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Percy and Edward stopped when they came to the signal that James had stopped at, they knew it had to be here that he dissapeared at since it was the only signal box that he would have passed when he took his train.
"Percy" Edward instructed "we will take separate routes just to be on the safe side, although I still think he will have taken the short route"
"Okay Edward" Percy agreed without complaint, Edward was one of the few engines he took seriously.
Since the points were still leading to the short cut route and Edward was in front he immediately went that way.
Percy waited for the signalman to change the points after he whistled, no reply nor did the points change, Percy knew something wasn't right.
"Driver?" he called out "shouldn't we check on the him?"
Percy's driver snorted "probably nothing but I think it is best to check to be on safe side"
He dismounted Percy and told the fireman to stay there and keep an eye on Percy's fire while he went and checked.

Edward meanwhile was puffing as carefully and fast as he could go on the narrow and silent track, he'd been really concerned about James before and now he was scared for him and his crew, what if he didn't get to them in time? What if they were rusting away right now because of the snow storm?
He quickly shook all thoughts away, no he would not think like that, he could not think like that, he would find James, his crew and help them even if it took him all night.

"Hey Gary, that blue engine is here" informed the shadow that represented Bert's driver "what shall we do now?"
"Let him find James, then we make our move" replied Gary who had not kept his eyes off of Edward the whole time.
They watched as Edward came to a stop near the big bank of snow in the middle of the valley, they could hear the panic in his voice when he called out to him even though he failed to keep the panic out of his voice, oh how naive this train was, he was beginning to get the 'love bug' without even realising it, for goodness sake no wonder the steam engines were so dense these days, the diesel's had more knowledge than them.
Gary frowned when he saw Edward's driver shoot a flair into the sky, blast that meant that he had just sent for help and it more than likely wouldn't be long until that help came.
"What do we do now?" asked Bert's driver.
"Stick to the plan until I say otherwise" Gary hissed as he continued to watch.
He watched as the blue engine's Driver and Fireman got out of the cab and head straight for the slightly unconscious who had not been able to take shelter or free James from the drift, they ended up passing out from the cold, the workers found them holding onto each other in an attempt to keep warm but ended with snow clinging onto them with only their feet showing and both pale blue.
The workers then shouted orders and the Diesel drivers watched with twisted smiles as the almost dead people were taken into the cab in order to get warmer and taken care of properly, they still hoped they died from the Pneumonia.
The second driver was now wondering if the avalanche was a good idea, because of the weather they could easily remove the engine and it would be working within a few days, they wanted to make sure he never worked again.
Taking a deep breath before exhaling it the leader got up from where he had been kneeling in the snow, brushed himself down and informed Bert's driver "there's too many people that will spot us if we try anything else, let's retreat and tell the boss before they really spot us, next time though we'll make sure it's permanent"

It took some time but they eventually managed to get James out of the snow, Percy, who had seen the flare signal ad taken James' crew and the signal man to hospital to see if they had any permanent damages.
The Fat Controller had told Percy to meet him at the main station, when he had heard that James' driver and fireman were in hospital he couldn't help but cry in relief, he wanted a full report on what had happened.
"Alright Percy, tell me exactly what happened from the start" The Fat Controller ordered as politely as he could, he knew it wasn't Percy's fault but something was telling him this was no accident, his instincts were never wrong.
"Well sir" Percy began "it started with me and Edward stopping at the signal box, Edward said that he would take the short cut while I took the long route, I tried whistling for the Signalman but the points didn't change"
Percy's driver took it from there "Percy said he thought he saw something and wanted me to go and look..."

Percy's driver walked up the signal box as quietly as he could, he had a spare shovel that he had taken from Percy's cab, he didn't want to take any risks.
The door to the signal box was slightly open so he opened it with caution, there was no one in, at least from where he was standing.
He opened it some more only to realise that the light wasn't on and there was an abandoned lamp near him, grabbing one of his spare lights that he used for Percy's firebox he re-lit the lamp and began moving around with his shovel in his left hand, he stopped though when he found what looked like a foot.
It was the Signalman, knowing that he could not phone The Fat Controller he quickly opened up a window and shouted.
Four workman got out and went into the Signal box and carried the unconscious man into the coach, they had just done that when they noticed a signal flare, knowing that it was coming from Edward, Percy's driver quickly changed the points and leaving a big sign saying that the signal box was not operational before quickly getting into Percy's cab and going down the short cut.
(End of Flashback)

"Thankfully the signal man was only knocked unconscious" Percy's driver continued "but James' driver and fireman had been out of the snow for so long that they developed hypothermia, they didn't say anything else"
The Fat Controller's face didn't show any emotion, but Percy's driver noticed a bead of sweat run down his boss' face.
"Thank you for telling me this" The Fat Controller said at last "please go on with your work, but if you can could you check on Edward and James when you see them? I want to know if they're okay"
"Yes sir, I promise sir" Percy promised before leaving the station feeling slightly happy that the Signalman was okay, but why did he get the feeling that he was missing something?

(Author: just so you know this is after Jack and John were taken to hospital and the Signalman, they had not got James out properly)

"COUGH COUGH" gasped James when the last bit of snow left his face "FREE!" he cried out happily.
Edward couldn't help but chuckle at James obvious happiness "your welcome James"
The slightly covered in snow engine gasped when he realised who his rescuer was "Edward?" he squawked (although he would never admit it)
"Yes James?"
"Uh, nothing" he was thankful Edward couldn't see his face, he was pretty sure he was as red as his paint.
"Come one then let's get you to the works, don't want one of your pipes to burst now do we?"
As much as James hated to admit it Edward was right, Oliver had an incident with snow before and landed in a snowman, when they rescued him they forgot to check his pipes, resulting in one of them blowing up and him having to stay longer at the works. James personally hated the works unless it was to get a new coat of paint and made a mental note to remind the workers should they forget.
He was brought out of his thoughts when he was bumped, resulting in him letting out an unmanly squeal.
"Are you okay James?" Edward asked with concern "something on your mind?"
Oh you have no idea what I am thinking about right now James thought to himself "I'm fine, next time warn me before you bump like that"
"I did James, but you never replied" Edward's driver finished coupling them up.
James wanted to retort and say Edward was lying when he remembered that Edward never never lied, he was always truthful with everyone he met.
Taking a deep breath he said with honesty in his voice "I'm sorry"
Edward was surprised by that but smiled even if James could see it "don't worry about it"
James could hear the smile in that sentence, he stayed silent as Edward began the journey to the Steam Works.

(Meanwhile at the Diesel works)
The two diesels that were suffering from the wrath of Diesel were cowering back in fear, their drivers were suffering the same thing as well, they knew Diesel had a temper but they didn't think it could be this bad.
"B-but Diesel" Bert stuttered "there were too many people, if we tried to do something else they would have spotted us, it's not as if our driver's were dressed to blend with the snow"
Diesel and his driver seemed to consider that sentence.
"Perhaps we were a bit too careless" Diesel's driver considered after what looked like a mental conversation between him and Diesel.
Then Diesel had an idea "let's wait for a while, then we can give James a little 'Christmas present' it is only fair after all"
"And it would give us time to make sure the plan doesn't backfire" Diesel and his driver were wearing identical smirks.
"Alright then, what do we do?"
(Edward x James) Part 9: Safe and Danger aproaches
I have a cold so I am off Collage for the day and managed to complete this part, please note that it is now getting harder to type since I am in Collage four times a week and am getting terrible wroters block even though I have this story written out on paper, I do promise though to get the next part up whenever I feel up to it.
For now ENJOY!
There was three days left till Halloween and all the engines on the Island of Sodor were busy getting everything ready for the Halloween party and at night when they were getting ready to sleep they would talk endlessly about it.
James however was not doing so good, he had been having nightmares none stop the whole month of October and got very little sleep because of it, his dreams were plagued with the sounds of screaming people with their body's being ripped apart, he could never see their faces or hear their voices properly because they were distorted and he would wake up as if someone had thrown water into his fire and on his boiler. His face showed the little sleep he had been getting but he got through the days without complaint, and that scared the other engines.
Edward was the first to ask him when they met at his station "is everything alright James? You've been acting differently this past month"
James looked at Edward, the black marks under his eyes were so deep you could have put a bogey wheel in it.
"I don't think it's any of your business slow iron" James said drowsily.
That made Edward raise an eyebrow, James would never say 'slow iron' he would have said 'old iron' and the fact that he sounded drowsy was added proof.
"You need rest James, this is not you, your friends..."
"I HAVE NO FRIENDS, THEY DESERTED ME!" James shrieked, his whole body shuddered violently causing the few passengers who were still on the platform to recoil in fright as if he was some kind of bomb.
Even Edward flinched at James' behavior, that was new and so unlike James.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" James whistle sounded loud, bu Edward was the only one who could tell that the whistle sounded like it was in pain, he watched with pain as James hurried out of the station.
He had no idea that there would be more to come.
Thomas the Tank Engine: Halloween and no sleep
I'M BACK BABY...or at least for a while, this story is going to be a short one so a few parts but it's for Halloween, this is all your getting until Halloween so be happy until I can get the others done. ENJOY! also if i need to sensor it please let me know, personally I don't think it needs one but I will do so if you think it does.
Willy Wonka stood in his place for a moment, Charlie felt like it was a life time before the genius finally replied.
"You mean your the only one?" He asked as if he was just realising it.
"Yes" Charlie replied softly.
"What happened to the others?" he was asking that himself more than the other two, his attention then snapped to the boy, his smile growing by the second before grabbing the boys hand proceeding to shake it so fast that the poor boy thought it was going to fall off "my dear boy that means you've, I am absolutely delighted I had a hunch you know right from the beginning well done, now we mustn't dilly or dally because we have a lot of things to do before the days out, but lucky for us we have a great glass elevator to speed things alo-" CRASH!
"What just happened?" Charlie asked after a moment.
"Uh, I believe Mr Wonka just walked into his glass elevator door" Mr Bucket replied after he finally realised what just happened.
After a few more seconds Wonka gets up and acts like nothing has happened "speed things along" he pressed the open button and gestured for them to come in "come on"
Mr Bucket removed both of their glasses and placed them into a bucket on the wall before following Mr Wonka into the elevator, he noticed the man press another button on the wall.
"Up and Out?" he asked in a worried tone.
"Hold on" was all Wonka said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
The elevator groaned for a moment before Charlie felt the whole thing go up so fast that he had to hold onto his dad's arm for support.
"Oh my goodness" Charlie heard Mr Wonka say "we'll need to go much faster or we will never break through"
"Break through what?"
Wonka looked at Charlie with excitement on his face "I've been longing to press that button for years" he chuckled before continuing "well here we go, up and out"
"Do you really mean-"
"Yeah, I do" Charlie could the voice breaking from excitement.
"But this is made of glass, won't it smash to a million pieces?"
The only reply was Wonka tittering like some unstable person before they all looked up....and then...CRASH!
They went up even higher before going back down, Charlie was still gripping onto his dad's hand with a frightened look on his face, he didn't know what was going on, he felt like he was flying with no ground or force to keep him up, he was falling and two tears managed to escape.
All thoughts and Wonka's child like behavior vanished, he didn't mean to make Charlie cry, he only wanted to show him...
Wonka's throat suddenly clogged up and quickly pressed the jet button, the elevator now just inches away from the ground, he then quickly pressed another button to lift them up higher but low enough that they would feel safe. He could not believe that he had forgotten that Charlie was blind, how could he show Charlie something when the boy couldn't see? He wanted throw himself in the chocolate river for the ridiculous thought.
After making sure that four other children had left left the factory safely (as safely as can be) he turned to Charlie and his dad "where do you live?" he asked them politely.
Mr Bucket replied, turning in the direction of their house "our house is in direct line to your factory Mr Wonka, follow the main road its hard to miss"
Mr Wonka did as instructed and his heart cringed, how could a blind boy survive in a shambled house like that? Or even a family for that matter?
"Okay" was all he said before he pressed a button making them head for the house, he pretended not to hear Charlie's heavy breathing or slight crying noises coming from his mouth.

(At the Bucket house)
Mrs Bucket was chopping some cabbage for dinner silently hoping that her husband and son were okay, she had been panicking none stop the moment they had entered the factory but her grandparents and parents in law constantly told her that they were safe, Grandpa Joe constantly said "Willy Wonka isn't the kind of person to intentionally hurt someone, that place is safer than any other place in the world"
She had been reluctant at first but trusted Joe's word, after all he wouldn't put that much faith in someone if he thought they ended up a bad person, his instincts were never wrong.
"When do you think they will be back?" she asked him as she continued to chop.
"Hard to know really" Grandpa Joe replied "also depends on who won that special prize" he lightly chuckled as he cleaned up the floor, after Charlie had gotten the golden ticket he had jumped out of bed and danced that was before he realised that he couldn't go with Charlie to the factory because he was old and Charlie would be unable to help him.
He had just brushed the dust outside the back door when CRASH! the roof next to the grandparents bed was broken through by a glass looking box, after Mrs Bucket had managed to calm down she took a closer look at the glass box, when the dust settled she saw Charlie and her husband looking slightly pale but smiling a the fact that they were back.
It was a tense and awkward moment before Grandma said out of the blue "I think there's someone at the door"
"Hi mom" Charlie called out waved enthusiastically even though he couldn't see her.
As the elevator dinged open Wonka waved as well but more awkwardly.
Mr Bucket helped Charlie out so that he could great his mum before turning to the Chocolatier who had just got out of the glass elevator "this is Willy Wonka, he gave us a ride home"
"I can see that" Wonka was the only one who detect sarcasm in Mrs Buckets voice.
"You must be the boys..."once again he couldn't say the word.
"Parent's?" Mrs Bucket asked.
"Yeah that"
"He said that Charlie's won something" Mr Bucket interrupted.
Wonka looked around and couldn't stop himself from snooping as he explained "not just some,something, the most something that's ever been, I'm going to give this boy my entire factory"
The elders were just as shocked as the parents, Grandad Joe was the first to speak "you must be joking"
"No really it's true, you see a few months ago I was getting my annual haircut and I had the strangest revelation" as he began explaining about the silver hair a spark of guilt swelled in his stomach, he knew this was a lie but he needed the boy to come with him, the scent coming from him was addictive and his blindness made him more vulnerable.
"And I did Charlie, you"
"So that's why you sent out the golden tickets" Charlie said in awe.
Wonka, who had been looking at the grandparents quickly looked away "uh uh, I invited five children to the factory and the one who was the least wrotten would be the winner" he turned back round to Charlie with an almost fake smile "so what do you say to leaving all of this behind and living with me at the factory?"
He was shocked though when he saw Charlie look down and slightly upset "Mr Wonka, how can I help you when I cannot see? And if I do can my family come with me?"
Wonka had honestly not thought of that since he thought Charlie could see, but when the boy admitted he was blind he had no time to think it over since he was doing the tour, his inner creature was demanding that he leave the parents behind and take Charlie with him, but if he did that then Charlie wouldn't be happy, and if Charlie wasn't happy then he wouldn't be happy either.
"I must admit that I had not thought of that since I didn't know you were blind until you told the tour when we were on the boat" Wonka admitted "but that doesn't mean I am going to leave you and your family here and forget about the prize, I can show and help you with ingredients and since I know for a fact that your senses are higher than normal people you can help me with testing food to see if there is anything that needs adding"
"You mean to use him as a guinea pig?" Mrs Bucket went to move him behind her.
Wonka resisted the urge to growl at her "no ma'am, he would taste completely 'safe' sweets that have already been tested on Oompa Loompa's, should anything happen there will be something to get rid of it"
"Did you say my family can come?" Charlie asked with hope.
Wonka felt like he was going to explode until he saw Charlie's face "yes Charlie your family can come, after all they have helped you your entire life and are technically your carers, having you by yourself would be considered illegal"
"That's true" Mr Bucket said to his son.
"Then, yes I would love to join you in the factory"
The smile that came from Charlie would have been enough to make Wonka's heart beat again.

The day went by without any problem, Wonka got a lorry to help with the movement, the grandparents managed to get out of bed but still needed help with walking about, Charlie got the dream of his life by living in the chocolate factory with his family. But Wonka felt the luckiest of them all, he had a mate, a mate that would someday be his when he was ready and the appropriate age.
No one would dare to steal his Charlie, because if they did they would live to regret it. He may not have been happy to bring the parents with him either, but they were an important part of Charlie's life, if it weren't for them Charlie would never have existed, he owed them more than the factory, he owed them his immortal life.
So for now he would wait, wait until the time was right to tell Charlie the truth and hope that he wouldn't run away, if he did he would not know what to do.
"Mr Wonka?" the man looked from his spot near the bank of the chocolate river and saw Charlie reaching out for him in case he bumped into him.
"I'm here Charlie" Wonka was still cautious about touching, but with Charlie he could handle it.
He gently grabbed the boys hand and helped him sit down next to him, both enjoying the sound of the river.
"How does it feel to live in the factory?" it had been a few days since they moved here and Charlie was still trying to get the hang of things.
"I'm getting better, but I'm still afraid" Charlie admitted, his hand still clasped with Wonka's gloved one.
"Don't be, there's plenty of time to get the hand of things" they had all the time in the world after all.
Wonka stiffened when he felt Charlie lean agaisnt him but realised that the boy had fallen a sleep, resisting the urge to kiss the boy's head he wrapped a arm around the boy's shoulders and held him close, allowing the waterfall to soothe his inner thoughts.
"Soon Charlie" Wonka said under his breath "we will be together forever"
A Creature's Mate: The End
I am SO sorry for not updating, a family member has been in hospital for a week now and I haven't been feeling up to updating anything, thankfully she was released today but I may still have trouble updating stuff because I have collage for four days so for now ENJOY.

Final note Wonka is NOT a pervert, he isn't going to hurt Charlie or try anything until he is of age, there will be a second part to this story but that will be another time.
Everything went black for what felt like seconds before you finally came round your head felt numb and you found out why.
"She's waking up guys" you moved your head slightly and managed to make out a yellow blur, you must be against Chica, so it was she who called.
Within a split second all the animatronics (except the puppet and Mangle) crowded around your fetal body asking if you were all right and that they were sorry for mentioning your leg.
"Guys back off you will only make things worse, give her some space" barked Chica, she looked down at you while gently stroking your head "you okay?" she asked softly.
You let out a contended sigh, loving the stroking sensation in your hair, you nearly purred until you realised you were still in a room full of moving animatronics, you carefully got up and almost whined at the loss "I'm fine now thank you" you tried to hide your blush by looking away.
Chica looked hurt for a moment before it changed "no problem"
"So what now?" you asked trying to stop the tension rising.
"Feel free to ask us any questions, we will tell you only what we want you to know" the puppet replied "beware though we can only chat till 6 am"
"What? Why?"
"Originally we weren't able to move except for two positions, however when Marionette came along he some how made us able to roam around at night, however when the clock chimes 6 am our bodies freeze and and go take us back to the stage"
"And once again don't mention it" the puppet replied "I needed you to do some tasks for me, you kept your part of the deal I kept mine"
"What deal?" the puppet froze and seemed like a statue you quickly rushed out "tell if you want to, it wasn't my place to ask anyway, everyone is meant to have secrets and it is for them to decide whether to tell others or not"
The Marionette looked at you for a moment before looking away "I'm going back to Prize Corner, have fun" he then left.
"Is it something I said?" you asked,you mean to upset him.
"Don't worry he is always like" Toy Freddy replied "one moment he is an innocent child the next he is fully mature and acting like a true leader"
Sensing that he wasn't going to say anything else you quickly changed the subject "I' surprised that you aren't upset for trying to fix you Bonnie"
The blue bunny waved it off "if you messed me up I would have smacked you" you couldn't tell if he was lying or not "but since you fixed me up and in time I was and am willing to let it slide"
"But I was late wasn't I?"
"If I wasn't fixed by the time the place closed for the night then you wouldn't be here and still standing, but you got me fixed a few minutes into opening time, so technically you were on time"
You decided to agree with to save argument.
"We may not like the grown ups but we don't exactly hate them" Freddy continued "although I think the Marionette has always hate them and led us to hating them as well, although you have become an exception"
"We're not sure ourselves, but it may be because you spent a lot of time with him after cleaning us up, we've hear you speaking but it was muffled due to distance, he has always seem to stay out of our social circle unless he needs us to..." he was cut off when Bonnie subtly elbowed him in the stomach.
You tilted your head in a curious way, the puppet needed them to what?
"AH! enough of this dark mood stuff" interrupted Chica "are you hungry (y/n)?"
As if on cue your stomach growled like thunder making you blush in embarrassment, looks like the snack wore off.
"Great, lets eat" she was about to grab your hand when you asked.
"Won't I get in trouble, isn't there camera's in the kitchen?"
"No silly, the camera's are in the more important areas of the building, besides you are going to be running this place one day aren't you? It's not like your dad can fire his own daughter"
You blush when you realise that she was right, you followed her into the kitchen an see her take out some ready made dough.
"I've only heard and read how people make it, although you will have to make it because I can't grab things properly" Chica said.
"As long as you tell me what to do because I have never cooked before" you replied.
"Hold on a moment" she walked away for a moment then came back with a book "I'll read out the instructions and tell you where the stuff are, if I am going to fast then let me know"
And so you and Chica spent at least half an hour to make the pizza before placing it into the oven to cook.
"Nice work (y/n), now we just need to clean up" she made a 'hmm' noise before replying "why don't I mop the floor and the counters, you can clean the dishes"
"Won't you get hurt?" you had clearly forgotten about Stacy's conversation.
"Silly, you you wash me and my friends remember? We can handle a bit of water,it's only if we a bucket thrown over us or if we put our hands and feet into one"
"So dumping water is bad, and cloth of slightly dripping water is easier and good?"
"Yes since we get drops of water on our endoskeletons all the time but not enough for us to malfunction, especially with pizza grease" she muttered the last part darkly.
"I'll go get bucket then"
You left the kitchen and back into the main room, in time to see Freddy and Bonnie picking up Bonnie.
"Where are you taking Mangle? And how come they haven't said anything yet?" you refused to call Mangle an 'it'.
"We were going to put her back into Kid's Cove" Freddy explained "she tires very easily you see, and it took all of her energy to say 'thank you', if she had stayed silent she would have been able to function longer"
"Mangle's a female?" was all you could say.
"We forget you haven't been here before" Bonnie sighed "but yes Mangle is female but because of the constant 'taking apart' thing wit the children, she is slowly starting to loose her sanity"
Whir, click Mangle's head moved slightly to see your face properly "M-Mangle's-s f-friend" her voice glitched.
Am I her friend? Was that what she was asking? "yes?"
"F-Frien-n-n-d h-h-hap-p-pp-p-py?" yikes, her voice box was even worse than you first thought.
"Yes Mangle, I'm happy" you replied softly before scratching her head.
There was a faint purring like noise coming from Mangle as you scratched behind the ear, Freddy and Bonnie watched from their position.
"G-Good n-n-n-night-t-t (y/n)" Mangle mumbled before powering herself down.
"I've never seen Mangle power herself up twice in one night" Bonnie mumbled before shifting a little to hold Mangle more securely "you better go and see Chica before she gets lonely and comes looking for you"
"If your worried about Mangle don't worry, me, Bonnie and the puppet takes turns keeping her company"
You looked at them for a moment before nodding and picking up the bucket before heading into the kitchen.
"What took you so long?" Chica joked "you came just in time though, the pizza's almost done"
"Sorry" you said as you placed the bucket near the empty sink.
"I filled the other sink halfway so that if it's too hot or cold you can change it to a suitable temperature"
"okay" you put your left hand inside the water, it was cold so you ran the hot water while placing some utensils into the sink.
DING! "oh good the pizza's ready" Chica chirped happily as she walked to the oven and opened it, you felt a small draft of hot air blow on your arm.
Once you were sure the water was hot enough you turned the tap off and dried your arms before going to Chica "want me to take it out?"
"Yes please, for some reason our circuits go hay wire when near heat, I was lucky this time but we don't know why it happens"
You put some oven gloves on before reaching into the oven and grabbing the tray, you could feel the heat circle and swarm around your naked arm but barely felt it.
"Okay then, leave them on the counter and let them cool down, they should be ready when we finished cleaning"
You placed the tray where Chica pointed then got to work on cleaning the dishes while Chica filled the bucket before setting to work on the floor with the mop, the silence, aside from the sound of water was comforting and slightly welcoming.
...and making pizza: Part 7 (second part)
Here is the sceond part to chapter 7 hope it keeps you happyy until the next part, may take a while as I am having some family problems at the moment. And yes I know Mangle is actualy a male but every time I look at him I keep seeing a female, if you don't like it you know where the back button is.
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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Thanks so much for the fave!! :D
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Thank you for the watch :)
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Thanks for the faves darling!! :D
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