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He was about to go back sleep when he heard the door open, thinking it was his friends he let himself have a small smile appear on his face, it fell though when he saw who it was, the doctor who had ruined his life.
"Hello Lightning, so glad to see that you are awake" he said before he closed the door behind them.

Lightning tried to move, but his muscles refused to listen to him, it wasn't till he looked at them that he realised that he was bandaged up and had no chance of going anywhere
"Aw, what's the matter Lightning? Can't move?" Cooed the doctor.
"Please, don't do this" Lightning murmered "my car will know what you are doing to me, and he will tell someone"
"Oh little one, who is going to believe him, all the people who are looking after your silly car work for me, and they will make sure that no one hears him, I've made sure of that" he smirked even more before walking forward.
All Lightning could do was look away and hide the tears that were threatening to escape, he flinched when he felt the doctor brush his hand against this hair.
"Before I do anything though I need to put something in your body, don't worry though it is not something to kill or make you fall asleep, it is something that will help you later on in your life" he quickly put the injection into one of the wires that was connected to one of the racer's arms "there you are, all better" he brushed his thum over Lightning's cheek "you really are lucky you know, many girls would fall to the ground just to get to have a date with me"
"Please, leave me alone, I don't want this" Lightning whispered softly.
SMACK! Lightning winced as the doctor struck his cheek.
"Why won't you go out with me? I asked you before, I knew what was going on inside that house yet you still defended him, why won't you accept that I care about you?"
"If you cared about me you wouldn't be doing this, please if you stop this then mybe we can work something out but..."
"No, you are not leaving me again, I have been patient to when I can see you again but now I cannot and will not let you go" he grabbed both of Lightning's arms but not too hard that he would be in more pain "now let me kiss you"
"Drop dead Mitch" Lightning retorted and kept his lips firmly clossed.
"Ah, so you do remember me, it is truly an honour to be remembered by a famous racer like you"
Before Mitch could do or say anything else the hospital door opened revealing Lightning's dad, who froze in what he was seeing.
"So, it wasn't bad enough that you lied to me about having The Fabulous Hudson Hornet as your crew chief, you lied to me about having a boyfriend?" he snarled.
Lightning could not believe this "no dad, he is not my boyfriend, I have never dated
anyone since you have kept me too busy to do anything else besides racing" he exclaimed while trying but failing to get up since Mitch still had his arms.
"I don't want to hear your excuses, consider yourself out of my family, have fun whoring out with your boyfriend" he left the room without a backward glance.
Lightning, for once in his life, felt completely numb, his eyes were starting to blur and turning a paler colour than his origanal ones, he just stared at the ceiling and went limp, then his vision went black just as he heard the door barge open again followed by an angry voice.

Hudson saw his old enamy leave the room with an angry look but paid little attention to him, with Michael behind him he quickly barged through the door not bothering to knock and saw red at the sight before him. The doctor had one knee on the bed and was half on top of Lightning with his hands holding the boy's arms, Lightning was just laying there looking at the ceiling and didn't seem fazed at what was going on, it wasn't until Hudson looked closer and saw that Lightning had fainted.
"Get away from him, now" Hudson spoke calmly but his eyes were as cold as they had ever been.
"No you will not stop me from having what should have been mine a long time ago" Mitch snarled back.
"Do not make me use force, I am a police officer, or are you blind to see that I am wearing a uniform" Michael said as he came out from behind Hudson.
Mitch paled when he noticed the policeman, and he knew that he was done for.
"If you come with me quietly we can sort everything out and I can let you off with a warning" he really couldn't do anything about the past since it had been a few years ago, but with this he could only fine the man or let him off with a warning unless Lightning was willing to tell them what had happened.
"No, his dad promised me that when the boy was of age and had won the Piston Cup I could have him for mysellf" Mitch replied after some thought.
Hudson nearly fainted, Lightning's dad was going to sell his son like some prostitute? He didn't think so, his eyes were now looking like the glacier's of Antartica and Mitch was even more scared than before.
Before anyone knew what was going on Lightning woke up, his didn't seem fazed at all when he saw Mitch was still on top of him, he didn't even freak out, he used every ounce of strength he could muster and pushed the man's left hand away causing the man to loose his balence as he fell on top of Lightning before falling onto the floor in a heap.
Michael wasted no time in walking over to the man while Hudson quickly went to check on Lightning.
"What on earth is going on here? And why is Doctor Mitch on the ground officer?" Demanded the nurse that had come in after hearing all the comotion.
"This man isn't going anywhere until I answer him some questions" Michael said as he tried getting the doctor up, he wasn't going to cuff him yet until he got the answers.
"You're lying Doctor Mitch would never do something like that" the nurse retorted angrily at him.
Hudson looked at her and noticed that she was shaking, "is something wrong nurse? You seem to be shaking badly" he also became suspicous that she would say something like that when Michael didn't say anything about arresting the man.
The nurse realised she was and tried to think of something "I am fine, I'm just shaken up that you would immediatly accuse Doctor Mitch of something without an proof" she couldn't believe that she had just said that, if she said anythig else she would get arrested.
In a way the nurse had a point but Michael replied "unless you move aside you will be charge in the aid of helping him"
The nurse wanted to retort but knew that if she tried anything she would get arrested as well, she had been going out with Mitch for a while and knew what he did, but she didn't care, after all he was a famous doctor and had never lost a single patient. She only cared about her image but always tried to be polite in front of others so she wouldn't get in trouble.
Michael then moved the man towards the reception and asked if lady at the reception could call the police, since he really couldn't do any of it himself.
Hudson just continued to watch over Lightning as he had fallen unconcious again after he had pushed Mitch off of him.
Soon after that everything became a blur, Michael had to talk to the California police about what had happened in the patients room, they coulnd't talk to Lightning since he was still unconcious. Hudson was allowed to take control of looking after Lightning since he had operated on him before and that he wouldn't let any other doctor near him. After the man was dealt with everyone stayed as long as they could till Lightning was ready to wake up again.

Lightning felt like he was floating in mid air in a sea of darkness, he couldn't remember what happened or how he got here, he could hear voices though, muffled but there for him to hear, but one of them stood out the most, it was calming even though it was slightly rough, and dare he say it mezmerizing.
It was then that everything came crashing down on him, literally, he remembered destroying a building in Radiator Springs, he remembered everyone kicking him out just because of what his dad had done to destroy their lives...the fight with his dad...then the race and the flashback he got when he heard what Chick said and knowing what he intended to do...then giving the cup up to help the guy he considered a friend.
The voices began to get more clearer and he instantly knew each ones voice, but he was surprised to hear two voices he never thought he would hear again.
"I really do appreciate what Lightning did for me everyone, but I really don't understand why he would give up the Piston Cup just to help me out, if he knew that was going to happen to me why would he do it?" asked the Texas voice that belonged to none other than Strip Weathers.
his eyes as far a they would allow him to, he began to try and say something, although it came out as a croak "because at the end of the day" deep breath "it's just an empty cup"
Everyone snapped their heads in his direction that Lightning was sure that they had all cracked their necks.
Larry was the first to come out of his trance "bud, yer' okay" he jumped to his feet and to everyones surprise, walked to him and placed one arm on him as if to hug him but was afraid to hurt him even more, nobody knew he could be this gentle to anyone.
He turned around to see their shocked expressions "what? I can be calm whe I want to" he said it becuase it was true but to also break the tension.
It seemed to have worked since Lightning could not stop the laugh from escaping his mouth, once again everyone looked at him in shock "what?" he asked innocently.
"We have never heard you laugh before" Flo replied calmy lthough still in shock.
"This is the first time I havve laughed since my mum died" he had just been into formed by his car that he had told them everything, but Lightning couldn't blame him "anyway the answer to your question is because as far as I am concerned, it's just an empty cup, if you remember that speech I gave before the race then I think you'll get the idea"
Strip did, as well as Hudson although he didn't show it, Lightning did not want the same thing happening to Strip and his car like Hudsons, he wanted them to retire as the racer he was, and not some pile of trash that was considered 'history'
"How long have I been out for?" he dreaded the answer.
"About a week" Flo replied.
Lightning sighed as he moved his eyes toward the ceiling, he thought he would have been out far longer than that.
Hudson got out of his chair and tured to the group "if all of you don't mind I would like all of you to leave the room, I need to check on Lightning"
Nobody hesitated to leave, Hudson could be really scary if no one listened to him, he turned to face Lightning again and began to check him over, the casts that had been on Lightning had been taken off and only parts of his body were patched up from the burns he had gotten from the crash.
"What was the last thing you remember?" Hudson asked softly.
Lightning tried to think "I think it was around the crash, when I pushed The King out of the way before Chick could do anything, then nothing" Hudson sighed as he finished the last of the check over "that reminds me why are you checking me over? Shouldn't there be another doctor in this hospital to do that?"
Hudson was going to regret telling Lightning this but if he didn't, then Lightning would ever trust anyone again, so he began telling Lightning what had happened just after the accident.
Soul Cars Part 18
by mistake I thought that this would be the last one, anyway I hope all of you enjoy this part, I will be sure to get the next one up when I am inspired.
But I have to admit though that it is now getting harder to write all the stories I have up at the moment, I am not saying I am abandoning them, I am just saying that it is now going to be harder and longer to type up and upload.
Anyway hope you all enjoy it and hope to have plenty of comments. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
It was a day before Christmas Eve and the whole area including the castle itself was covered in snow, the students were snowball fighting and some had gone to their families to celebrate the holidays, others stayed in the castle, this included Draco, Harry and Neville. Harry had gotten a letter from St. Mungos saying that Sirius Black recovered enough to leave the Hospital and was now at his home at Grimauld Place, Harry was looking forward to seeing his Godfather and learn more about him, he had sent a letter to him the moment he had gotten the info and wasn't disappointing when Sirius replied saying he 'wouldn't miss it for the world'.
"I take it Sirius has replied back" Draco asked as they made their way to the Great Hall for Breakfast.
"You assumed right Drake" Harry replied with a small smile appearing on his face.
Draco then remembered something that he thought he should warn Harry about "word of advice Harry, be careful that Sirius and Severus aren't in the same room, they were school rivals when they came here, and I must say it wasn't pretty"
"Are you referring to your Godfathers bad experience here?" Harry asked.
"Yes, you may want to ask Sirius about it, I promised my Godfather that it would stay between him and me"
"I can understand that" Harry didn't want anyone to know about his past but he had a feeling that even though it wasn't in the papers yet, it would be soon and he had a feeling on who would put it in.
They sat down at the table, there was only 2 in the center of the hall since there was only a handful of students still in the castle including the teachers.
"That reminds me, when are you going to do that potion remedy with Professor Snape?" this was code for 'when was Harry going to try out his experiments with Severus' since they were in public.
"He suggested we wait till after the holidays or after Christmas anyway" Harry replied "Oh, I almost forgot I spoke to Griphook about that thing we talked about, he said he should be able to sort something out for you, are you sure you want to go through with this?" he was talking about arresting his dad.
"If I don't do this, I may never have the life I want to have, I know he has done something to my head because every time I try to remember something I keep getting these terrible headaches, I have to do this, I need to know" Draco sounded desperate and as if he was trying to convince himself "part of me thinks this isn't really my dad but the other side of me thinks different, it's like an endless battle, I swear someone has put a confundess charm or an Imperious Curse on me"
Harry nodded and gently placed a hand on his shoulder "I'll inform Griphook when the meals over okay?"
Draco once again nodded before digging into his meal, Neville who had been quiet through the whole conversation knew it was best to stay out of it and decided to copy Draco.
They had just finished their meals when they heard a comotion "are you sure you should be here Sirius? Perhaps you should go home and rest more" they instantly knew the voice as Dumbledork, but why was he saying Sirius' name when he should be here tomorrow?
"That's Lord Black to you Headmaster" Harry knew that voice instantly and knew that voice was his Godfather, but why was he here now? Oh well, he looked at his friends and the silently agreed that they should check it out in case the Headmaster tried to do anything since it was clear that Sirius didn't like the Headmaster either.

Sirius had come to Hogwarts because he wanted to surprise Harry, but he wasn't happy when he had ran into Dumbledore and he wasn't in the mood to be near the old man.
"Sirius what are you doing here?" he could tell that Dumbledore was pretending to sound concerned "are you sure you should be here Sirius? Perhaps you should go home and rest more, after all we don't want there to be any accidents now do we?"
Sirius knew that even though the Headmaster was acting concerned, there was also an underline threat in the sentence "that's Lord Black to you Headmaster" he said with a tone that demanded respect.
He moved towards the Great Hall doors as they opened up and was greeted by his Godson and his friends "Sirius, what are you doing here? I thought you would be coming tomorrow" Harry asked.
"I had come to surprise you, besides if you think I would miss my first Christmas Eve with my Godson then you are sadly mistaken" he tried to make it sound like a joke.
Harry knew so he didn't have to worry "thank you Headmaster, I will take over now"
The three students and Sirius had to hide their amused looks when Dumbledore spluttered "but he shouldn't be here, he should still be resting even though he came out of St. Mungos"
"I'll have you know that I invited him hear myself when he was sure that he was ready Headmaster, now why don't you go and do Headmaster stuff, Lord Black if you would kindly follow me?" he gestures for Sirius to follow him and Sirius did without protest since he would do anything to get away from Albus.

Harry led them to the Room of Reqiurement, he thought it was best since it would be the last place anyone would look. He didn't see Sirius look in amazement.
"What is this place?" Sirius asked when the closed behind them.
The room they were in now looked similer to the Slytherins common room except without the Slytherin colours and no windows that showed the Black Lake.
"This is the Room of Requirement" Neville said proudly.
"I never knew about this place when I first came to Hogwarts" he sat down in one of the chairs while Harry and his friends sat on the sofa facing him "so, I take it you would like to know more about me?" he asked with slight hesitation.
Harry nodded "I would like to, but first there is something I would like to know" when Sirius nodded Harry continued "I would like to know what you did to Professor Snape when you both went to School"
Sirius paled before taking a deep breath "I will tell you Harry, but please know that I have regretted ever doing it since I was a teenager at the time and I have been beating myself ever since, and the Dementors helped me realize that too"
Harry knew he wasn't going to like what was said but nodded for Sirius to continue. And that was what he did from beginning to end, how he tricked Severus into the Whomping Willow during a full moon where he knew Moony aka Remus would be in his werewolf form, how Severus nearly died and James had rushed in and saved him before anything else bad had happened.
"Did any of you get punished?" Harry asked quite calmly although his eyes were burning with rage.
"Remus was an exception since he wasn't in his right mind at the time but Dumbledore made sure that Severus was sworn a vow never to mention it to anyone who didn't know and recieved a month's detention as well as 100 points taken from his house" Sirius bowed his head down in shame as he remembered that day and night clearly "and made me and James get away with it scot free, James was seething when we had returned to the common room and made sure I didn't try anything like that again, we made sure to not prank Severus after that" Harry was shocked when he saw a lone tear leave Sirius' eye "to this day I still regret ever doing it, I just wish I could turn back time and try to stop it from happening" he covered his hands with his face "I allowed a student, a Slytherin, Snape, to nearly get killed all because of my stupid jealousy towards him" he removed them to look at Harry who's face was showing no emotion "so do you you hate me now?"
Harry wasn't sure what to think "you said you regretted ever doing that?" Sirius nodded "you said that you had been punishing yourself and wished to change everything if given the chance?" another nod "then no, I do not hate you, upset yes but as you said it is in the past, you have been punishing yourself because you feel like you deserve it so I think it is time for you to let go of your hatred toward him and keep moving forward, its all you can do" Sirius nodded after letting out a breath of relief knowing that his Godson didn't hate him at all "although you are going to have to deal with him anyway as I will be doing a little potion experiment with him later on"
Sirius' eyes snapped open in shock, even though he never realized they were shut and looked at Harry "if it is alright with you, when you next see him I would like to go with you so I can offer a truce" he would do it for Harry's sake.
Harry nodded "that is acceptable, we can do that at Dinner, so how about those stories you promised?" a small smile appeared on his face as Sirius began his story on both himself, the Marauders and Lily. He even mentioned some of the times  when he never trusted Dumbledore, it made Harry happy to know that his Godfather wasn't following Dumbledore like a lost puppy.

Dinner time came and everyone hurried out of the room and began their walk to the Great Hall, everyone was happy to have spent time with Sirius, they may not have been happy with all the jokes they did but they had to admit that some of them were funny (although they weren't happy since most of the jokes were for Snape).
"Oh great its the mutt" said a voice behind them.
Harry and his friends all jumped and reached for their wands until they realized that it was just their Potions Teacher.
Snape managed to hide the pride in his eyes when he saw them going into battle stance, he was proud of them even if one of them was a Hufflepuff, he mentally flinched though when he realized that he had just insulted an innocent Godfather, but he guessed old habits died hard. He was surprised though when Sirius walked up to him not even fazed and said "I know sorry won't make up for all the pain and suffering I caused you years ago, that it was totally unnecessary, and I have also heard that you will be helping Harry with something later on in the year, so for the sake of him and to put myself at ease I would like to offer a truce with you" he held out his hand and silently hoped that Severus would take it.
Severus Snape was always a cautious man even when he was in school, and to see Sirius now offering a truce there had to be some sort of catch, but when he looked at the mans eyes, he didn't even need Legilimens to know how dead serious Sirius was "try anything funny though Black and I will not be happy" was all he said before shaking the mans hand once and leaving for the Hall.
Sirius let out a breath of relief he didn't know he had been holding in, at least that was out of the way for now and made his Godson happy "how about dinner then?" he said to them "and don't worry about me trying to curse the old man, as much as I want to"
"Trust me Sirius, I've been wanting to do that ever since I came here, but if I did it would not look good for me, even though we are Lords" Harry replied trying to stop a smirk from appearing.
"And your parents wouldn't have stopped you" Sirius smiled as he thought of their reactions.
Harry didn't say anything as they all sat down at the table, all the teachers except Dumbledore and Snape were shocked when they saw Sirius.
"Lord Black what has brought you here so suddenly?" Professor Sprout asked in shock but with as much politeness as possible.
"Is it wrong for me to see to my Godson now that I am a free man?" the news had been out a while saying that Sirius was free and cleared of all charges, everyone was now on the lookout for Peter Pettigrew and were very careful should a rat appear out of nowhere, they were even using rat poison.
"No of course not I was just surprised" Sprout reassured the man, she was one of the few people that actually believed Black should have been given a trail, it wasn't fare to have just sent him to prison.
"Besides" Harry added "I asked him to come here so I could have a business talk with him" that wasn't a lie as the Black family had been funding some places under a another name, he was going to help Sirius bring it out that it was his family in hopes that he could give the line a good name.
Sirius raised an eyebrow in his direction as he had never been told that in the letter or when they were in the Room of Requirement, but from what they had been talking about in the letters Harry never really liked lying unless it had something that involved talking to Dumbledork.
Surprisingly no one thought to talk through the whole meal, except for Dumbledore who tried to ask Harry questions about how he was getting on and what he had been doing, he was hiding the fact that the Weasley's and Granger's had been taking out of the mansions and money had been repaid to Lord Harry. He needed to get those vaults and soon. The two Gryffindor's had been trying their hardest to become friends with Harry but nothing seemed to work.
Every time Dumbledore asked Harry something the little Lord would always ignore him or talk to Sirius about how he had been doing in the hospital, by the time they left the hall Sirius, Harry and Albus were all ticked off.
Harry quickly led them to the Room of Requirement and everyone was sitting back in the chairs and sofa's they had sat in before.
"Were you telling the truth about the business thing?" Sirius asked.
"Yes I was, I have found out that your family has been funding some places under a different name"
Sirius looked pale for a moment "I assure you that those were from my family I had no part in any of the funding's" he really needed to stop butting in when he shouldn't.
Harry just raised an eyebrow and was silently pleased with what Sirius had said "as I was saying, I am thinking that we try to make the Black's popular, at the moment I am working on a potion that will hopefully cure people from severe Crutiatus curses, if you were to make it known that you were 'funding' the project, people will begin to see you in a new light" Harry informed him.
If it was possible Sirius would have hit the floor with his jaw, Harry had to stop himself from laughing.
"Are you serious?" he whispered as he tried to get his brain working.
"Have I lied to you yet?" Harry shot back.
Sirius shook his head "touche, alright then, what exactly do I have to do?"
Harry smiled slightly, he knew this would work, it was a win-win situation, he would get the chance to try something out, Sirius would be able to change everyone's views about him even though they knew he was a free man, but that didn't stop them thinking that he might one day follow in his parents footsteps and Neville would be able to talk to his family again, yes this was a good thing, all that was left was to sort out Lucius Malfoy.
But when time does come for him to be arrested, nobody would be prepared for the outcome.
Forbidden Love Part 20
Finally I remember to put this up, I am not really good at describing the businesses in the story, but I will try to make it easy for you all to understand it. Also I apoligise if the story looks like it is going all over the place (so to speak), I will try to make it as clear as possible.

So what do you think will happen when they have a trail for Draco's dad? you will have to wait and see, I just hope I can do the scene properly, but for now, ENJOY!!!!
Reader Pairings
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