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It was a day before Christmas Eve and the whole area including the castle itself was covered in snow, the students were snowball fighting and some had gone to their families to celebrate the holidays, others stayed in the castle, this included Draco, Harry and Neville. Harry had gotten a letter from St. Mungos saying that Sirius Black recovered enough to leave the Hospital and was now at his home at Grimauld Place, Harry was looking forward to seeing his Godfather and learn more about him, he had sent a letter to him the moment he had gotten the info and wasn't disappointing when Sirius replied saying he 'wouldn't miss it for the world'.
"I take it Sirius has replied back" Draco asked as they made their way to the Great Hall for Breakfast.
"You assumed right Drake" Harry replied with a small smile appearing on his face.
Draco then remembered something that he thought he should warn Harry about "word of advice Harry, be careful that Sirius and Severus aren't in the same room, they were school rivals when they came here, and I must say it wasn't pretty"
"Are you referring to your Godfathers bad experience here?" Harry asked.
"Yes, you may want to ask Sirius about it, I promised my Godfather that it would stay between him and me"
"I can understand that" Harry didn't want anyone to know about his past but he had a feeling that even though it wasn't in the papers yet, it would be soon and he had a feeling on who would put it in.
They sat down at the table, there was only 2 in the center of the hall since there was only a handful of students still in the castle including the teachers.
"That reminds me, when are you going to do that potion remedy with Professor Snape?" this was code for 'when was Harry going to try out his experiments with Severus' since they were in public.
"He suggested we wait till after the holidays or after Christmas anyway" Harry replied "Oh, I almost forgot I spoke to Griphook about that thing we talked about, he said he should be able to sort something out for you, are you sure you want to go through with this?" he was talking about arresting his dad.
"If I don't do this, I may never have the life I want to have, I know he has done something to my head because every time I try to remember something I keep getting these terrible headaches, I have to do this, I need to know" Draco sounded desperate and as if he was trying to convince himself "part of me thinks this isn't really my dad but the other side of me thinks different, it's like an endless battle, I swear someone has put a confundess charm or an Imperious Curse on me"
Harry nodded and gently placed a hand on his shoulder "I'll inform Griphook when the meals over okay?"
Draco once again nodded before digging into his meal, Neville who had been quiet through the whole conversation knew it was best to stay out of it and decided to copy Draco.
They had just finished their meals when they heard a comotion "are you sure you should be here Sirius? Perhaps you should go home and rest more" they instantly knew the voice as Dumbledork, but why was he saying Sirius' name when he should be here tomorrow?
"That's Lord Black to you Headmaster" Harry knew that voice instantly and knew that voice was his Godfather, but why was he here now? Oh well, he looked at his friends and the silently agreed that they should check it out in case the Headmaster tried to do anything since it was clear that Sirius didn't like the Headmaster either.

Sirius had come to Hogwarts because he wanted to surprise Harry, but he wasn't happy when he had ran into Dumbledore and he wasn't in the mood to be near the old man.
"Sirius what are you doing here?" he could tell that Dumbledore was pretending to sound concerned "are you sure you should be here Sirius? Perhaps you should go home and rest more, after all we don't want there to be any accidents now do we?"
Sirius knew that even though the Headmaster was acting concerned, there was also an underline threat in the sentence "that's Lord Black to you Headmaster" he said with a tone that demanded respect.
He moved towards the Great Hall doors as they opened up and was greeted by his Godson and his friends "Sirius, what are you doing here? I thought you would be coming tomorrow" Harry asked.
"I had come to surprise you, besides if you think I would miss my first Christmas Eve with my Godson then you are sadly mistaken" he tried to make it sound like a joke.
Harry knew so he didn't have to worry "thank you Headmaster, I will take over now"
The three students and Sirius had to hide their amused looks when Dumbledore spluttered "but he shouldn't be here, he should still be resting even though he came out of St. Mungos"
"I'll have you know that I invited him hear myself when he was sure that he was ready Headmaster, now why don't you go and do Headmaster stuff, Lord Black if you would kindly follow me?" he gestures for Sirius to follow him and Sirius did without protest since he would do anything to get away from Albus.

Harry led them to the Room of Reqiurement, he thought it was best since it would be the last place anyone would look. He didn't see Sirius look in amazement.
"What is this place?" Sirius asked when the closed behind them.
The room they were in now looked similer to the Slytherins common room except without the Slytherin colours and no windows that showed the Black Lake.
"This is the Room of Requirement" Neville said proudly.
"I never knew about this place when I first came to Hogwarts" he sat down in one of the chairs while Harry and his friends sat on the sofa facing him "so, I take it you would like to know more about me?" he asked with slight hesitation.
Harry nodded "I would like to, but first there is something I would like to know" when Sirius nodded Harry continued "I would like to know what you did to Professor Snape when you both went to School"
Sirius paled before taking a deep breath "I will tell you Harry, but please know that I have regretted ever doing it since I was a teenager at the time and I have been beating myself ever since, and the Dementors helped me realize that too"
Harry knew he wasn't going to like what was said but nodded for Sirius to continue. And that was what he did from beginning to end, how he tricked Severus into the Whomping Willow during a full moon where he knew Moony aka Remus would be in his werewolf form, how Severus nearly died and James had rushed in and saved him before anything else bad had happened.
"Did any of you get punished?" Harry asked quite calmly although his eyes were burning with rage.
"Remus was an exception since he wasn't in his right mind at the time but Dumbledore made sure that Severus was sworn a vow never to mention it to anyone who didn't know and recieved a month's detention as well as 100 points taken from his house" Sirius bowed his head down in shame as he remembered that day and night clearly "and made me and James get away with it scot free, James was seething when we had returned to the common room and made sure I didn't try anything like that again, we made sure to not prank Severus after that" Harry was shocked when he saw a lone tear leave Sirius' eye "to this day I still regret ever doing it, I just wish I could turn back time and try to stop it from happening" he covered his hands with his face "I allowed a student, a Slytherin, Snape, to nearly get killed all because of my stupid jealousy towards him" he removed them to look at Harry who's face was showing no emotion "so do you you hate me now?"
Harry wasn't sure what to think "you said you regretted ever doing that?" Sirius nodded "you said that you had been punishing yourself and wished to change everything if given the chance?" another nod "then no, I do not hate you, upset yes but as you said it is in the past, you have been punishing yourself because you feel like you deserve it so I think it is time for you to let go of your hatred toward him and keep moving forward, its all you can do" Sirius nodded after letting out a breath of relief knowing that his Godson didn't hate him at all "although you are going to have to deal with him anyway as I will be doing a little potion experiment with him later on"
Sirius' eyes snapped open in shock, even though he never realized they were shut and looked at Harry "if it is alright with you, when you next see him I would like to go with you so I can offer a truce" he would do it for Harry's sake.
Harry nodded "that is acceptable, we can do that at Dinner, so how about those stories you promised?" a small smile appeared on his face as Sirius began his story on both himself, the Marauders and Lily. He even mentioned some of the times  when he never trusted Dumbledore, it made Harry happy to know that his Godfather wasn't following Dumbledore like a lost puppy.

Dinner time came and everyone hurried out of the room and began their walk to the Great Hall, everyone was happy to have spent time with Sirius, they may not have been happy with all the jokes they did but they had to admit that some of them were funny (although they weren't happy since most of the jokes were for Snape).
"Oh great its the mutt" said a voice behind them.
Harry and his friends all jumped and reached for their wands until they realized that it was just their Potions Teacher.
Snape managed to hide the pride in his eyes when he saw them going into battle stance, he was proud of them even if one of them was a Hufflepuff, he mentally flinched though when he realized that he had just insulted an innocent Godfather, but he guessed old habits died hard. He was surprised though when Sirius walked up to him not even fazed and said "I know sorry won't make up for all the pain and suffering I caused you years ago, that it was totally unnecessary, and I have also heard that you will be helping Harry with something later on in the year, so for the sake of him and to put myself at ease I would like to offer a truce with you" he held out his hand and silently hoped that Severus would take it.
Severus Snape was always a cautious man even when he was in school, and to see Sirius now offering a truce there had to be some sort of catch, but when he looked at the mans eyes, he didn't even need Legilimens to know how dead serious Sirius was "try anything funny though Black and I will not be happy" was all he said before shaking the mans hand once and leaving for the Hall.
Sirius let out a breath of relief he didn't know he had been holding in, at least that was out of the way for now and made his Godson happy "how about dinner then?" he said to them "and don't worry about me trying to curse the old man, as much as I want to"
"Trust me Sirius, I've been wanting to do that ever since I came here, but if I did it would not look good for me, even though we are Lords" Harry replied trying to stop a smirk from appearing.
"And your parents wouldn't have stopped you" Sirius smiled as he thought of their reactions.
Harry didn't say anything as they all sat down at the table, all the teachers except Dumbledore and Snape were shocked when they saw Sirius.
"Lord Black what has brought you here so suddenly?" Professor Sprout asked in shock but with as much politeness as possible.
"Is it wrong for me to see to my Godson now that I am a free man?" the news had been out a while saying that Sirius was free and cleared of all charges, everyone was now on the lookout for Peter Pettigrew and were very careful should a rat appear out of nowhere, they were even using rat poison.
"No of course not I was just surprised" Sprout reassured the man, she was one of the few people that actually believed Black should have been given a trail, it wasn't fare to have just sent him to prison.
"Besides" Harry added "I asked him to come here so I could have a business talk with him" that wasn't a lie as the Black family had been funding some places under a another name, he was going to help Sirius bring it out that it was his family in hopes that he could give the line a good name.
Sirius raised an eyebrow in his direction as he had never been told that in the letter or when they were in the Room of Requirement, but from what they had been talking about in the letters Harry never really liked lying unless it had something that involved talking to Dumbledork.
Surprisingly no one thought to talk through the whole meal, except for Dumbledore who tried to ask Harry questions about how he was getting on and what he had been doing, he was hiding the fact that the Weasley's and Granger's had been taking out of the mansions and money had been repaid to Lord Harry. He needed to get those vaults and soon. The two Gryffindor's had been trying their hardest to become friends with Harry but nothing seemed to work.
Every time Dumbledore asked Harry something the little Lord would always ignore him or talk to Sirius about how he had been doing in the hospital, by the time they left the hall Sirius, Harry and Albus were all ticked off.
Harry quickly led them to the Room of Requirement and everyone was sitting back in the chairs and sofa's they had sat in before.
"Were you telling the truth about the business thing?" Sirius asked.
"Yes I was, I have found out that your family has been funding some places under a different name"
Sirius looked pale for a moment "I assure you that those were from my family I had no part in any of the funding's" he really needed to stop butting in when he shouldn't.
Harry just raised an eyebrow and was silently pleased with what Sirius had said "as I was saying, I am thinking that we try to make the Black's popular, at the moment I am working on a potion that will hopefully cure people from severe Crutiatus curses, if you were to make it known that you were 'funding' the project, people will begin to see you in a new light" Harry informed him.
If it was possible Sirius would have hit the floor with his jaw, Harry had to stop himself from laughing.
"Are you serious?" he whispered as he tried to get his brain working.
"Have I lied to you yet?" Harry shot back.
Sirius shook his head "touche, alright then, what exactly do I have to do?"
Harry smiled slightly, he knew this would work, it was a win-win situation, he would get the chance to try something out, Sirius would be able to change everyone's views about him even though they knew he was a free man, but that didn't stop them thinking that he might one day follow in his parents footsteps and Neville would be able to talk to his family again, yes this was a good thing, all that was left was to sort out Lucius Malfoy.
But when time does come for him to be arrested, nobody would be prepared for the outcome.
Forbidden Love Part 20
Finally I remember to put this up, I am not really good at describing the businesses in the story, but I will try to make it easy for you all to understand it. Also I apoligise if the story looks like it is going all over the place (so to speak), I will try to make it as clear as possible.

So what do you think will happen when they have a trail for Draco's dad? you will have to wait and see, I just hope I can do the scene properly, but for now, ENJOY!!!!
Reader Pairings
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Wreck-It Ralph
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When the arcade opened up nobody noticed that Felix was wearing a fake smile as he worked doing the demo, and when somebody put a quarter in the machine, that is except for Ralph, when Felix had come into the game a few minutes after the arcade had opened, he looked very distant and if he looked closely he could see worry lines appearing on his face, just what was Felix feeling so worked up about? He would have to ask later.

"Alright guys that's a wrap, great work today" Felix said to the Nicelanders.
Ralph had just rubbed the mud off of him when he heard Felix call out to him "how you doin' brother?"
"I'm good, just a little dizzy as always" he never knew codes could feel like that.
Felix once again jumped from the building and landed neatly on the ground and walked away as if nothing had happened.
"Felix could I talk to you for a moment?" Ralph called out.
Felix seemed hesitant but stopped anyway "sure but could it be quick?"
"I just wanted to ask if everything is okay, you seemed a little out of it today"
Felix was shocked that Ralph noticed but tried to keep a straight face, but failing "I assure you Ralph I am fine, I just have a lot on my mind at the moment, I'm trying to unscramble everything what with another Turbo being here..." he trailed off when he realised what he had just said.
Ralph, surprisingly didn't say anything "I guess I can understand that, I'm trying to come to terms with it as well, although I am glad Vanellope wasn't there when the characters came out, but then again that racing game is straight across from them so there is no doubt that she could have seen them"
"When you went to see her yesturday did she say anything about it?"
Ralph tried to think "no I don't think so, so I am guessing that she must not have been picked by the gamers or she didn't make it into the Roster Race, anyway you going to see Calhoun?"
Felix wanted to say yes but his mouth had other ideas "no I'm going to see Turbo and warn him about what the virus one did" he clamped his hand over his mouth.
Ralph's hands were twitching like made as he tried to calm down, he would not let his temper get the better of him, all he could get out of his gritted teeth was "I hope you know what you're doing" before storming off toward his dump site.
Felix didn't want to turn round to see his friends figure, so he walked towards the train with his head looking at the ground.

Turbo grunted as he landed on the ground hard, the other racers thought it would all be funny to punch him while he was distracted cleaning his car, but this time they had gone too far and thought it would be funny to destroy his beloved car since he hadn't been picked at all since he didn't make it into the top nine for the Random Roster Race, he only had one coin left so he would have to make it count, he was just thankful that they would get a coin every time someone came in first place when the arcade opened, even if he wasn't picked, unfortunately he never did, which was why he had to make this coin count, otherwise he would not be able to participate in any more races until he got another coin, so much for being a great racer.
As he concentrated on checking to see if there was anything he could salvage he failed to notice a pair of red eyes staring at him from behind one of the bleaches, they disappeared though when it heard the sound of springing noise.
Turbo though didn't hear anything as he was too busy trying salvage what was left of his once beautiful car.

Felix didn't know he could hop so far and fast in his entire existence, but for once he was happy, perhaps it would come in handy later, or did it only happen when he felt overly emotional? Whatever it was he would sort out later, because the moment he saw Turbo he tried to say hi but stopped short when he realised that something was wrong, Turbo was bent down over what looked like a piece of wreck, it looked like it belonged to a car.
Wait, I saw glimpses of the races when I worked and I briefly know what the racers cars looked like Felix thought to himself and that car has Turbo's colours on, realization hit him full force, the racers destroyed his car? That was mean and cruel, they had no right to do that.
He took a calming breath before he walked as calmly as he could to the young racer.
Turbo heard the footsteps but assumed they were Luna's "Luna I am not in the mood right now, so leave me alone" he snapped defensively, he knew Luna would understand why he was like this, she was the only one who understood him.
"Do I sound like Luna?" Turbo head snapped up and jumped round and came face to face with Felix, literally, because they were practically nose to nose with each other as Felix wasn't very good at distance.
"Uh" Felix spluttered out before quickly moving backwards before the situation could get any more awkward "I had come back to see if you were still interested in the story" he managed to say, he felt his cheeks get warmer and wished they would go away.
Turbo was feeling the same way, until Felix mentioned the story "I still do but I have to get this trash thrown away" he gestured to the pile behind him.
Felix risked a glance "what happened to your car?" he asked.
"None of your business, all you need to know is that I need to make a detour to get another car" he snapped again.
"Uh Turbo" Felix lifted his hammer from its holster and gestured towards it "you know I can fix it for you right?"
Turbo raised an eyebrow at the object "that hammer is going to fix my car? My car that is in pieces that it would be impossible to tell which part goes where?" he asked in disbelief.
"I'll show you, just watch" Felix quickly gave Turbo a pat on the shoulder as he passed him, not noticing Turbo flinch from the contact.
Turbo didn't have to wait long, because after two taps his once destroyed car was now back to its old self as if nothing had happened to it at all, he could not stop the shocked look appearing on his face.
Felix noticed but didn't want to say anything for fear of ruining the mood, but once again his mouth had other ideas "so how about that story?"
That seemed to have snapped Turbo out of his stupor "uh yeah, how about we talk about it over a drink, we have a great juice bar here and it would only take a few minutes by car" what the heck was he saying? What was going on with him?
"If that's okay with you, I don't want to make you uncomfortable" Felix replied shyly "I don't mind if we stayed here and I leave afterward and-wh...HEY what are you doing?" he almost shrieked when he was picked up like a bag of potatoes on Turbo's shoulder.
"Just be grateful I'm letting ride in my car" which he knew he shouldn't, he had only ever let Luna drive it when he was too weak to move.
Felix gave up since he knew Turbo was more stronger than he was, he made an 'oomph' noise when he was dropped on the back part of the car just behind the driver's seat, when Turbo got in the driver seat Felix realised that there was just enough room just to put his feet behind Turbo.
Turbo talked as if he had read Felixs' mind "you can hang your feet behind me but distract me from driving and I'll be sure to give you a game over" he threatened.
Felix gulped "yes sir" he stuttered out, he quickly put his feet in the gap and used his hands to grip whatever he could get, which turned out to be Turbo himself, Turbo ignored the hands that were currently on his shoulders and drove off. Once again missing the red eyes staring at their disappearing figures.

True to his word it only took a few minutes to get to the juice bar, but poor Felix was gripping Turbo's shoulders for dear life as he feared his existence because of how fast Turbo had gone, he looked like he had seen a ghost.
Turbo had some how gotten out of the car but Felix was still in his position as if Turbo hadn't moved at all, he could not help the smug look appear on his face "you okay there Fix-It?" he teased.
All Felix managed to get out of his shocked state and could only give the weak driver a weak glare "are you deliberately trying to kill me? I didn't even try to kick you in the back" he weakly accused the racer, he was too queasy to move.
"Are you really this easy to scare?" Turbo teased "if so then why are you here?"
"As I said I came here to tell you about the other Turbo's story" he looked away as he placed his hands back down onto his lap as he considered what he was about to say next "I also wanted to see if you would like to know more about Game Central, also Wralph, the bad guy in my game and the one you encountered when you were first plugged in" he stopped when he saw Turbo shudder at the memory "anyway he was feeling upset and I thought it was best if I stayed away until he calmed down, he has one nasty temper"
Turbo couldn't help but snigger "yeah I could definitely tell when he saw me leave my game" another shiver and shudder escaped his body and mouth as he remembered the look of rage on the big guy's face "come on I'll help you out if it makes you feel better" as soon as this was all over he was going to hit his head on the wall till he passed out.
Felix once again felt his cheeks get warmer, this was as bad as the time he tried to save Ralph and had to help Calhoun find the cy-bug.
Both characters refused to say anything as Turbo helped Felix get off, but the moment he was sure that he was on the ground he quickly removed his hands as if he was repulsed with just having to be near the fixer. Felix tried the hide the loss of warmth he got from Turbo's hands and focused on where he was.
The place was simple enough, if it wasn't for the fact that it was in the middle of the forest, it looked just like when he had entered the game except there was a clearing in the middle with a building that looked foreign to Felix, since you know, he never did go outside his game unless it was to greet a new game.
He then began remembering the old Turbo before he went...well 'Turbo', he was like a brother to Felix, someone he could look up to since he was always confident while Felix was only confident to the Nicelanders in his game, heck there used to be a time where he had been afraid of Ralph, but that soon changed over the years and he only felt uncomfortable until he saw the big guy as a brother after learning what he had been going through.
"Yo Fix-It you comin' or not?" turbo called out when he realised that Felix hadn't followed him.
Felix used his hop ability since he had a feeling that this Turbo was just as inpatient as the old one, and would probably leave him behind if he had to.
"Do you always do that?" Turbo asked when Felix managed to catch up and was now walking beside him.
"Do what?" Felix asked innocently.
"Do you always daydream? And do you always do that weird jumping thing?" he had no idea what it was.
"The hoping I need it for my game otherwise I am unable to get to the windows so I can fix Ralph's damage, also I never daydream, I just zone out (is that a pun?) when I have something on my mind which is not very often, "
"Sure you don't" Turbo replied sarcastically as he rolled his eyes "anyway we're here" he gestured to the bar.
It looked simple enough, the colours were the same Halloween ones that were on the outside cabinet although it looked nothing like the bar in his game, from what he can remember from the other games the base was made of wood, there was no walls though, but there was some...Poles? Standing up and holding the roof, which happened to be made of...actually he wasn't sure what it was.
"What is the roof made of?" He asked with interest.
Turbo shot him a shocked look "you have never seen straw before?" Felix gave him a look that said 'is that what it's called?' Turbo had to look away as he rubbed his face "clearly you don't" his words were muffled behind his mouth, although he guessed he should be grateful that Felix hadn't asked about how his car got damaged so he guessed that was good "anyway lets sit down and get something, you can tell me all about this guy while we're drinking"
"Okay then" Felix now felt uncomfortable, it was taking all his will power not to take his cap off and figit with it.
Turbo for some reason wanted nothing more than to get Felix to man up, he looked so submissive with the looks he was making and he wanted nothing more than to kiss him, wait what? Please tell me I did not just think that Turbo mentally shuddered to himself.
While Turbo had zoned out Felix ended up taking a closer look at the racers face and noticed something he had never seen before, under Turbo's right eye was a line from under his eye down to his cheekbone, but he had never seen anything like that in the other games, but he guessed that it had something to do with violence, wait a moment Tammy said something about these before, what did she call them? Bars? Tars? Aah! maybe if he asked Turbo he wouldn't mind telling him.
Both were still in a daze when they sat down, Turbo was the first to recover and ordered them some juice "so Fix-It, what do you think of this little hut?"
Felix seemed to have come out of his daze too and wasn't sure on how to respond "it looks very er...inviting?"
Turbo chuckled "you really are something you know that?"
Felix got the honey glows again so quickly that he tried to change the subject by telling this Turbo about the old one and why people say 'go Turbo'.
Wreck-It Ralph Turbo x Felix Part 4
FINALLY I finish the next part, I hope you are okay with it and I apoligise if it looks rushed, it's because I have a cold, oh and if I haven't given good description about the juice bar here is a picture that it is supposed to look like, just add the Halloween colours on and you have a game juice bar, i hope it works as I am still getting used to them. ENJOY! and I'll be sure to get the other stories done soon.
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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