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When James woke up the next day he nearly screamed at the sound of another train's whistle, is wasn't till he properly came round that he realised he was still in the engine's shed and the whistle came from Thomas, who was the third to last engine to have left the shed. James didn't even notice the fire lighter going into his cab to light up his fireplace, he still felt cold and his eyes were killing him. He didn't even notice Edward being given his orders.
"Ah James, good to see you are awake" James would have jolted forward if his breaks had not been on "I have a job for you" he now recognized the voice as The Fat Controller.
James looked around to find the voice, only to realise that the man was in fact at the edge of the rail he was on and looking at him with an expression he could not read.
"Y-yes sir" James stuttered nervously
"I would like you to pick up some coal trucks at Brendon Docks then take it to the stations as the weather reports are saying we might be getting a snow storm within the week"
"What happened to the coal I delivered last time?" it hadn't been long since his last delivery of coal, so he shouldn't have needed to make another delivery yet.
"Apparently someone stole them but we aren't completely sure yet, so can you do your job? Edward will be getting your trucks sorted out while you get your snow plow on?"
"Yes sir" he was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he never heard Edward's name being mentioned in the sentence.
As James left The Fat Controller turned to Gordon "you will have your usual chores Gordon so go get your plow on"
"Before I do sir" Gordon hesitated for a split second but The Fat Controller noticed "I need to tell you something, regarding James sir"
Normally the Fat Controller would wave it away but from the look on Gordon's face and his discussions with James made him concerned "what is it you wanted to tell me?"
After Gordon explained last night the man in a suit knew that he would need to talk to James the next time he saw him.

No one knew that Diesel had abandoned his work to spy on a certain red tender engine, James would have heard the noise but he was so caught up in his thoughts he never noticed, or that he was about to cause an accident.
"JAMES!" cried a voice.
Snapping out of his thoughts James slammed on his brakes, screeching to a stop just inches away from the trucks buffers. He looked up and saw that it was none other than Salty who had snapped him out of his thoughts.
"That be a close call me hearty" exclaimed Salty in his usual pirate voice "what's rattled your rods today?"
"Nothing you should be concerned about" James retorted calmly "now if you don't mind I need to get these trucks to the stations before the passengers freeze to death"
Once he was coupled up he left the docks before Salty could say anything, he never noticed Edward hiding behind the trucks after shunting them and out of his sight.
Edward watched as the line of trucks dissapeared round the bend, he then looked at Salty "what do you think is wrong with him?"
"When I used to work on the main line I remember two engines having similar behavior as James" Salty looked at Edward with his toothy grin "and there is only two things I can think of is either there is trouble ahead, or James is in love"
No one saw Diesel dissapear from where he had been hiding.

Half way through his journey James had seen most of his friends, the chilly breeze blew around his warm boiler but he didn't pay attention to it, he was too busy feeling happy at the moment to care, as he began to stop at the next station he thought.
It's a good thing I haven't seen Edward yet "Hi James" oh snap I spoke too soon.
"Hi Edward" a fake smile appeared on James' face, silently wondering why Edward was there, it wasn't until he saw the Station's name that he realised it was Edward's station "you being late again?"
Edward was about to say something when he noticed James was shaking slightly on his wheels but decided to ignore it, thinking that it was to do with the weather "I was going to ask if you think the snow storm was going to happen tonight? There seems to be snow clouds heading our way..."
James was too busy staring at Edward's boiler and tender to hear what he was saying, while it was true that he didn't like blue paint in winter Edward seemed to make it different. Some how Edward always seemed to make Winter look like the best season of all, he secretly called him an angel, because from what he had learned from his driver and fireman, Edward seemed to glide on the rails and make it look easy and not causing an accident like he usually did.
"JAMES!" cried a voice.
James jumped, slightly thankful that his brakes were on, he realised that his driver and Edward had been calling him as he had missed the Guard's whistle.
The guard had blown his whistle again and waving the green flag before getting into the brake van. James used this as an excuse to ignore Edward and quickly left the station, his driver Jack and his fireman John looked at each other with concern written on both of their faces.
Once he had left Diesel saw his opportunity, he rolled up calmly to Edward "so you are the one that has James' wheels move in excitement" he purred lowly
Edward looked at him with confusion "what are you talking about Diesel?" while Edward was kind and polite to everyone he saw, he was still weary of Diesel after the incident with Duck and his accident.
"Wouldn't you like to know?" was all Diesel said before he left .
Something in Edward's boiler told him that this wasn't the end of Diesel's encounters with him.
TTTE (Edward x James) Part 4
Hurray for me, I wonder what is going to happen next? If I got anything wrong please let me know ENJOY!
All characters belong to HIT entertainment and Rev. W. Awdrey, I only own the plot.
"Thank you so (y/n), you have no idea how grateful I am" Stacy said for the tenth time that day.
Turned out no one thanked you, they left leaving you and Stacy to clean the mess up, it seemed pretty clear to you that this was normal for them, you felt sorry for the last mechanic who was here, it wouldn't have surprised you if he left the job because of the poor staff work here.
"And once again Stacy don't mention it" something told you that no one was going to mention this to your dad since he only came to this place when it was a dire emergency, after all he did have other things to do and did run another company as a second in command.
You both had been so busy cleaning the place up that you never heard someone come in.
"Excuse me, I'm the new night guard Fritz Smith (1)" he said nervously "could you tell me where the office is please?"
When you turned to see him you froze, his appearance was odd as his skin was so pale you would think that he had never been in the sun before, he had short and shaggy purple hair and as you looked closely at his face you realized that his pupils were really small, almost none existent from a distance, you began to wonder if it was just your imagination.
Stacy was the first to come out of her shock "er, sure sir, please follow me" she gestured him to follow her.
Your whole body was screaming or her not to go with him, to get her away rom that creep, but you couldn't, it was as if someone had taken complete control of your legs.
"Thank you very much" he said as he followed her to the room.
Once they were out of sight you could finally breath and move properly, putting the mop into the bucket you took it into the kitchen and cleaned up in there, then you placed them into the supply cupboard.
You ran into Stacy near Kid's Cove and Prize Corner.
"How did it go with the new night guard?" You asked out of interest.
"He was um, different from the other guards we've had before" she replied with a small blush appearing on her cheeks.
"Stacy" you sighed "if you want to get to know him then I wont stop you, but please be careful with him okay? Something about him"
Stacy gave you a small smile "don't worry sis I'll be careful" she gave you a quick hug "shall we get going then?"
"You go on ahead, I want to be here a little longer and don't worry I'll lock up"
She gave you the keys "don't forget then and I'll see you tomorrow" she left.
You had already informed your dad you might be a little late and he said it was alright and that you would be back before midnight.
Since you had already spent the whole day with the band and they didn't need cleaning you decided to hang out with the Puppet and Mangle, you went to Prize Corner first and was greeted by the glass cases that had chibi or smaller versions of the band and the puppet himself, you had never seen him come out of the box before but you had a guess that the black toy with purple lines was the toy in the box, you absolutely loved its gothic design, when you weren't reading books on mechanical stuff you were drawing and designing clothes similar to the puppet, goth clothes were one of your favorites.
You never told your dad or Stacy about this but you always talked to puppet about your past, your leg and your worries, you even did it with Mangle because you felt connected to them, like you were all suffering together and you needed to be closer to them, yes you liked the band but when you were around the puppet and Mangle you felt like you needed to comfort them, to support them, it may sound or seem weird but it was like a sixth sense.
However whenever you did talk to the Puppet you never opened the box since it was closing time, so you did the next best thing, sitting next to the box and pretending that it was the puppet next to you.
"It's me again" you said softly "today had been a slight nuisance since Bonnie's voice box was slightly damaged but repairable" you sighed for a moment "I am happy though, being here I mean, I just wished I had been here when it was in its prime before everything went down hill, I had seen the charts myself and apparently this place has been slowly loosing money, I'm guessing nobody cares about animatronics anymore eh?" you sighed sadly.
You talked to the puppet a bit longer till you decided to go and see Mangle, you said goodbye to him before getting up and leaving the room, not seeing the box open slightly to reveal a pair of white glowing eyes looking at your back.

As soon as you stepped into Kid's Cove you could feel the negative and positive energy in the room, strange, you saw Mangle on the floor in the same position like everyday, your heart cried out at the sight and state the robot was in, picking the eye that was always falling out you carefully placed it back into its socket.
"Kids have Lego pieces these days so why would they destroy something that isn't theirs?" you said angrily under your breath "they have no right to do this, especially the workers they obviously don't care if the kids get hurt" you were so upset that you didn't notice you were rambling, or that someone was staring at your now pacing figure.
You froze when you felt a pair of eyes on you, you looked in the direction you felt them but only saw Mangle's eye's looking at you, that's funny, weren't those looking at the floor a moment ago? Oh well, shrugging off the feeling you bent down slightly to stroke the fox's head.
"I promise you now Mangle" you said softly with determination "when I am a more skilled mechanic I will get you fixed, I don't know how long it will take but I will do whatever I can to make you better again" you rubbed the fox's head in a cat like way before letting go and getting up to leave the diner.
You weren't sure at first, but you could have sworn you heard the fox whine and purr for you to either come back or the thought of making it whole again.

As you slept that night your mind began to wonder to the new night guard, who was he? Where did he come from? And was that hair of his natural or died?
FNAF Part 5: The new night guard
EVIL LAUGHTER, and now the plot starts taking place
(1) Fritz Smith was mentioned in the Freddy 2 game, he was fired for tampering with the animatronics
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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