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"(y/n)" my dad said to me one day at breakfast.
We were both sitting at the big table digging into our food.
"Yes dad?" I asked politely before taking a bite of my food.
"As you may have heard I have hired a new night guard" he started off "I appreciate you helping him out the first day which brings me to the situation"
I nearly frowned, after swallowing my bite I asked "and what situation would that be?"
"Well, today he had called in sick and saying he wasn't sure when he would be well enough to work again"
Part of my mind thought 'good I hope he dies of pneumonia', destroying that horrid thought I replied "I hope it is just a cold"
"So do I, but the problem is I need a new security guard and no one has volunteered for it, saying that they have kids to look after and cannot risk staying at night" he took a pause as he tried to get his next words right "I am aware that you don't get much sleep so I was wondering if you would like to take the night job until he gets better"
I thought about it for a moment, my dad wasn't lying about my lack of normal sleep and when I did it wasn't long, at first we both thought it was insomnia but the doctors said that even with the short hours I was still healthy.
"I guess it couldn't hurt" I said out loud "it is only for a few days, perhaps you should get a backup guard"
"If I can afford it, you saw the charts yourself sweetie the company is loosing money since parents these days don't trust robots near their children, or they don't care about robots entirely, if this continues I will have to close down the diner"
"We will sort this out dad, you and mum had put your hearts and soul into that place to make kids happy, I will do whatever it takes to get it back up one way or another" my voice full of determination.
My dad looked at me for a moment, then he chuckled lightly "you sure did inherit your mum's determination, all right then since you are only there temporary I will allow you to wear your own clothing or your waitress outfit"
"Okay dad, I will get some sleep now and go to the diner afterward, I don't mind starting tonight"
"Let's hope Fritz is better soon"
A cold shiver ran down my spine at the mention of the new night guard, I would definitely need to get a proper look at this guy when I have the chance, if only it was that easy. As soon as I finished my food I decided to get as much rest as I could since I was starting tonight and dad didn't want to risk me overdoing it until he was sure that I could do both jobs, I decided to continue reading my book 'Mechanics for dummies' before getting ready for my temporary job. Feeling confident about my plan I read the whole book and realised that there was 3 hours before I had to get ready, I decided to get as much sleep as I could get, not realising that this night was going to surprise me.

It was a good thing that I put the alarm on and a reminder otherwise I would have forgotten what I was meant to be doing at this time, I quickly did what I needed to do and getting into my day clothes while making sure that I didn't wake up my dad since he is more than likely asleep. I quickly grabbed a snack to ease my stomach before getting into my car and driving off to the diner.

(3rd P.O.V)
As you pulled into the parking lot you couldn't help but feel something was off, but it was amazing how the night could make something look spooky and foreign at the same time.
Getting out of the car you checked the font door, it was unlocked, so Stacy must still be here, but why? She should have gone home by now. You opened the door and closed it before making you way to the main room, not glimpsing at the other rooms like you usually did in the morning, however you were shocked by what you saw.
Instead of Stacy like you first thought, it was Fritz Smith.
"Excuse me" you called out seeing that his back was turned to you "what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at home resting?"
The man jumped to face you, clutching his chest in the process "goodness you scared me and yes I am sick" his raspy throat and somewhat continuing coughing proved that he was in fact sick "I only came to give you the keys since your friend had to leave early as well as the night guard clothing"
"While I appreciate the gesture I must decline due to the fact that you are sick and I am not" you responded calmly than you actually felt.
The man nodded "fair enough, I will see you when I am better, good luck though, you're going to need it" with that he left the keys on a table before leaving.
You let out a breath you didn't know you had been holding, you quickly grabbed the keys and ran to the front door to lock them then ran into the kitchen to wash your hands and the keys thoroughly, who knows what kind of germs were on them. Looking at your watch you saw that it was 11 pm, wow time sure did fly by quick, going back into the main room you then realised just how messy it was and it made your blood boil, clearly Stacy was ill other wise she would have cleaned this up since it was obvious that the day staff didn't care about the children or health and safety, looking at the animatronics you saw that they too were just as messy than usual since this time they had pizza's, pizza sauce and greasy stains all over them.
Since it wasn't midnight yet you decided to clean the place up, you got some bin bags and the mob and bucket filled with water and soap, you thought it best to clean the main room first then the animatronics before cleaning the other rooms.
As much as you loved the quietness it could sometimes freak you out or make you feel lonely and since you had forgotten to bring your phone with you, (mental punch to the head) you were stuck having to sing to yourself, you hated your voice since it wasn't as good as your favourite singers/bands. You started off with something simple like 'Rockstar by Nickleback' because it kind of reminded you of Toy Bonnie, you never noticed three pairs of eyes staring at you.
Once the song was finished you quickly put the now full bin bags in a bin that was next to the back door in the kitchen area, then you went back into the main room to get the soapy sponge and proceeding to clean the tables (that had the same stuff as the band on them) before getting more clean water and cleaning Freddy, the next song you sung echoed more around the empty building, 'Make some noise by Hannah Montana', yeah it may seem childish but this song helped you get by during the years as well as 'Rush by Aly and Aj', when you used to sing them you always felt confident and happy, especially with the hidden meanings.
DING DONG DING DONG chimed a bell that signaled it was now midnight, you stopped your singing now feeling embarrassed but still continued to clean Freddy, that is until something stopped you.
"Why did you stop singing?"
FNAF x Reader Part 6: New Job
It may be a while before I get another fiction up as I have lost my memory stick and cannot find it so I can save my work, for now though enjoy.
Sherlock's P.O.V

I remember the 'normal' people's saying, 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me', I'm a sociopath why should words hurt me? I've gone this long they should not hurt me now, that is until I met John for the first time.
And as time went on he began to bring out the emotions out that I had buried when I was a kid, why is he doing this? Does he want to see me suffer? Does he know he is doing this to me? Is he doing it on purpose? Even I do not know the answers and I hate it when I don't know something.
But other than that, as much as I hate to admit it outloud he is the greatest friend I could ever have, he doesn't know how I feel about him, the way he quietly growls when people give me that cold glare as well as words I hear too much everyday and every year since I was practicaly born, he doesn't know that I look at him with a slight hint of hapiness when he is trying to defend me, he doesn't know how happy I am when he compliments my work after one of my gret deductions, he doesn't know how I feel about him until one day when I was finally able to sleep.

I was in a black abyss, no gravity and no scenery for me to tell where I am, then whispered voices began to chant around me with their hands trying to grab my clothing and drag me with them.
Smart arse
Know it all
Show off
Freak of nature

Stop, please I want it to go away, I move into a fetal position and wrap my hands onto my head, I want to get out of here, I want my John, I want badly I want him to make these nightmares go away, please John if you can hear me then please help me I want this to go away my head feels like its going to explode, this feels worse than when I am gathering information.
"Sherlock" came a voice, I couldn't tell who it was because at the moment I wasn't paying too much attention "Sherlock wake up, its only a nightmare"
Who was this voice? Are they going to hurt me too? Please no I want my John I want him here with me I want him to make the nightmares go away, please John help me I don't want to be alone anymore.
"Sherlock wake up" there is a hand on my shoulder and I greeted the darkness as the voices become nothing more than muffled noises.

I gasp outloud and try to swing at the feeling on my arm, it could be the enamy for all I know, I do not want anyone to see my weakened state.
"Sherlock its me John" cried the voice.
I immediatly stop as the last of my sleep goes away and immediatly I cower back in fear, I just nearly hurt John, my John, I could have hurt him and then he would leave me alone in the flat and I would never see him again.
"Shh" cooed John as he tried to touch me but I still pressed away from him "Sherlock I am not going anywhere" how could he know what I was thinkinig? "it was just a nightmare everything will be alright"
"Will it?" I find myself saying before I could stop myself "you don't know what I am thinking at the moment John"
"I know you were having a nightmare" he stated "I heard you crying and saying 'shut up' which must mean that someone was saying something bad to you and then you cried for me"
I blushed and looked away, wait blushed? I never blush, curse you John for making me feel again, but still I don't regret this feeling.
"Do you want to talk about it? Or do you want me to leave?"
Immediatly I fling over to grab onto his sleeve "no don't leave me here, don't leave me alone please stay" I beg.
I see John looking at me in shock for a moment "okay then, scoot over and I will lay beside you"
I immediatly obeyed and he followed suit, he lay on his side and I carefuly cuddle up beside him, I admit that I was shocked when I felt an arm wrap around my middle, this gave me the courage to tell him about my dream.
"I was in darkness" I started "I could feel disgusting hands on me trying to take me with them, they were calling me names like the ones I hear everyday but some were worse" I took a shuddering breath "they called me monster, machine and a freak of nature, they wouldn't stop"
I am ashamed to say that a few tears had escaped my eye and I felt John go stiff, does he think I am replusive now? No wait a moment, he's rubbing my arm, I may not be an expert at the softer emotions but could it be that he hated the people that called me the names in the dreams as well?
I felt a finger under my chin and I was greeted with the firm but loving look on my secret lover's face "you are not a monster" he said "you are not heartless and you are most certainly not a freak of nature, you are smart attractive and world's only consulting detective and I would never leave you, not for all the money in the world"
Did he reallt think I was attractive? No he was wrong I am skinny and look like the wind will blow me over, I am hideous.
I feel something soft on my mouth, John's lips? He was kissing me? Why?
"I am sorry Sherlock I didn't mean to..."
I cut him off by pressing my lips to his, oh how long I have waited to have his mouth on mine, to have my body pressed against his, I wanted more but I will give and recieve what he wanted and what he would give me.
Soon our clothes fell off one by one, he was on top of me, I would submit to him whenever he wished it, he was my drug and I would not share him with anyone. I felt him touch me in areas I would not let anyone else touch, I felt him enter me and I arched back in ecstasy as I scraped my nails on his back but he didn't seem to care, we were one now and I wanted this night to last, even if it was for just one night and I do not regret letting him take my virginity. I will tell him that in the morning.
Soon as we were coming down from the pleasure with me wrapping around him like an octopus I said to him "thank you for loving me" I may not be good at admitting emotion but this was the best I could do "I do not regret this"
"Thank you for loving me in return" he replied "I do not regret this either
We lay under the covers knowing that this was a good change and a new day for the both of us, we slept with a smile on our faces as we curled together.
Sherlock Holmes One-shot: Voices Johnlock
This was based off garrulousgibberish.deviantart.… picture which is also called voices so all credit goes to her for inspiring me with this one shot, I also got a bit carried away (blushes) sorry about that as well as making Sherlock OOC, personally i have never seen a BBC Sherlock episode, only Victorian ones with Jeremy in them so you can take this either way, personally i see both but its entirely up to you.
As a reminder for my other stories I am in the middle of writing them it is just a matter of being inspired or when I am up to feel writing more, for now enjoy oh and if this needs a warning for mature please let me know.
38 deviations
Hi my name is Dane Crophopper, I am 19 years old and have no home, yes you heard me right I have no home; well I didn't until someone decided to take me in.
Let me start at the beginning, I lived in the city with my parents, my mum wasn't exactly a nice person since she was never faithful to my dad and soon it became too much and he became a drinker, I had to be the one to clean the place since they were too lazy to do it themselves, I was only 10 years old at the time, on the day I had turned 11 I had just finished school and was making my way home when I noticed there was a police car in front of the house, I went to them and they had to stop me from going inside, it didn't take me long to realize that my parents had been killed, I knew they wouldn't tell me since when would they tell it to a 10 year old kid? (cue sarcasm), they told me that I would have to leave the place, I noticed their shocked faces when I didn't react at all or even cry and threw a tantrum like any kid would do, don't think I am heartless I am sorry that they died but I didn't feel any remorse from them, after all how could I from two grown-ups that never cared about me? I didn't stay in the child care building for long, I left and lived on the streets for 5 years, I have only ever used my hand crafted daggers for self defense, I do not believe in killing people in cold blood, I am just glad that I have never hurt anyone, only injured.
But that all changed when I met her, I was wandering around an alleyway when I met Teri and her soul car, which was a pittie called Dottie, I didn't have my soul machine at the time and neither did my parents, at least I don't think so since I had never seen them before. Anyway she had offered me a place to stay, I could even work if I wanted to since she lived in a peaceful place called Propwash Junction, a small country area not far from here and very quiet, my kind of place.
She told me she was in the city because she had been hoping to find an adoption centre, I had given her the directions for it when she realized that I was homeless, so she offered me a home and adoption in exchange I would have a job that was appropriate for someone my age (I don't like doing stuff for free even if it meant that I could get adopted).
Ever since then I have been living with Teri and Dottie ( I think of them as sisters) and worked as a farmer with Leadbottom and his pilot Cedric, both old but polite and can be a real handful at times, it wasn't until I turned 17 that I got my soul machine, it was a crop-duster plane, I named him Dusty and we have been friends ever since but my sister had been worried, it turns out that if I had been abused or lived in on the streets then I should have already had my soul machine at the time, mine came in late apparently but I didn't care, I had one now and that was all that mattered. But I kept my daggers with me at all times, you can never be too cautious.

(Present day)
Dane groaned as his alarm clock rang near his ear, fighting back a growl his slammed his hand on the 'stop' button before getting out of bed and going about his usual routine.
Dusty felt his pilot's annoying emotion but didn't bother to mentally ask him, Dane was always moody in the morning while he was the exact opposite, he loved waking up to a new day but the only downside was that today was work day and they had to work with two people who thought Vita-minamulch smelt nice while it really smelt like cow muck mixed with someone who had gas problems (I'm talking about fart not the gas you have on a cooker). But he had to admit that it really did do wonders for the corn, although they would never admit it out loud.
Dusty moved out of his hanger and waited for his pilot to come out of his house. While they had lived with Dottie when they had first come here, they preferred to live on their own so Dottie managed to get their own house near the runway. Unfortunately it was the only house that was close to a certain person and plane who did not come out at all for any reason, nobody ever met him aside from when he had first come to the little town, all they knew was that he was a war corsair plane who used to fight with the most ruthless squad there was, the Jolly Wrenches.
Dane was the only one who wasn't completely fazed or worried about the old man living in the Army like bunker, but he had to admit that he really would have liked to have seen the Corsair plane, he had heard about them before and saw pictures of them when he used to visit the library in the city, it would have been really cool to see one up close but what are the odds of that happening? They were a dying breed like any other old plane and the one that lived here was very secluded and preferred to stay sulking in his home.

"AH!" Dusty swerved as he realized that he wasn't paying attention.
"Pay attention will you? You're day dreaming again" called Leadbottom as he flew near Dusty.
"What me daydreaming? That's ridicu...yeah okay you're right" Dusty knew that there was nothing he could hide from Leadbottom when he was out working.
He was also working on his own as Dane was working with Cedric on the human farm, he had to admit that it was nice to drive on his own every once in a while but there had been times where he felt empty without his driver, every person knew that it was bad for them to be away from their soul machine for long, that was why they tried to keep them as close as possible, but even then it was still bad as the stronger the bond they had with their vehicle, the more dangerous it could be should any of the drivers/pilot have an accident, as they all knew from the incident with Lightning and his car McQueen.
"Come on Leadbottom, as much as I like crop-dusting I feel like I can do more, I just have this need for speed"
"Are you disrespecting the sweet smell of Vita-minamulch? You must have a screw loose because if you ask me racing planes want to be crop-duster"
"Oh, quitting time" Dusty said happily before switching his sprayer off and flying off to the humans farm.

Dane was busy with planting the last of the crops when he had heard the sound of a horn signaling that it was quitting time, quickly putting the last crop in and getting everything away so that he wouldn't get a telling off from Cedric like last time, he quickly went to the edge of the farm where planes could land and not damage anything.
He didn't have to wait long as he saw the familiar shadow of his Crop-duster flying towards him but starting to slow down.
Dane didn't need to mentally talk to Dusty to know what he was thinking, and couldn't help smirk. Waiting until Dusty was as slow as he could go and almost close to him, Dane ran onto the wing making Dusty loose his balance for a moment before quickly getting into his seat (Dusty had opened the door for Dane) and quickly shutting the door afterwards.
Dusty quickly sped up and took to the skies once more.
"You think we gave Cedric a heart attack?" Dusty joked.
"Nah, he knows we do that every day" Dane waved it dismissively as he took control of the plane "now how about we do some practice?"

"There you go all topped up Sparky" said a deep male voice that belonged to a truck like car as he filled up the fuel cans.
"Thanks again Chug" said the voice that belonged to a pittie called Sparky before he left.
"Chug, this is Dusty and Dane do you copy?" said Dusty on the radio iin Chug's home.
"Chug isn't here, come one use the code names" Chug replied as he reversed into his home when he heard Dusty's voice.
"Right, this is Strut Jetstream calling Chug Green Coach ready for training?"
"You know it pal, now lets go" Brad replied, he was the driver for Chug.
Even though Dane and Dusty had been working on the farms since they were old enough to work, they both dreamed of being racers, but Dane was never one to get his hopes up so he kept them in his mind and only talked about it when Dusty did, but it didn't stop him from training with Dusty and imagining that they were racers.
"WAHOO!" they both cried out as Dane drover Dusty over a building, both not knowing that it was the house of the Corsair.
The Corsair had opened up the curtain to see the Cropduster trying some stunts.
"Young punk" he growled before closing his curtain again.
"Skipper, seriously you know what teenagers are like these days" said his pilot who was sitting in a chair on the oppisite side on the room.
"He is making a fool of himself is what he is doing"
His pilot rolled his eyes "he is a crop duster, of course he would be making a fool of himself" he frowned "although I am curious as to how he came by this place, not many people come here since it isn't on the map and we only get the few tourists every now and then, when I asked Dottie about it all she said was that she adopted him, she never said anything about his back story"
"Well from the years he has been with us he has not given anyone a reason to be suspicious of him, from what Sparky told us Leadbottom has been saying that Dane works really hard on his farm, the same thing for Dusty, even if they only spray and harvest crops"
His pilot raised an eyebrow "Clearly you have forgotten that even the smallest things can help others in ways we don't immediatly see"
The Corsair's eyes flickered as if remembering something before quickly shaking his head, he was about to say something when he heard a sputter sound followed by a loud BANG from outside. Both of them jumped from the sound, they never really liked loud noises since it always out them on edge.
"What was that?" his pilot asked.
Skipper looked outside and saw that Dusty had made an emergancy landing "relax Stacy, it looks like that cropduster just damaged something in his engine, most likely his oil intake"
"From how fast he has been flying I am not surprised" the pilot known as Stacy rolled his eyes "that kid has a death sentence I'm sure of it"
Skipper had to chuckle but still kept his eyes on the window.
"No doubt he is going to ask someone on how to teach him fly properly" the human continued.
Skipper nearly jerked forward at the thought of having to teach the kid to fly properly, oh how he sometimes wished he never had this man to be his partner.
Soul Planes Part 1
Don't worry I haven't moved on yet, this is more of a alerting to let you know what my next piece is going to be, I swear my head is going to explode with all these stories I have written up, until ten please be patient and I shall get the next one up soon. ENJOY!
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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