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Ryou immediately moved under the covers and shivered slightly as he had never seen someone like that guy before.
Marik had a light tanned skin, his hair was wild and stuck up that he looked like a a dandy-lion flower, he looked even more intimidating than his old master, Bakura and Akefia put together. And that was saying something.
Akefia and Bakura moved in front of Ryou's shaking body that was under the covers as a shield, while they respected their king they were not going to risk anything should the man try to hurt Ryou.
"If we had known you were coming this early we would have had the place cleaned up" Bakura retorted "and could you please wait till we have got ourselves cleaned up and sorted our lover out? Your scaring him"
Marik raised an eyebrow but decided to listen to their request, he had more pressing matters to tell them about. He left the bedroom and went to wait in the living room.
Once they were sure he wasn't going to interrupt them again they quickly went under the covers to see Ryou about to nearly have a panic attack.
After a few minutes (felt like hours) of trying to calm him down and to proove that Marik was in no way evil or a murderer Ryou finally managed to get out of the covers and into the shower to get clean, Akefia and Bakura took another shower since it was clear that Ryou wanted to be on his own for the moment.
When they had finished they saw that Ryou had finished as well and was sitting on their bed still slightly shaking and looking unsure on what to do now.
Bakura sat next to him while Akefia went downstairs "Ryou, please don't be scared of him, he is our king and one of the last surviving members of our race, he has a mate so you don't have to worry about him going after you" he said in a surprisingly soft voice.
"What do you mean last surviving member?" Ryou asked, looking at Bakura in the face for the first time.
"Over the years hunters began to realise what we were so they thought it was wise to destroy us all, they nearly succeeded, me, Akefia and Marik are the only ones left" Bakura's face became distant as he remembered that night as if it were yesturday "although originally I was a human, Akefia offered to turn me when we both realised that we were soul mates, Akefia and Marik are only pure blooded vampires left"
Ryou nodded slowly and watched Bakura's face for a minute, then he slowly sat in Bakura's lap so he was straddling him before wrapping his arms around Bakura's neck before moving his face to where Bakura's neck met his shoulders.
Bakura allowed the scent of his third soul mate fill his nostrils, his vampire side was purring in delight, while it also demanded that he mate with the younger one Bakura managed to convince it that Ryou needed time after what had happened to him before, of course the vampire in him wanted to rip the hunter in half for even laying a finger on its mate, but was also willing to wait for the little one to be ready, after all, when the young one was ready the fun could really begin.
Bakura groaned when he realized what his vampire was planning to do when Ryou was ready, he was just glad that Ryou wasn't anywhere near the problem.
Ryou who didn't notice Bakura's discomfort just continued to nuzzle Bakura's neck and purring to the point where Bakura had to move him.
"Ryou, if you continue I don't think I will be able to stop" he managed to say without making it sound husky.
Ryou pouted but immediately backed down, he was already pushing it with what he just did, while he was okay with what they had been doing in bed (insert blush) he was still weary with anything further than that.
"We should hurry up and go downstairs before they think of we are doing something inappropriate" he winked at Ryou, hiding his smirk when Ryou blushed and looked away from him.
Ryou playfully whacked him on the arm before getting off the bed and waiting by the door for Bakura to take the lead.
Bakura quickly sorted himself out before grabbing Ryou's arm gently then leading him down the stairs, he paused for a moment just to see if there was any talking, there wasn't any, so either they were waiting for him or they heard them coming down stairs.
He quickly turned to Ryou "I know I trust my king but I want you to stay near me or Akefia as much as you can, he can be unpredictable at times"
Ryou nodded and placed his other arm on Bakura's and gently patted it, giving it a squeeze before letting go.
It turned out that Akefia and Marik were in the kitchen, when Ryou followed Bakura in there he realised that they were talking hushed tones and only Bakura knew what they were saying.
They stopped though when they smelt Ryou enter and both looked in the direction Bakura and Ryou came from, Bakura noticed Akefia's mouth twitch upward but why he didn't know.
Bakura made sure that Ryou was sitting at the Island table and placed one of his hands on top of Ryou's but out of Marik's eye sight, then he turned his attention to his king "now what was so important that you decided to come in unannounced in our home" he demanded.
Marik's face turned serious "as I said we have a serious problem, you are all aware of that Tea girl from Domino high?"
Akefia snorted "how could we not she has always been trying to go after me and Bakura, saying that we shouldn't be anywhere near someone who is as pure as Ryou, that she wants what is best for him"
As if she cared about my well being, Yami was the only one who actually tried to help me Ryou thought sadly.
"Well to put it simply she has been going around spreading rumors saying you two are dangerous criminals" Akefia and Bakura snickered "while also spreading stuff about you kidnapping other people and there has also been reports saying that people have been killed with a stake in the heart"
Both of them sobered up when they realised what he was saying, Ryou tensed at the atmosphere.
"Are you saying that Ryou's 'dad' has been the one killing the innocents" Akefia asked in a voice that promised death.
"Most likely" Marik replied as calmly as he could so that he wouldn't scare Ryou who was already pale from the news "since it is the end of school I would like your little blood donor to go into hiding"
"He isn't a blood donor" Bakura growled "he is our mate"
This made Marik curious but didn't say anything "fine then, if you want he can stay here but make sure it is fully barricaded, I do not want any of you getting killed, or do you want to stay in one of my safe houses?"
Akefia and Bakura looked at each other, mentally talking to each other, they both knew it would be best to stay in one of Marik's safe houses since it was fully equipped for emergencies as well as defenses, but the closest one was deeper in the city and looked like a gangsters hideout. They also didn't want to pressure Ryou.
"Let us think about it my King" Akefia said out loud "we will call you when we have an answer"
Marik left, leaving Bakura and Akefia alone with Ryou who looked like he was going to pass out. Bakura wasted no time in pressing a certain pressure point at the back of Ryou's neck (1), knocking the boy the out before he knew what was happening.
Akefia, who had picked the boy up carried him carefully up the stairs and into their bedroom, he left the boy in his clothes since he didn't want to risk freaking the boy out when he realised he had been changed into pajamas.
"Keep an eye on him, I'll go get some food and keep an eye out" Akefia instructed.
Bakura nodded, not removing his eyes from the frail body, he quickly went downstairs and made something small and simple for Ryou when he woke up, he carried the plate up the stairs and placed it on the table next to the bed, then he carefully sat on the edge of the bed deep in thought.
He could think of two things that would help their third mate, the first one was to do what Marik instructed and go deeper into Domino City, or they could make Ryou into one of them, but which one would Ryou go for? And was it safer than the other option?
Bakushipping Three-way Soulmate Part 14
I FINALLY get to update one of my old stories, I hope this will keep you all happy as it is now getting hard to continue writing them, but I do promise to try and get them finished so please be patient.

(1) this is possible, it is just the matter of finding the spot and well as force as you could damage someone rather than knocking them out.
During that day Edward had been keeping a close eye on James whenever he could, but he never said anything other than giving the red engine a friendly whistle, but when James ever replied it sounded gloomy. The number 2 engine was really worried about his friend and would do anything to get the old James back, this new one looked more agitated and angry with his distant behavior to everyone, mostly him (Edward).
When Edward had stopped at Knapford Station, he never noticed The Fat Controller walking towards him with his two disguised bodyguards.
"Wow Edward, I don't think I have ever seen you down in the years I've had you" The Fat Controller exclaimed but he was concerned for his favorite engine "is something the matter?"
The blue tender engine wanted to say everything was fine, but he wasn't the kind of engine to lie no matter what the situation, so he decided to tell the truth.
"It's James sir" Edward replied after a few seconds of thought "I think something is wrong with him and me and the others don't think it has anything to do with his boiler"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes sir"
"How long has this been going on for?"
"Since Winter had started" it was two weeks into the season.
The Fat Controller thought for a moment "has his behavior been affecting his work"
Edward thought really hard with this question "not that I know off sir, he just seems different than his usual self"
"Thank you Edward, I will talk to him should it get worse, now carry on with your work but make sure to keep an eye on James should anything change in his actions"
"Very well sir" Edward puffed away, leaving the worried but confused owner behind.

It was another week before anyone noticed James getting slightly aggressive with his work, the passengers had complained saying that their ride was really bumpy and the trucks had to feel the full force of his anger, they were lucky that their buffers hadn't broken off or dented yet.
It was around midday when The Fat Controller had, had enough and decided it was time to confront James, since he had assigned James to do some shunting he immediately went to the shunting yards. What he saw made him deeply concerned.

James was having a hard time trying to keep the trucks quiet, and it didn't help with his anger issues (although he would never admit he had anger issues), the trucks kept chanting and taunting him.
"You are getting on my last nerves trucks" James growled as he wheeshed some steam, unable to control his temper.
"We know, we know with what you feel and know" sang the trucks before giggling.
He slammed into the trucks so hard that some of the goods had fallen out of them and onto the ground.
James panted deeply as if he had chuffed around the entire Island, in fact he couldn't remember a time when he had ever been this angry with something or someone, he never saw The Fat Controller walk towards him.
The man in the suit was really worried now, he had never seen James so out of character before, well, at least now he was going to get to the bottom of this. He must be really stubborn if he wasn't even trying to figure out what was wrong with him, The Fat Controller knew that if he didn't do anything soon, James would most likely go on a rampage, that engine was capable of anything as well as unpredictable.
"James" the man called out cautiously as he continued to walk.
The red engine thought it was one of the other engines, although he couldn't tell since he had his eyes closed "WHO EVER IT IS SHOVE IT!" he roared, that is until he opened them and came face to face with his owner did he start shaking, he cowered in fear as he realised what he had just said "I'm so, so sorry sir I didn't..."
The Fat Controller held up a hand to silence the scared engine "I am willing to let it go only if you tell me what is going on with you" he said sternly but James could detect a hint of concern in the man's voice "you have been causing trouble not just with the passengers but the trucks as well, I've been getting complaints saying that their ride was really bumpy with you, the coaches have slight dents on their buffers AND with the trucks"
James looked at the man, flabbergasted by what he had done, he knew he had a temper during the week but he didn't think it would be this bad.
The Fat Controller wasn't finished though "I had originally thought that it was because of you having to take dirty trucks, but now I am beginning to see that it isn't the case"
James looked down in shame.
This time the Fat Controller changed his tone "please James, I am not ordering you as the owner but asking as a friend, what is wrong? Because if this continues, I may have to get rid of you, I cannot have trains that are always causing problems"
For once in his existence, a tear escaped James' eye, but he was able to keep it together and stopped any more from escaping.
"I don't know sir" James whispered "I really don't know what's wrong with me"
This, actually shocked the Fat Controller "are you in need of repairs?"
James would have shaken his head if he could "no sir, its more um, emotional, I think, like there's something wrong with me boiler"
That definitely helped the Fat Controller, in fact now that James had admitted it was something to do with his emotions he had a sneaking suspicion he knew what the problem was.
"Please make sure that you are telling the truth when I ask you these questions" James looked at his owner, allowing the man to know he had the engines full attention "do you feel funny every time you meet or see someone?"
James thought about lying, but if Sir Topham Hatt could really help him with this feeling then he was willing to tell the truth "yes sir, right in my boiler"
"And when they talk to you, you either snap at them or don't talk to them at all?"
"Yes sir"
"And finally the funny feeling in your boiler" he thought hard on how to word it "is it like a fluttering feeling, like you feel as if your fire is going out but in a good way"
This is a tricky question James thought, he tried to remember all the times he had encountered Edward, and when the blue tender engine talked to him, it took a while before he answered "I believe it does sir"
The Fat Controller let out a sigh of relief "you are right James there is nothing wrong with you physically, you have what we people call a crush"
James blinked at him, then asked in an almost child like way "what's that?"
"A crush is when you meet someone and start to feel some attraction to them, sometimes it's just there, but there are some times where it can take a while before anything happens, the last one obviously applies to you" The Fat Controller explained.
James looked at him in disbelief "can this be ridden of?"
"This isn't something you can just remove and throw away James, also if you have a crush on someone it is mostly because you and that person, er engine, you feel like you understand each other"
James held back a snort, there was no understanding between him and Edward, not to mention the amount of times he called the blue engine 'old iron'.
"I can obviously tell that this is affecting you a lot James" the Fat Controller continued "but if you don't sort this out, you will be replaced"
"Please sir" James pleaded "please give me some time, I promise I won't do anything rash"
"I will give you a week James, if I don't see your behavior change by then you will have to leave"
"I know sir, and I promise you won't regret this"
None of them heard the whirring sound of a diesel leaving the scene, and had heard everything.
TTTE (Edward x James) Part 2
DA is being silly on me as I would have posted this yesterday, I already have this story written out, I just need to type it up, enjoy.
I don't own Thomas the Tank Engine or any of the characters.
Winter came to the Island of Sodor and all the engines were busy pulling coaches with dozens of winter passengers and tourists.
James, a mixed traffic engine with red paint and black lines was boasting to the others like he did everyday. The others hid their groans under their breath as he spoke to them.
"I mean come on guys" he said to them as the fire lighters began to light up their boilers for the days work "green is more for spring, even though you would blend with the bushes more than the trees but then you would like that anyway wouldn't you Henry?" He teased, looking at Henry.
Henry just ignored him and looked away while mentally rolling his eyes at the red engine, who was still talking.
"And blue? Pah!" James exclaimed "don't get me started on it, blue is not something you should have in winter, what would happen if the signal man couldn't see you and changed the points? You'd more than likely to crash or slide on the rails"
"Speaking from experience James?" Thomas shot back teasingly.
James spluttered and looked anywhere but the annoying blue tank engine, he almost groaned when he heard a light whistle.
"What's the trouble this time?" asked Edward as he came to a stop near the turn table, he was a traffic engine like James (but slightly bigger) with blue paint with red lines.
"Nothing that would concern you old Iron" snapped James, he felt his boiler tingle when Edward spoke and his fire box felt like it was being blown by a gentle breeze.
Edward managed to hide the hurt on his face and masked it by rolling his eyes "someone teased you didn't they? And then you spluttered and tried to deny it"
James went as red as his paint "how did you know that?" he almost squawked out.
"He's psychic" Thomas exclaimed in admiration.
"What's a fycic?" Percy asked.
"Psychic" Gordon snorted before Thomas could continue "It means that Edward knows something before or after it's happened, although I highly doubt it"
"Really?" excitement flashed in Percy's eyes.
Edward laughed, causing James to feel a flutter and bubbling sensation in his boiler again "no Percy, I am not psychic, I just know because it happens nearly everyday, isn't that right James?" Edward winked at the now flustered red engine.
"None of your business" James snapped again "now if you all don't mind I am going off to work since it is very clear that your driver's and fireman's haven't come yet and mine has" he wheeshed some steam and moved onto the turntable, he made sure he didn't look at Edward or that weird sensation would come back again, then he left the area.
All the engines looked on until James was out of sight, Thomas was the first to break the silence "is it just me or is James been acting funny lately?" he asked any of the engines.
"Now that you mention it Thomas" Percy thought for a moment "when The Fat Controller had asked James to take some coal to certain stations he didn't say anything, but he looked, different"
"Different how?" Thomas asked.
"Like he was looking at something that wasn't there, then when The Fat Controller called him again and retold him what he had to do, James didn't complain about the fact that he had to pull 'dirty trucks', he just left to go get them"
Now all the engines were confused and worried, they had never known James to just agree to something like that, he'd usually just groan, whine 'why me?' then go do his work, whatever it was it had to be big or serious if it stopped him complaining.
"Well I for one am glad he has stopped complaining" Emily said who had appeared out of nowhere.
"Emily" exclaimed Edward "that's rude, besides this could be serious"
"You don't think that The Fat Controller has said something bad to him do you?" Percy asked weakly.
This got the engines attention, but if Edward could he would have shook his head "our owner would never get rid of a healthy and useful engine, all he would do if someone misbehaved is either shut them up in their sheds or give them a certain job to do until he saw fit"
"Your right Edward" Thomas supported "another thing we can cross out, is it cannot be anything to do with being scrapped or sent away, besides James didn't look that depressed if it were those things"
"So whatever this thing is, it is personal" Gordon finished.
The other engines silently agreed.
Thomas the Tank Engine (Edward x James) Part 1
Yes, I still love Thomas the Tank Engine, deal with it  or press the back button and yes I can see James and Edward together because they seem to have more arguments and history than the rest (referring to the Old Iron episode). I do not own any of the characters they belong to Rev. W. Awdrey and HIT entertainment.
Wonka led them through a few more corridors before stopping at what looked like a rectangle made of glass.
They were shocked when Mr Wonka pressed a button on the wall "I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier the elevator is by far the most efficient way to get around the factory" he said as he stepped through the doors.
Mike looked at all the buttons on the side of the wall "there can't be this many floors" he scoffed while rolling his eyes.
Wonka never noticed when he looked at Mike "how do you know mr smarty pants?" he asked almost sarcastically "this isn't no ordinary elevator, this thing can go sideways, longways and any other ways you can think of, you just press any button and whoosh your off" just as he pressed a button the elevator whooshed to the their left and began going through a bunch of rooms, one of them Mr Wonka couldn't help but be proud of "Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Fudge Mountain"
Even though Charlie couldn't see he could imagine just what it looked like, his family had helped him by making shapes for Charlie to touch so he could guess what it was, they wanted to teach him about colours but how could they when their child could only see black?
They went into another room that had Oompa Loompa's shearing pink sheep Wonka was about to talk about it but stopped since he didn't want them to feel uncomfortable when they realised what it was used for.
"I'd rather not talk about this one" he said to them trying to hide his nervous expression.
They came to the Administration Offices where Wonka said hello to Doris, the elevator then jerked backward into a room where the Oompa Loompa's were filling up machines before firing at targets (Charlie's dad was explaining this to him)
"Why is everything in here completely pointless?" Mike asked boringly.
"Candy doesn't have to have a point, that's why it's candy" Charlie replied softly but everyone could still hear.
Wonka, had to smile, this was the only kid who actually understood things the same way he did, even if he was blind, it was never about appearances, it was what was inside that counted.
"It's stupid" Mike continued making Wonka come out of his daze, unfortunately what Mike say next sounded like his dad "candy is a waste of time"
He once again had a flashback, about standing up to his dad saying he would run away, only to come back and find his dad's house gone.
"I wanna pick a room" Mike complained as they were still in the candy firework room.
Wonka had managed to come out of his flashback to hear Mike complaining, placing a mystery and false smile on he said "go ahead"
He wasn't surprised when he saw Mike press the Television Room, as soon as Mike pressed it the elevator jerked and stopped for a second before going into another direction causing Charlie to bump into Wonka's arm, muttering a sorry Charlie reached for his dad. Wonka didn't reply, he was too shocked when he smelt the scent on Charlie again, it was taking all his concentration not to do anything rash.

Everyone was thankful that the elevator didn't jerk to a stop, it stopped just like every other elevator, the room itself was completely plain aside from a few machines here and there, the only colour that was there was white.
Wonka quickly jumped into action and went to a wall that had what looked like sun glasses "here, put these on quick and don't take them off whatever you do, this light could blind you" his breathing hitched when he reaslied that he may have just insulted Charlie but one glimpse of the kid showed that he didn't even care. Taking in a deep breath he quickly turned round and explained as if he never paused "this is the testing room for my very latest and greatest invention, 'Television Chocolate' one day it came to me 'hey, if a television can break up and photograph it into millions of tiny little pieces and send it whizzing through to be reassembled on the other end, then why can't I do the same with chocolate all ready to be eaten?'" he had walked them from the elevator to the other side of the room where a medium sized but large screen TV was placed, there was an Oompa-Loompa watching it and skipping through a few channels before stopping.
"That's impossible, the power required to make it would be like nine atomic bombs" Mike exclaimed loudly, his voice echoed around the room and it was taking all of Charlie's will power not to flinch from the echo.
"Mumbler, seriously, I cannot understand a single word your saying" Wonka had noticed Charlie slightly flinching from Mike's voice so he did his best to keep it down but loud enough for it to make his point clear. He led everyone up a slope and behind an Oompa-Loompa who also had some glasses on his face.
"Now, I shall send a bar of chocolate from one end of the room, to the other by television, bring in the chocolate" he called out.
Everyone watched as 6 Oompa-Loompa's brought in a huge bar of chocolate (three on each side and Mr Bucket is describing this to Charlie) and placed it onto the platform that was in the middle of the room.
"It's got to be real big, because you know how on TV you film a regular size man and he comes out looking the size of a pencil? Same basic principle" he pressed a button that activated the platform, the Wonka bar floated in the air and in a flash it dissapeared "now that bar of chocolate is now rushing above our heads into a million tiny pieces, come over here everyone" he lead everyone back to the TV "now watch the screen" again his breath hitched but when he saw Charlie looking ahead with interest he began to calm down "here it comes, oh look"

Charlie heard a noise and guessed that the bar of chocolate had appeared on the TV screen.
"Take it" he heard Mr Wonka say to Mike.
"It's just a picture on a screen" Charlie could hear a sarcasm and smart-allic tone in the boys voice.
Mr Wonka made a 'tch' noise "scardy cat" Charlie could feel Mr Wonka's eyes on him "you take it, go on just reach out and grab it"
Charlie wanted to say how but he felt his dad move him to face the TV, Mr Bucket helped Charlie with the little steps so he didn't trip then allowed Charlie to get the bar himself "just keep your arm out straight and you'll get it" he whispered to his son.
Charlie did as his dad had said, he felt his arm tingle from something before his finger tips touched something solid so he assumed it was the bar of chocolate, he wrapped his fingers around the object and moved it back to him, he felt his hands tingle again.
"Holy Buckets" whispered his dad.
"Eat it, go on, it'll be delicious, it's the same bar, it's just gotten smaller on the journey that's all" Wonka said to the boy.
Charlie heard a slight desperation in the mans voice, why though he had no idea, his fingers traced the wrapper before he pealed some of it back, he felt everyone's eyes on him but his dad and Mr Wonka were the only ones that he felt were concerned for him, he appreciated it especially from Mr Wonka, it was obvious that he really had no idea how to react around someone was blind, no doubt it was because he stayed in the factory for years, he wondered if the Oompa-Loompa's could get blind as well. Realising that he had been stalling he quickly moved some of the wrapper out of the way, he moved the bar to his mouth and took a bite and savored it "it's great" he said lightly.
"It's a miracle" Mr Bucket said afterward.
Mr Wonka stood next to the sitting Oompa-Loompa before he continued "so imagine your sitting at home watching television and commercial flashes on screen saying 'Wonka's chocolate, are the best in the world, if you don't believe us then try one for yourself' and you simmply reach out and take it, how about that?" there was a slight smirk on his face but nobody noticed.
"Can you send other things like breakfast cereal?" Mike's dad asked.
"Do you have any idea what breakfast cereals made of? It's those little curly wooded things you find in pencil sharpeners"
Charlie could tell that Wonka was making a yucky face "But could you send it by television if you wanted to?"
"Of coarse I could"
"What about people?"
Leave it to Mike to say something stupid Wonka thought "why would I do that people don't taste very good at all"
"Do you realise what you've invented? It's a teleporter, most important invention in the history of the world and all you think about is chocolate" Mike growled out.
"Calm down Mike, I'm sure Mr Wonka knows what he's talking about" Mike's said trying to calm down his kid (very bad at that)
"He's an idiot he has no what he's talking about, but I'm no idiot" he said with determination before bolting for the machine while pushing two Oompa-Loompa's away in the process.
"Hey little boy" no response "don't push my button" too late, I just said don't press it Wonka thought to himself.
Nobody could do anything, all they could do was watch Mike enter the tube, get lifted up and dissapear in flash of white light.
"He's gone" Mike's dad said that mostly to himself.
"We better check the Television to see what we get, although I do hope no part of him gets left behind"
"What do you mean?"
"Well sometimes only half the little pieces find their way through, if you could only choose one half of your son which one would it be?"
Mike's dad wanted to shout at such a question "what kind of a question is that?"
"No need to snap just a question" he turned to the Oompa-Loompa in the chair "try every channel, I'm starting to feel a little anxious"
As the Loompa did as he was told they soon found Mike on a cooking channel, then once again the Oompa-Loompa's began to sing. At the end of the song the news reader Oompa-Loompa squashed Mike like a bug.
"Ew somebody grab him" Wonka flinched when he saw Mike get splattered, he watched Mike's dad pick the boy up and out of the TV "oh thank heavens hes completely unharmed" as unharmed as can be he thought.
"Unharmed? What are you talking about?" Mike's dad replied in shock.
"Just put me back the other way" Mike's voice sounded like he was on helium.
"There is no other way, it's television not telephone it's quite a difference"
Mr Teevee replied almost sarcastically "then what do you propose to do about it?"
"I don't know, but young men are extremely springy they stretch like mad" gasp "let's go put him in the taffy puller"
"TAFFY PULLER!" shrieked Mr Teevee.
"Hey that was my idea" Wonka sounded like he was pouting "boy is he gonna be skinny, yeah taffy puller" that did not sound psycho at all (insert scarcasm).
He turned to the Oompa Loompa sitting in the chair "I want you to take Mr Teevee and his...little boy, up to the Taffy Puller okay? To stretch him out"
He watched as they dissapeared from sight, taking another route to the Taffy room, he turned to the last two people "on with the tour"
He walked down the steps and waited patiently for them before walking straight for the elevator.
"There's still so much left to see now" he took off his glasses before turning to face the others "how many children are left?"
Charlie and his dad looked at each other (Charlie could sense where his dad was) before looking in the direction of the owner.
Mr Bucket was the one to reply "Mr Wonka, Charlie is the only one left now" he replied calmly and softly in the now deserted room.
A Creature's Mate (WonkaxCharlie) Part 8
Finally finished, one more to go and that's a second story completed (YAY ME), enjoy.
~~~~~~Your Questions~~~~
1.Whats your favorite thing to do?
2. What is your Favorite game?
3. What is weirdest food you ever ate?
4.What is the funniest prank you ever pulled?
5.If you could be in any Game/Movie what would it be?
6.Whats your favorite type of Art?
7.which is more fascination looking at the sunset or a full moon?
8.If i asked you to go in to town and do the hula with me like timon and pumbaa on lion king would you do it?
9. What is your favorite Cosplay?
10. Do you ever get All soul searchey ?
11. What is your favorite random thing to say?

1. Play on Yu-gi oh duelist of the Roses
2. If it's a board game I dot have one
3. Fish Fingers with some milk
4. never done a prank in my life
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. don't have one
7. Don't know they are both fascinating
8. If I had to save some one and it was the only way to do it yes
9. What's that?
10. No
11. Got it memorized?


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