot of lust coming from Stein that made you feel weak at the knees.
"I will never use you (y/n)" Kid looked at you with such a fierce gaze before it slowly melted away into a smile that took your breath away "I am going to make sure that you are so cared for you will never want to leave us" he then looked at Stein "I think the table is a little too hard for a first time don't you think?"
Stein didn't say anything, he just got up, nearly knocking Kid over in the process and then picked you up bride style and walking at a fast pace to where you could only think as Steins bedroom. Sure enough he opened up a door and before you could even look properly you were deposited on the bed (you bounced on it a few times) then had a whole body of Stein on top of you while proceeding to give you the best make out session in your life.
"Finally" he breathed before he began to devour your neck "you are going to have the best night of your life little one, I am going to fill you so much you won't be able to sit down for a week"
"Don't leave me out of this" Kid interrupted as he got on the bed as well "it has to be perfect, we don't want to scare (him/her) now do we?" you could tell he was quoting from earlier, you think, it was hard when you still had a mouth on your neck and trying to mark you from what you could tell.
"Alright then Kid, why don't you continue where I left off while I get something" he got off the bed before Kid could say anything.
Kid looked at you for a moment "do you want us to go all the way?" he asked uncertainly.
"I would have said something by now if I didn't want it" you replied "besides it’s not like I have a choice in this"
You were shocked when Kid moved into the same position as Stein did "if you don't want this say it now because when Stein comes in here there will be no going back, once he and I mark you properly you will be his and mine forever"
You only needed a few seconds to think before pushing your lower body towards Kid, earning yourself a moan and pant for your efforts "show me Kid, make love to me with Stein and so hard that I won't be able to walk properly without thinking of how it happened"
"Oh (y/n)" Kid kissed you with deep passion before he slowly removed your clothes (your shoes had already been removed) and leaving you only in your underwear, perfect. Looking at where Stein had left a hickey he carefully measured where the other one should be on the other side of your neck before using his mouth.
You were now panting heavily and tilted your head back, geez they only touched your neck with their mouths and already you were panting for them.
"I see you've got (him/her) ready" you couldn't make out that voice properly "now move so we can begin the experiment"
That got you out of your daze and pushed Kid off of you and tried to move as far away from them as you could, 'experiment' you cursed yourself for giving in so easily, was this all they wanted, use you then toss you away when they were done? Blast you were about to get a panic attack.
“Nice one Stein” Kid growled before turning towards you, holding onto your arms tight enough that you felt his presence “(y/n)” he started softly “you know how Stein has a problem with emotions, he hides them to keep his madness at bay, he is still learning on how to express his feelings, when he feels like it anyway”
The emotions they were both emitting were enough to get through to you and eventually calmed down.
“Interesting” Stein mumbled then began to express another emotion, lust.
Oh no, he found out, how? Oh wait it’s Stein, when an interesting experiment/puzzle comes along he will do whatever it takes to complete it. You began panting as the lust washed over you, causing you to rub along Kid’s leg.
“What’s gotten into you?” he said.
“(He/She) can feel our emotions, when we express them strong enough (he/she) will feel what we feel” Stein explained in his usual tone.
“Stop it then Stein because that is basically rape if they are not their own” Kid snapped.
Stein pouted slightly but did as Kid said.
However you stopped for only a few seconds before pushing Kid backwards and getting on top of him and doing what he had done to you a few minutes ago, you didn’t care anymore, if this was going to be a one time opportunity then you were going to take it, just this once you were going to be selfish and take whatever you could get.
“Less talking more stripping” you mumbled as you tried to remove Kid’s shirt, nearly ripping the buttons out and not caring that Kid would flip over them.
“Stein a little help?” Kid called out weakly as he tried to remove your arms.
Stein was there in an instant and pushed you down on the bed and used his soul thread technique, you lay there panting and trying to move with little success.
“Please” you begged “use me, carve me, do whatever you want with me please I want to feel needed”
"I think I expressed myself a little too much" Stein mumbled to himself before grinning his usual smirk "now just relax (y/n), we are going to take care of you" he turned to murmur something in Kid's ear then turned to give you a kiss while using a scalpel he got from who knows where to remove your underwear.
"You ruined my favorite shirt little one" a dark look could be seen on Kid's face "you are going to be punished"
Stein removed his stitch technique just as Kid began kissing your stomach and carefully going downwards, what he did next made you nearly scream in delight, Stein almost had to gag you to keep quiet, it would be rude if someone walked in on them now wouldn't it? You could feel yourself reaching your climax, Kid seemed to notice it as well as he immediately stopped what he was doing earning himself a whine for not continuing.
"Soon little one" Kid murmured before getting off the bed and proceeded to remove his trousers and boxers and carrying on where Stein left off as he too proceeded to remove his own clothes.
Once you were all naked Stein moved behind Kid and began prepping him as Kid did the same with you, both couldn't wait long and they didn't think they could handle teasing you for long either, once they were sure the other was prepared they quickly placed a condom on their members and carefully inserted themselves, making three become one. The emotions you were all emitting were too much for you, and the fullness of Kid's member forced you to grab him into a hug, one hand on his shoulder and the other in Stein's hair. The room was full of pants, groans and plees as you all tried to pleasure the other person, but it wasn't long till everyone climaxed, pulling out carefully so as not to hurt the one they were penetrating you collapsed on the bed, Stein and Kid looked at you as you had already fallen asleep, most likely from the emotions as well as physical feelings, no matter, you were theirs now and they were not going to let you go.

You woke up the next morning feeling like you had just gotten a hangover (as close to one since you don't drink), where were you? What happened? You couldn't remember anything last night, you tried to move but something was stopping you around your waist, you looked down and saw that it was a pair of arms...and one of them had stitches on them.
You gulped as you craned your neck slightly, only to come face to face with a screw in grey hair, oh sh...
"I see your awake" he mumbled between your shoulder blades, sleep still showing in his voice.
He removed his arms before proceeding to move on his back and stretch as far as he could, you caught a glimpse of his (six pack, nose bleeding) chest before quickly looking away, not wanting to look further down.
He noticed your stiff form from his limited eye sight "you okay? Sorry if me and Kid went a little ruff last night" his mouth turned into a half smile before it turned into a frown "you don't regret it do you?"
"What happened last night? Why am I..." you trailed off before all the memories came washed over you like a hurricane and made you blush like a rose as you tried to stop the tears from escaping, after all this was most likely a one night stand and while you wanted to save your innocence for 'the' one, you wouldn't trade it for anything.
"I'm guessing with everything that happened last night you must have forgotten for a moment, oh well" you were surprised when he pressed himself close to you again "it's just you and me for the entire afternoon, Kid had to leave so Liz and Patty wouldn't get too suspicious, he left a gift for when you woke up but that will have to wait till later"
Before you knew it he flipped so you were facing him and looking up before proceeding to enter your still sensitive but (still) loose entrance, at first you thought he was going to be rough with you, but he didn't, he leaned in close so that your breaths mingled with each other and both of his hands were entwined with yours, his movements were slow and sharp and the room was once again filled with your breaths and moans, you didn't know how but you managed to keep your eyes trained on his the entire time like he was trying to show you something, and then it hit you, because of his madness he was unable to feel things the way everyone one else did, this was the only way that he could show it, if that wasn't proof enough the 'thread' between you and him was a pink red, love and lust were what you were feeling and it was enough to send you both over the edge.
"We've both claimed you" he mumbled into your neck from where he half laid on top of you "unless you say it we will never let you go"
You were gasping as you lay a hand in his hair, when you got your breath you mumbled "never my sadistic lover"
That earned you a chuckle and a kiss on the neck before you both moved into a more comfortable position, looking to your right you could slightly make out a single red rose, definitely Kid. You would make sure to thank him later, but right now you were content to spend a while longer with your second lover, but it didn't feel the same without Kid.
Kid silently made his way into Steins house and made straight for the bedroom, he was greeted by (y/n) and Stein cuddled up together both looking slightly uncomfortable, quickly stripping he got into bed so that you were lodged in-between them, no one was there to see the faint smiles on all their faces as they felt each others presence. It would be difficult hiding this from everyone, but in the end, it would be worth it.
Stein x DTK x (M/F) Reader (part 2/2)
ENJOY! you crazy fangirls and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVE!!
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
we had to put the cat down
happy birthday to me

So yeah, my birthday and my mum had informed me that our cat Susie, needs to be put down, she is really old now and can't do things properly and mum believes it would be best if we let her go, I have one chapter of 'The Accident' ready to be put up and two others nearly done but with what is going to be happening they will be put on hold and I'll just post 'The Accident'.
I treasure my cats, they are my family so I will be needing some time for myself, hope this doesn't put you off, hope to see you guys when I get the next part up.


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